New $3/2 Ball or Kerr Canning Jars Printable Coupon

There is a new $3 off 2 cases of Ball or Kerr canning jars printable coupon available to print at right now! There was a $3/2 coupon in the 6/3 SmartSource, too, in case you really want to stock up.

There are some strong prices at both Fred Meyer and WinCo right now you could use this on:

Fred Meyer: Kerr, 12-ct Pint Jars $7.99
$3/2 printable coupon
Bottom line: $6.49 each
(See more Fred Meyer deals)

WinCo: Kerr Canning Jars
12-8 oz $6.98
12-12 oz $7.98
12-Wide Quart $10.44
$3/2 printable coupon
Bottom line: as low as $5.48 each
(See more WinCo deals)

If you’ve never canned? Well, I only recently did so for the first time myself!

Thanks for the coupon alert, The Frugal Find!


  1. cindy says

    Great tutorial. I wanted to tell you that you can use your jar rings on the bottom of a kettle to process jars….like little stands for them, or if you have a handy hubby he can make you a rack out of wood. You just don’t want the jar touching the bottom. Also two little pointers….you should wipe your jar rims before you put on your lid and store your jars without the ring on them. (just don’t stack them) Your Piper is absolutely adorable!! Also, if you like cinnemon it’s yummy to add that too :)

  2. Denise says

    Nice video for your first time canning. I canned once last year for a houseparty and have loved it ever since. Your little Piper is rather cute.

  3. Jessica says

    Unless I am not doing it correctly, the coupon is not on Can anyone tell me how to access it and also how to get numerous coupons. I need 6. Thank you!

    • Angela Russell says

      Hi Jessica! That coupon has sadly LONG expired. I think I posted that coupon maybe one-two years ago?

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