Albertsons Gift Card Promotion: Spend $100, Get $20

Did you catch on today’s Albertsons flyer with the Twice the Value coupons that there is a new gift card promotion running? Here’s the pic I snapped from the ad.

Albertsons Gift Card Promotion

Here’s how it works: purchase $100 in select gift cards in a single transaction with your Albertsons Preferred card between 11/18 – 11/29, and earn a $20 coupon good on your next shopping trip at checkout.

The gift cards pictured in the ad are for AMC, Applebees, Chili’s, Groupon, iTunes, Bass Pro Shop, Macy’s, Sears, Regal Theater, Lowe’s, and Kohl’s. There is a limit of one coupon per qualifying AND redeeming transaction. I read that as you cannot spend $400 in a single transaction and get 4 Catalinas – you’d need to do them as 4 separate transactions (as your store permits). Also, you would not be able to redeem $40 worth of coupons in a single transaction – you’d have to break them out there, too. Finally, the coupon will expire 7 days after issuance, so plan accordingly!

That being said, this can end up being one heckova deal if say, you were planning on shopping Sears on Black Friday or planning on giving a gift card for a holiday gift this year! Also timely if you are in still need of a Thanksgiving turkey.

You might be interested to see how I leveraged a similar offer last year to pay for our family’s vacation plane tickets while earning free groceries. (While it does not appear that Southwest is participating this time, it may give you an example of how these gift card promotions can be really stellar promotions!)

As a point of comparison, Safeway is also running a gift card promotion right now: spend $150 on gift cards and receive a Save $25 on $50 Catalina.


  1. Haley says

    I did this today. I bought $100 in gift cards I was going to spend anyway, and got the $20 cat. Then, I did the fresh turkey + Butterball deal, using the $3 off the fresh Butterball turkey ($20), plus 4 cans of Carnation evaporated milk, using (2) doubled $.50/2 coupons. My total at the register came to $19.87, so I threw on a $1 pack of gum in desperation to get out of there with my cranky kids. :-) Wish I had planned that better, I had several <$1 items I would have loved to pile on there. Overall, I'm thrilled to have spent $100.87 on my stash of gift cards, my turkey, 4cans of evaporated milk, and my gum. :-) AND, tomorrow, I get to go back and spend my $10 cat from the turkey. I'll use it with doublers to get the rest of the ingredients for my share of Thanksgiving dinner, and I'm pretty sure it will all be covered. So, altogether, I will have spent a total of $.87 on my Thanksgiving contribution, if all goes according to plan, and if my 2-and 3-year-olds comply. :-) Thanks, Angela. Couldn't have done it without you!!

  2. Andi Thomas says

    Thanks for posting as always! Took advantage of this deal and the Kohl’s Black-Friday offer. Bought a $100 Kohls card to use on the following:
    1. 15 Piece Food Network Knife Set – regularly $199.99, on sale for $99.99 with a $50 rebate
    2. The slow cooker that is regularly 39.99 on sale for was 19.99 with the $10 rebate
    3. A leather wallet that regularly $28 on Sale for $15.60.

    My mom applied for the Kohl’s charge and gave me the 20% discount at the register. So after my $100 gift card, I paid $13.34 on my Discover which will give me 5% cash back. I’m getting $60 back in rebates and I have the $20 Albertson’s catalina to use.

    Grand total: Bought $267.98 in gifts and only paid $33. Thank you so much for all your matchups and tips!!!! I wouldn’t have even looked at Kohl’s if not for your posts.


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