24-Hour Fitness $17/mo membership and NO additional fees


The 24-Hour Fitness membership is no longer available through Amazon, but you can find a similar deal at Costco! Read on for more.

When you buy a 24-month membership to 24-Hour Fitness through Costco, you’ll pay $399.99, which works out to $16.67 per month. There are no additional signup or hidden fees. (But do watch out for their personal trainers – man, those guys can be aggressive!)

According to the details, this membership will get you in ANY Express, Fit-Lite, Active, or Sport 24-Hour Fitness club. It won’t get you into the “Super-Sport” or “Ultra-Sport” locations. I did a quick check and the facilities in Lakewood, Federal Way, Auburn, Olympia, West Seattle, and Renton are “Active.” I highly recommend you go here to check out the type of gym near you to ensure you could use this membership.

Not on sale, this membership would typically run you $360+ annually (and you’d likely have fees to boot). If you prefer the Super-Sport clubs, Costco.com also has a 2-year membership for $649.99 ($27.08/month).


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