Adventures in Bulk Foods: Decorating with Candy

Can you believe we’re down to the final week of the Adventures in Bulk Foods series? I hope you’ve enjoyed this one!

Today I have something a little different for you. Reader Robin sent me an email recently of a project she made using bulk candy! I thought this was so clever – and frugal – I asked if I could include it as a feature post in this series.

With that, here’s Robin.

Last week when I was at the Market, I picked up a copy of Taste Of Home… in the issue they had an article on Candy Gets Dandy, which featured candy inspired projects.

(Angela’s note: you can find the instructions for the craft Robin did at Taste of Home online.)

I used 2 Michael’s 50% off coupons to buy the styrofoam wreath and orange paint.

  • Styrofoam wreath…$9.99 ($5.00 after coupon)
  • Orange paint….$2.99 ($1.50 after coupon)
  • Assorted suckers (bulk food bins at Winco….$6.00)

The gold ribbon I used for the bow was actually from my Christmas wrappings from last year, and instead of floral wire to hang the wreath, I put my bow on the top instead of the bottom and fed my ribbon through a split key ring that I had in my junk drawer.

Here is a picture of the finished project….

My daughter and I decided that this is a fun craft project and an inexpensive and easy Christmas gift for her to make for her Grandparents for the upcoming Christmas season, all  we will have to do is get some red paint instead of the orange…and viola…plus the re- purposing of extra Halloween candies with make the dentist happy too!!

Thanks, Robin, for sharing this frugal idea! I found a few other ideas using candy, I was so inspired by this. 

Make a vase using gumballs. (Get the directions at Taste of Home!)

Candy Corn tree decoration found on Pinterest. (Get the directions at Woman’s Day.)

Using candlesticks and candy to create chic Halloween decor. (Credit and instructions at See Jane Blog.)

Speaking of candy, remember you can score bulk candy at WinCo Foods for just $0.98/lb through October 31st!

So have you been discovering what’s in the bulk foods section of your store yet?

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