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Truth be told, there are many wonderful bargain blogs out there. So what can you find at The Coupon Project that will make it a blog worth reading?

Here are a few reasons I think you should stick around:

Easy-to-follow posts. My goal is to make couponing and deal-getting easy and clear. I try to avoid using acronyms and “Couponese” (as I like to call it) as much as possible.

Couponing should be fun! I don’t take myself too seriously around here. Along with the regular deals, you might find an occasional post about a NASA Space Shuttle deal or how I drove down the freeway with a box of takeout on the back of my car. My goal is to put the fun in couponing and to put a smile on your face whenever you come to my blog.

High standard of ethics. There is one particular topic I don’t kid around about – and that’s ethics. I take a fairly conservative approach to couponing around here. Why? First, when couponers engage in fraudulent behavior, it hurts everyone. I feel obligated as a coupon blogger to make sure I’m promoting 100% correct coupon usage. There are a lot of “gray” areas out there and if I’m not sure, I won’t post it. I’ve also been known to contact companies for clarification. I actually took the time to develop a Coupon Ethics policy for my blog. I want you to feel good about the deals you find here.

I like to write. One of my great passions in life is writing! I enjoy writing my posts as much as I do about finding the deals. I do my best to make my posts fun and engaging to read.

I’m adventurous. I like to try new and interesting things. This year, I’ve started gardening and am sharing that journey with you. I’ve also started cooking some items from scratch. I’m not perfect, nor do I pretend to be. I have no problem sharing my fails right along with my successes. My hope is that I simply inspire others in my journey to be frugal.

Selective deals. I don’t post tons of deals every day. My primary job is being a stay-at-home mommy to two adorable kiddos. My time is valuable, and so is yours. I try to select the deals that I feel will bring the biggest impact to you. If I see a deal has been posted on many deal sites, I may trust you’ve already seen it and not share it. I’ve chosen four stores and follow them closely – and that’s my limit. My goal is to provide a unique voice and complement the other deal bloggers you already follow.

Local deals. If you live in the Tacoma/Seattle, Washington area, you might be interested to know that’s home to me! I do my best to highlight regional deals as well as national.

My readers MATTER. I do my best to personally respond to every email I receive. You’ll also notice I jump in and engage with readers that leave comments both on my blog and Facebook. I pay attention when a deal doesn’t work out for you, or when you find a hot tip about a local store. A blog isn’t a blog without readers, so I value your feedback, thoughts, and ideas.

I hope you’ll join me in my real-life money saving adventures! To learn more about me, go here.

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