Clarification: Albertsons Overage Policy does not include Doublers

Albertsons Coupon Deals

There have been a couple questions recently about Albertsons’ Coupon Policy and I wanted to make sure to clear them up for you…and well, for me, frankly.

Question: My Albertsons store isn’t honoring their overage policy when I use my doublers!

Answer: Your cashier is correct. The new overage policy applies to when your manufacturer coupon exceeds the value of the sale item:

Coupons that exceed the retail value of an item will have the remaining amount applied to the balance of the

For instance, if there is yogurt on sale for $1, and you have a $1.50 off manufacturer’s coupon, you’ll then be able to apply the remaining $0.50 to the rest of your transaction.

However, overage cannot be produce on Twice the Value deals and I’ve verified this with corporate. Per the coupons themselves:

Total coupon redemption cannot exceed price of item.

For instance, the Muir Glen deal I reported yesterday – the cans of sauce were $1.09 and there is a $0.75/1 printable coupon available. If you use a Twice the Value coupon with this, Albertsons will give you $0.34, making it free. They will not double it up to $0.75, giving you overage.

Question: Can I use a BOGO and a cents-off coupon and a Twice the Value coupon in the same transaction?

Answer: My initial, gut feeling was no, it’s using too many coupons. However, I stand corrected! I shared a scenario like this with my contact at Albertsons and she’s confirmed with the folks responsible for writing the policy that this is acceptable. Here’s what I learned:

We will accept a BOGO coupon on the first item, then a TTV and manufacturer coupon on the second item. However, the items will just be free—using the TTV means no overage.

Remember the caveat – no overage on such a scenario since a Twice the Value coupon is being used. Now I didn’t see anything either way in the Albertsons Coupon Policy to back this up, but there you go! Going forward, I may include scenarios like these on my lists.

Question: Can I double a coupon that reads “do not double?”

Answer: This one has been cleared up for awhile, but I’ve seen a few folks asking about it recently. YES, you can double any manufacturer’s coupon up to $1 in value, even if it has this verbiage!

Albertsons DOES allow manufacturer coupons that state they cannot be ‘doubled’ to be used in conjunction with a Twice the Value store coupon.

I recommend you review and print the Albertsons Coupon Policy (pdf) for keeping on hand. I think some of their recent changes have made couponing there even more enjoyable! What do you think?

If you ever have additional questions about Albertsons’ Coupon Policy, let me know and I’ll do my best to get some answers for you! Does this clear up any confusion or question you may have had?


  1. says

    I just used the B1G1, $1/1, ttv, and a $2/1 on the naturals juice, to even confuse the cashier more or what, huh? Manager had no problem, and I also got this low down from her as well! I was able to get some “credits”, however, from some of my higher value coupons on small items, experimenting!

  2. says

    Thanks so much for getting your information “from the horses mouth”. This is why I keep returning to this blog for accurate and honest information.
    If Albertson’s has a representative reading this, Thank you for being so accessible to your customers through blogs like this and continuing to provide great service and more than fair double coupon opportunities for families looking for ways to stretch their grocery dollars. That is one of the reasons I keep shopping at Albertsons. The other is the great service I receive when I am in your store.

    • arussell says

      Thank you! Honestly, I feel a sense of obligation to make sure that the majority of deals I post will work for the majority of people. This is why I often skew to the conservative side in how I post things.

      However, I have no problem saying “I stand corrected!” if I learn otherwise from the stores. I’ll make sure your comment is forwarded on. 😉

  3. Sunnie says

    Here is a weird deal. I was in a hurry and couldn’t find a real scissors. I borrowed the kids scrapbooking scissors that cuts the edges like waves. I cut outside of the lines. I went to Albertsons in Richland, WA and the cashier said that it was illegal and I could be arrested because I pruposely tampered with the coupons and voided them. She was saying it to me as intimidating as possible and as through she was going to call the police right then and there. I borrowed a scissors from another cashier and trimmed them all again before she called the cops. OMG. I had like 4 coupons. Is this true? Can you go to jail for using scrapbooking scissors.?

    • D'Anna says

      I see the next topic being: Having pretty coupons should not be a crime! lolz You were quick on your feet though….so sorry you got the coupon gestapo as a clerk.

      WTG Angela and clearing things up w/ Albertson’s, maybe you cold some how make a sticky link somewhere for quick reference?

    • arussell says

      OH.MY.GOODNESS. This is unreal. There is a technique known as “gang cutting” where you cut multiples of coupons with a single cut (such as a paper cutter). This sometimes makes similar marks across lots of coupons (say 15 or more). Some stores see this as a clear indicator the coupons have been purchased from eBay or a clipping site, which voids them. But this? I’m scratching my head. If you email me at angela @ thecouponproject dot com with some more details, I’m happy to help you get to the bottom of this.

      • says

        Hi Angela

        Can you tell me what clipping sites are? I’m confused. Why does purchasing coupons that would otherwise be unavailable in a certain area void them?

  4. Chrissy says

    Angela – thanks for taking the time to find clarify this for us. This is why I LOVE your blog. I love that not only are you teaching us to save money, but teaching us to do it RIGHT. Thank you for all you do! God Bless!

      • Stephanie C says


        They have made this so confusing. On Monday I printed a link to a facebook conversation via another blog. Someone blatantly asked if you could get overage on a TTV coupon and they said yes and gave an example. I believe it was on Rightly, people take this as a go for overage. I printed the facebook conversation. I hate the unknown! We want to do it right, but unfortunately I still dont’ know what’s right. The converstion on facebook was from 12/21/11. Steve at Albertson’s was the responder.

        • Bernadette says

          I had read that same conversation with Steve from Albertson’s on couponconnections as well. So, after reading the info on here I went back to that link and it has been taken down. I went back down through the comments and the reader who had posted the original question on FB for albie’s said that Steve wrote back apologizing because he misspoke. He said that manufacturer’s coupons give overage, but not TTV’s since they are a store coupon – they will only give you the amount to make the item free (i.e. on a $1 item with a .75 coupon the ttv would only be worth .25). I hope that helps to clear things up!

          • Bernadette says

            I should clarify that the comments I went to were on the original feed of the blog where the FB link was posted :)

  5. GeekyMom says

    I have had the cashiers do it either way. Tonight was the first night they didn’t allow me the overage. Ours was allowing it, or the cashier’s just weren’t noticing it before. I asked about it. So bascially, I doubt I will ever see many overages. The prices at our Albies are so dang high that I can’t even get overages on clearance items without using doublers. I don’t shop to make money, but it is nice now and then. 😉

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