At Fred Meyer: Hasbro Board Game sale, cheap VIA + more!

I noticed a few deals today while shopping at Fred Meyer that I wanted to fill you in on!

Starbucks VIA! 8 Ct $5.99
$2/1 coupon from 9/11 SmartSource
Bottom line: $3.99
(GREAT price for VIA!)

Fred Meyer Brand Jarred Pasta Sauce, 26 oz (through 10/8!)
$1 each

Whole Roasted Chicken $5.99
$0.80/1 e-coupon
Bottom line: $5.19

Chips Ahoy! Cookies $2.29
$0.75/1 e-coupon
Bottom line:  $1.54

Board Games
Buy 2, get 1 free
Use 10% Home Extra Bonus Coupon
$3/1+ Hasbro coupons from 9/11 SmartSource

We personally did the Game deal tonight. Here’s the math breakdown of what we did….

Chutes & Ladders $8.99
Candyland $8.99
Hello Kitty Bingo $9.99 (not Hasbro, but my daughter wanted it…)
Subtotal:  $27.97

Less $8.99 for buy one, get one free
Less 10% Extra Bonus
Less (2) $3/1 coupons from 9/11 SmartSource
Our total:  $11.08 for all three games – that’s just $3.69 each!!

You could potentially get a better deal if you instead bought all three Hasbro games priced at $8.99 and if your store would accept three coupons on this deal. (This may be a “your mileage may vary” situation as Fred Meyer’s current coupon policy doesn’t address presenting coupons on a BOGO sale.)

Reader Kathy also mentioned that games at her Fred Meyer store had some Hasbro games on 50% off clearance! You might want to pack up those Hasbro coupons and make a trip out! (Thanks, Kathy for the heads up on the games – that’s what prompted me to check it out!)

Planning a trip out? Check my Fred Meyer post!


  1. says

    Well, I spent way more than I intended at FM thanks to needing ingredients, But I did score some great markdowns in cheese and produce (fancy salad mix for .75; expiration not until the 17th)!

    My oldest is now into Bey Blades (sort of high tech tops that battle each other), which are buy one get one half-off and also eligible for the extra 10% off. I don’t understand the appeal, but I’m not an 8 year old boy. :)

    An employee actually reminded me about the extra 10%, which reminded me of why I’m so loyal to Freddie’s!

  2. Alisha says

    This week, Kmart is doubling the Hasbro coupons. I went and got a Guess Who? game and 2 travel Connect 4 games. Guess Who? price: $16.99, $4 off coupon, doubling it making it $8 off = $8.99. Travel Connect 4 price: $4.99, $4 off coupon, doubling it making it $8 off = FREE. I got 2 of those since you can’t beat free. :-) I’m thinking of going back tonight after the fair to get some more before the deal ends.

  3. Farrah says

    Does anyone know if the $5 eGift card for Starbucks coffee Catalina is printing at Fred Meyer? It’s a buy 2 Starbucks VIA (excludes 3 pk) or 11 or 12oz Starbucks coffee and get a Catalina code for you to redeem the $5 eGift card. Both Albertsons and Safeway are printing. But Fred’s has VIA cheaper this week.

    • says

      i did the via deal at albertson’s and safeway. albertson’s didn’t work, but i emailed starbucks and they already loaded the card i had on file with the $5 (easy peasy)… now if i can find that card ;). i did the deal at safeway and i got the print out to redeem for the gift card. hanging on to this stuff for teacher gifts!!!

  4. Sara says

    Thanks so much for posting this match up! I spend 1/2 hour at Freddy’s trying to figure out the match up and in the end passed. I’m going back tonight to stock up for Christmas/Birthday gifts/donations.

  5. kim says

    good morning. i see we have a red plum and a smart sorce this week, but i want to know what paper will have them both in it. some times i get one paper, and one insert is in it, and not the other. if anyone has the knowledge of what inserts are in what paper id appreciate it thank you

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