My name is Angela and I am not THE coupon queen, but I am A coupon queen. And I can teach you how to be a coupon queen, king, dude, or czar, too.

If you’re completely new to using coupons, I recommend you take a stroll down my Coupons 101 page, and maybe watch a few handy webcasts. I’ve designed this content to take you from square one to coupon pro.

What else can you expect from this site?

  • Quality deals. I am not going to promise that I will find you every last deal out there. I will promise to do my best to find a great cross-section of store deals, freebies, printable coupons, daily deals, and more.
  • Frugal living. I believe frugality is making the most of your money, time, and resources. That’s why I also like to share posts on freezer cooking, DIY, and gardening.
  • Post series. I am a writer by heart so you’ll find I spend time crafting meaty content. I’ve tackled series on unusual produce, making money from home, blogging, and more. See my post series page for more.
  • Ethics. Tired of seeing bloggers suggest “creative” ways to coupon? Not happenin’ here. I’m not going to tell you to hop on 5 computers to print the same coupon over and over, input zip codes that aren’t yours to get coupons, buy coupons from eBay, use coupons for what they aren’t intended, and the like. Where matters are gray, I err on the conservative side. I take this so seriously that I made a Coupon Ethics Policy just for my site.
  • Creativity Absurdity. There are a zillion bargain blogs out there, I get that. So I aim to do something not many in my niche strive to do: entertain. In addition to great deals, tutorials, and webcasts, I write posts that do nothing more than put a smile on your face. In December 2010, I created a fictious 24-part Christmas Coupon Story. I’ve also written about mop demonstrations at Fred Meyer, traveling leftovers, and the time Michael Kors looked an awful lot like Justin Beiber.

So who are you, really?

I can assure you that I am a real person. Here’s a little more about me in hopes of convincing you.

I live in the greater Seattle/Tacoma area with my hunky firefighter husband and two adorable kiddos. I quit my full-time job when we were expecting my first son. It was rather a shock going from a Monday – Friday schedule to a three-hour schedule, but over time, I found I loved my new life. In July of 2006, I opened my first business, Angela Russell Copywriting Services. I doubt I could ever work a conventional office job ever again.

Here’s a timeline of how I started this blog:

Oct 08: Learned how to coupon
Jan 09: Asked my Facebook friends if anyone knew how to start a blog (crickets)
Jan 09, later: Went to the library to check out books on blogging
Feb 09: Wrote my first blog post

I’ve had some interesting life experiences. I’ve completed three full marathons, four half marathons, and a sprint distance triathlon. I’ve made three summit attempts of Mt Rainier. I studied classical piano for nearly ten years. I went to college on both drama and piano scholarships, but ultimately graduated with a BA from the University of Washington in English/Creative Writing. Interestingly enough, nearly all of these experiences were before I had kids. (But I love ’em to death and wouldn’t have it any other way.)

Enough about me.

The next part is about you.

Are you ready to get past your fear of being labeled as “one of those people?”
Are you ready to sharpen your scissors when everyone’s watching the game?
Are you ready to stock up on items like maxi pads and rice?
Are you ready to learn cool terms like Catalina and loss leader?
Most of all, are you ready to have your grocery bill slashed by 50% or more?

Ah, I thought so. Welcome to The Coupon Project!

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