Free Veggie Tales DVD – just pay $2.99 shipping!


When you sign up to receive Big Idea's e-newsletter, you will receive a free Veggie Tales DVD – just pay $2.99 shipping.  The three titles available with this promo include:

Larry Boy and the Fib from Outer Space
Where's God when I'm S-scared
The Ballad of Little Joe

You can sign up by going here.  Thanks, Common Sense with Money for the great find!

My June saving and spending results are in!


So the goal I set for myself this month was $300 for our family's groceries, household supplies, and baby needs (such as diapers).  As a reminder, my family is two adults, and two adorable toddlers (a 3-year old boy and 1-year old girl)! 

Guess what?  I did it!!  We spent $298.91 this month, which means we actually have $1.09 left over!  I am really excited because this is the first month I actually made it – no excuses, no mishaps.  I am pleased I set a challenging, but do-able goal for myself.  Here are the numbers for the month:

Total shelf cost: $700.81
Coupon savings: $162.54
Other savings (sales, rebates, etc.): $433.31
Savings rate: 61.83%
My out of pocket: $298.91

And lest you think we're over here eating rice and beans, let me tell you, we've eaten well this month – casseroles, baked chicken, enchiladas, pastas.  Plus, we've also been enjoying all the wonderful summer produce which is such a bargain right now.  Our kids have gotten to enjoy some of their favorite, name-brand snacks, and my husband has enough tuna to last him several months. 

One of the things I'm passionate about is helping you to make a meaningful difference in your bottom line each month – not just finding a "good deal" here and there.  If you would like to understand more about how to set saving and spending goals, I recommend you read this post I recently wrote for Deal Seeking Mom.  I've also created a free tracking spreadsheet you can download – you'll find it on the left-hand sidebar of my blog.  This is identical to the one I created for myself awhile ago.

In the world of couponing, it's easy to get bogged down by transactions and deals.  I encourage you to see the bigger picture!  We still have six months left in 2009 - why not decide now to create some saving and spending goals to kick of July 1st?

Photo credit Flavio Takemoto

Free Redbox rental codes!


A reader recently emailed me to say her husband had gotten TWO Redbox rental codes on his iPhone!  They were able to redeem them and others seem to have been too…as recently as today!  Here they are: 


Be sure to visit Redbox to find your nearest location.

My Albertsons’ trip today: 77% savings!


I had a great trip today!  It was the last day of Albertsons' Mix & Match promotion as well as the last day of the doublers.

I got all the items pictured above for $18.71 and I saved $64.07 – 77%!  I got: 4 boxes of Kelloggs cereal, 2 boxes of Kashi cereal, 2 boxes Kashi bars, 4 packages Oscar Mayer hot dogs, 2 boxes Hefty vegetable/fruit bags (free after coupons!), 2 Kraft Easy Mac, 2 4-pack Activia yogurt, 2 gallons of milk (nonfat and whole), cooking spray (we were out – just bought store brand), 3 pounds of peaches.

I still need produce and meat this week, but wanted to see what tomorrow's circulars brought since it's 4th of July this weekend and I'm hoping for some killer meat deals.  We'll see!

Children’s Place Monster Sale!

Childrens Place

The Children's Place is having a Monster Sale on summer merchandise which means you can take an additional 25% off already discounted merchandise.  (The online prices reflect the 25% sale.)

PLUS, you can use code C4969 at checkout to score an additional 15% savings!  Shipping is a flat $5 fee, too, making this a great sale to stock up on summer items!  Go here to find the deals.


My husband, the Master Couponer

I should start by saying that my husband OK'd this post!

So I've been doing the "coupon thing" since November of last year and my husband has been supportive since my first shopping trip.  He's even been a good sport and listened to me explain extra good deal scenarios, blow-by-blow (which I'm sure he really wanted to do!).  But this week, I have to say, he's really impressed me. 

It all started with a deal on tuna I found earlier this week.  He was thrilled because this is something he uses on a regular basis.  He wanted to learn more how the deal worked so he could do it himself.  So on his way into work the other day, he found the tuna, the tearpad coupons, and headed to the checkout.  It worked perfectly for him!

