Best School Supply Prices as for August 11 (Compiled on One Sheet)


Thanks to a team of bloggers across the nation, I’m able to provide you with a one-page document (in PDF and Google Docs format) that shares the very best school supply deals happening at a number of nationally-based chains!

If you are just getting started with back to school shopping, I recommend you check out my Back to School Price Points post. I also want to direct your attention to the “Back to School 2013” banner in my sidebar. Click it any time to be directed to current back to school deals, the price points download, plus tips and recipes for making this a successful back to school season.

As a reminder, Fred Meyer is not included on the download as it’s not a nationally-based chain. However, through Labor Day I’ll be providing a special “Back to School” section on my Fred Meyer posts.

With that? Here are your weekly deals:

Best School Supply Prices August 11 (pdf)

Detailed Store Posts for August 11:



Office Depot

Office Max
Rite Aid



Toys R Us



This round-up is brought to you by these fabulous bloggers:

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The Coupon Project


What will you be shopping for this week?


  1. Stephanie says

    Just stopped in to say Thank You! It makes life so much easier for us readers because you do this EVERY week! Seriously, you rock.

  2. Debbie says

    Wow! I don’t have any kids going back to school but I thought this was so amazing I shared it on Facebook for my friends who do. Great job!

  3. dropofrain says

    my grandson started 1st grade today. I was hoping to get great deals on school supplies as I normally do (thanks to all couponing blogs!), but he brought a note from his teacher asking for $35 instead. supposedly, she is buying all supplies by herself and then distributes among her students….. I just imagine how much I could buy for $35

    • Anne says

      I CAN’T believe that! I taught for 11 years and there is no way I’d ask parents for that much money for school supplies. I taught 2nd grade in a very affluent school for the past six years, too.

      Furthermore, I don’t know many schools/districts where this would be acceptable practice. We did ask a field trip/special projects fee but that was to avoid collecting $1 here and $5 there all year and it was run through our school’s business office, not the classroom. Maybe that stuff is included in her $35 fee.

    • Angela Russell says

      Oh my… I truly have no words.

      I had someone enter my Fred Meyer contest a couple weeks ago stating their school requested the kids had iPads… and the parent had 3 kids. :0

    • Paula says

      I used to be a teacher in the area (until 2 years ago), and all three kindergarten teachers (myself included), asked for a $20 supply fee. It made it easier, since we got the exact supplies that we wanted for our students by ordering from a teacher supply catalog. We got lots of positive feedback from parents who would rather avoid the back to school shopping.

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