24-Hour Fitness $15/mo membership and NO additional fees

So apparently you can buy gym memberships through Amazon now! What can you NOT buy through Amazon anymore?!

Here’s the deal. When you buy a 12-month membership to 24-Hour Fitness through Amazon, you’ll pay $179.99, which works out to $15 per month. There are no additional sign-up or “hidden” fees. (But do watch out for their personal trainers – man, those guys can be aggressive!)

According to the details, this membership will get you in ANY Express (Fitlite), Active, or Sport 24-Hour Fitness club. It won’t get you into the “Super-Sport” or “Ultra-Sport” locations. I did a quick check and the facilities in Federal Way, Northgate, Downtown Seattle, and Auburn are “Active.”I highly recommend you go here to check out the type of gym near you to ensure you could use this membership.

Not on sale, this membership would typically run you $350 annually (and you’d likely have fees to boot).  

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  1. blanchie says

    I found it but it is listed as out of stock by Amazon. Google search Amazon, 24 hour fitness. U can add to wishlist if they bring it back. I hope they do.

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