He's been at the store a couple more times since then with coupons, and I must say, something's up.  These cashiers seem to be going out of their way to help him!  One cashier helped him save a couple extra dollars with some coupons he was unaware of (and so was I!)…and another told him when the next shipment would be coming in…and another employee went to see if there was any stock in the back!!

I'm proud of my husband and glad he's had such a positive experience couponing.  Now that he's getting the hang of it more, I told him I might have to send him out to help me with some of these deals!

Michael Jackson posters on sale at Amazon – as low as $2.98!

I imagine you were all as stunned as I was last week to hear of Michael Jackson's passing! 

I can't seem to flip through the channels without seeing the news updates, tributes, or music videos.  (And on more than one occasion in the last week I've gotten a Michael Jackson tune stuck in my head.  Right now, it's "Man in the Mirror" in case you're wondering!)

I stumbled across these classic Michael Jackson posters tonight at Amazon and wanted to share them with you.  The middle image actually comes framed and matted and was originally $99!  I imagine we'll continue to see more Micheal memorabilia in days to come.

$3 Pull-up printable coupon – use at Rite Aid and pay $1.48 a pack!


Here's a great printable coupon:$3-off-1 Pull-ups training pants!  (Thanks, Freebies 4 Mom!)

EDITED: a friend of mine pointed out that the rebate I mentioned is only for the Mega Packs, not Jumbo Packs.  I double-checked, and she is correct.  I apologize for the inaccuracy.  It appears that there will be a better deal soon coming on the Pull-ups at Rite Aid; I will let you know of the details as soon as I can.

According to the Rite Aid website, it looks like the jumbo packs are currently priced at $12.99.   (I know, bad price…but bear with me…)

You could buy 2 packs at $12.99 each = $25.98
Use the $5-off-$25 printable coupon
Use (2) $3 printable coupons
Pay $14.98

Submit for Rite Aid rebate #61 – get a $10 Rite Aid gift card when you buy $25 in participating products*
Submit for the Caregivers Marketplace rebate of $0.75 per pack
Receive $11.50 in rebates

Bottom line: $3.48 for 2 packs ($1.74 a pack!)

* Please note that if you buy $50 in participating product you will receive a $25 gift card!

Rite Aid deals 6/28 – 7/4

Rite Aid

So Rite Aid has my attention this week.  They have a few rebate deals that seem to overlap with sales and coupons.  Plus, there is that awesome $5-off-$25 printable coupon to sweeten up the deals even more. 

Monthly Rebate Announcements!

Please note that today kicks off the July rebate offers for Rite Aid.  Make sure to submit your receipts for June by July 27th!  I also wanted to highlight a few awesome rebates running this month.  Keep these in mind as you look for Rite Aid deals through the month of July. 

Rebate Offer #800: When you buy 5 packages of Huggies diapers, you get a coupon for the 6th package FREE!

Rebate Offer #61: Buy $25 in participating products, get a $10 Rite Aid Gift Card; Buy $50, get $25!  This offer includes Kimberley-Clark, Unilever, Schick, and Bayer products including:

  • Depends
  • Kotex
  • Poise
  • Scott (Tissue, Toilet Paper, Towels)
  • Kleenex
  • Huggies Supreme or Snug and Dry (HELLO!  Double dip on the rebate #800 above!)
  • Bayer aspirin (NO monitors, folks)
  • Dove
  • Schick

Rebate Offer #160: Buy $50 in participating products, get a $25 Rite Aid Gift Card.  Some of the Johnson & Johnson products including:

  • Stayfree
  • Carefree
  • Neutrogena cosmetics
  • Band-aid
  • Neosporin
  • Aveeno skincare
  • Listerine
  • KY
  • e.p.t.
  • Tylenol
  • o.b. 

Please get the specifics on these and other rebate offerings this month at Rite Aid.

