Are Swagbucks worth it? Check this out…

I’m sometimes asked what Swagbucks are, and if they are worth it. In my humble opinion? YES!

Here’s why: you earn Swagbucks by doing your everyday web searches. You can then redeem these “bucks” for prizes. In my experience, your best bet is to redeem 450 Swagbucks for a $5 Amazon gift certificate. You can stack these over time and build your Amazon credit. This is exactly what I’ve done!

I’d say I really started making an effort using Swagbucks over a year ago. Flash forward to this week, I decided I’d really like a new camera! Mine died, and I’ve been borrowing  a friend’s. I really wanted one for my New York trip next week too. After using my Amazon credit earned from Swagbucks? I paid ZERO out of pocket for the Kodak EasyShare Camera pictured above! I’ve also purchased books, magazine subscriptions, and Christmas gifts for free using Swagbucks. I’m also in the process of saving up my Amazon credit to remodel my master bedroom (believe it or not, I’m actually pretty close to doing just that!).

In my experience, it’d be reasonable to expect you’d earn enough credit for a $5 Amazon gift card per month if all you did was the web searches. There are additional ways you can earn “bucks” too, such as trading in old electronics. To get started, you can join Swagbucks now for free!

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