Amazon Cuts Prices on New Kindle Fire HD Models (up to $100 off)


Have you been waiting for the new Kindle Fire HD prices to come down a little? If so, you might be interested to know that Amazon has announced they are cutting the prices by $30 – $100 (depending on the model).

Here are the new prices: 

Any of the above models qualifies for free shipping.

I have heard such positive things about the Kindle Fire! I own a basic Kindle and adore it. I have used it much more than I imagined I would (I am so not a “tech gadget” girl), and I am considering a Kindle Fire at some point. I don’t own an iPad, but I’ve heard that some people will use the Fire for some of the same functions as an iPad (and for a fraction of the cost!)

If you own a Kindle Fire, I would LOVE to hear what you think and how you use it!

Thanks, Kosher on a Budget!


  1. Emilie says

    I own a regular kindle as well as the kindle fire. I LOVE them both. I love the orginal for the lightness and the easy read. I love the fire with the touch screen, but it took some getting used to. I like that I can check my email or blogs with my fire.
    I keep my fire by my treadmill and read while I walk.
    I have hundreds of books that I have gotten for free.
    I like to keep kids books on it as well, they are way better in color ont he fire, for when I am in a waiting room, etc with my kids.

  2. Jana says

    My husband I each have the basic kindle fire (not hd). I love it! I use mine as a tablet for the Internet all the time. And the kids love to play on it occasionally too! :)

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