This week's best bets:

Stayfree Maxi Pads
On sale buy one, get one free
Use the buy one, get one free coupon (from the 6/28 SmartSource)
Bottom line: FREE for 2 packages (plus credit towards your gift card in rebate offer #160!)

Neutrogena Cosmetics – Lip and Eye
On sale for 40% off!
Use the $3-off-1 coupon (from the 6/21 Red Plum)
Bottom line: varies – but a really killer deal considering it also qualifies you towards rebate offer #160)

Wet Ones Antibacterial Wipes
On sale for $1.99 each
Use this $1-off-1 printable
Submit for Rite Aid rebate for $1 (#183)**
Bottom line: ($0.01)

Degree or Dove Clinical Protection Deodorant
On sale for $6.99
Use this $2-off-1 printable for the Dove
Or us the $1-off-1 Degree coupon (from the 5/17 Red Plum)
Submit for Rite Aid rebate for $5 (#139 – Limit 2!)
Bottom line: ($0.01) – $1

Other deals for your consideration:

Pringles Chips
On sale 2 for $3
Buy 2
Use the $1-off-2 coupon (from the 6/28 SmartSource)
Bottom line: $2 for 2 (please note better deal at Walgreens this week!)

Carefree liners
Buy one, get one free
Use the $1-off-2 coupon (from the 6/28 SmartSource)
Bottom line: ~$2.99 for 2 (plus credit towards your gift card in rebate offer #160)*

o.b. tampons
Buy one, get one free
Use the $1.50-off-1 coupon (from the 6/28 SmartSource) or this $1.50-off-1 printable
Bottom line: ~$1.29 for 2 (plus credit towards your gift card in rebate offer #160)

Old Spice or Secret Deodorant
On sale for $1.99
Use the $1-off-1 Old Spice coupon (from the 6/7 P&G)
OR the $1-off-1 Secret coupon (from the 5/17 P&G – EXPIRES 6/30!)
Bottom line: $0.99

Loreal EverPure Hair Care
On sale 2 for $13
Buy 2
Use (2) $2-off-1 coupons (from the 5/10 Red Plum)
Submit for Rite Aid rebate of $5 (#156)
Bottom line: $4 for 2

Here is a simple Rite Aid scenario you could do this week with a $4 profit!

4 Stayfree Pads (2 will be free with the buy one, get one free sale)
1 Neutrogena Cosmetic priced around $4 on sale
2 Dove Clinical Deodorants
Subtotal: $25.96

Use the $5-off-25 printable coupon
Use (2) Buy one, get one free Stayfree coupons
Use (1) $3-off-1 Neutrogena coupon
Use (2) $2-off-1 Dove coupons
Pay: $5.98 + tax at the register

Submit for (2) Rite Aid rebates on the Dove (#139) for $10

Bottom line: $4.02 in profit!! (Plus, you will have earned roughly $12 towards your gift card rebate offer #160!)

* Bottom line on these products may vary depending on how the item is priced at the store and selection available.

**If you've never used Rite Aid's rebate program before, you'll be glad to know it's easy.  Start by creating an online account here.  Then, come back and simply enter a few pieces of info from your receipts.  At the end of the monthly rebate cycle, submit for your check and viola!  you're done.  Of course, you could do it the old fashioned way by circling items on receipts and mailing them all in…but why would you??

Possible $20 off $20 coupon printing at Old Navy!

Old Navy

I just read this excitng post over at Deal Seeking Mom!

Apparently some Old Navy shoppers have been delighted recently with a coupon upon checkout good for $20 off your next purchase of $20 or more!  I don't have to tell all you couponers what that means (FREE CLOTHES!).

I took a few minutes to read the comments on the post (I encourage you to do the same), and it appears that a number of folks who received this coupon also used one of the Old Navy Weekly coupon in their purchase.  (In other words, using one coupon won't prevent you from scoring the new one.)  It also appears that the coupon might have specific timeframes with which to use it (most seem to be a few days in July.)

If you were planning on redeeming an Old Navy Weekly coupon or heading out to take advantage of the great summer deals going on, now you have one more reason!!

Did you score one?  Tell us about it!