Best Turkey Deals: Local Store Price Comparison (QFC, Fred Meyer, Summit Trading, Safeway, Albertsons, Top Foods, and MORE!)

Looking for the best turkey deals this year (2015)? Check out this post which rounds up the best turkey prices, coupons and deals at lots of stores, updated weekly!


Can you believe Thanksgiving is just 10 days away? Given that, I thought I’d round up the local deals on turkeys I’m finding at our stores. Please note that some of these stores have different ad cycles, so do please note any dates and/or phone your local store to confirm pricing before making a trip out.

QFC Turkey Deal

In the ad that breaks on Wednesday, you’ll notice that you can score a turkey for $0.49/lb with a $30 purchase. In past years, this deal started a few days prior to the ad that announced it. I would not be surprised in the least if this deal is currently in progress, but I advise you to call your store ahead of time to make sure!

PS we’ll have the QFC ad up for you later this evening, so stay tuned.

Fred Meyer Turkey Deal

Spend $150, get a turkey for FREE with the in-ad coupon. Or, spend $100 and get it for $0.59/lb or spend $50 and get it for $0.79/lb. This deal runs through this Saturday only.

Safeway Turkey Deal

Spend $150, get a turkey for FREE. Spend $100, get it for $0.49/lb or spend $50 and get it for $0.69/lb. This deal is good through 11/17.

WinCo Turkey Deal

I just shared this, but WinCo will be working to watch competitors prices and beat them right up until Thanksgiving. You may also want to drop by your local store for any specials they may be running. Please read my post if you missed it on WinCo’s turkey and Thanksgiving prices.

Albertsons Turkey Deal

Butterball Turkeys are selling for $1.79/lb through Tuesday, 11/13. There will be a new ad on Wednesday, 11/14 and you may find some additional deals/prices when that is released.

Top Food & Drug Turkey Deal

Top Foods Turkey Deal

In this week’s ad, a deal on a pre-cooked holiday dinner is offered. Pay $64.99 for a turkey dinner (includes butterball turkey 12-14 lbs, cranberry sauce, mashed potatoes & gravy and seasoned green beans) or $79.99 for a ham dinner (includes spiral ham 7 lbs, mashed potatoes and gravy, seasoned green beans, and Waldorf salad). Either also comes with a pumpkin pie. Must pre-order by Nov 19th. I’d watch for the new ad to be released on Wednesday for additional turkey deals.

Summit/Tukwila Trading Holiday Meal Deal

They usually offer this terrific deal – and it’s back! Their ad runs through Tuesday, but I wouldn’t be surprised if it also appears on the new ad that starts Wednesday. (You might want to call if you really want this deal and aren’t sure you can get there tomorrow.) I have to say – I think this year’s is the best they’ve ever had – I am loving the fresh produce and grocery basics that are included in as freebies for this year!

Buy a Gusto’s Smoked Boneless Ham, 4 lb for $19.99 and get for free: gallon milk, pumpkin pie, 5 lb potatoes, biscuits, 1 lb carrots, and fresh pineapple. Yup – all of that for FREE!

But wait – check their website and you can print a coupon good for a FREE can of baking powder with $10 purchase (through 11/13). Score!!

Tacoma Food Co-Op

This isn’t for the best deal, but those of you that are looking for a good source of organic, locally-raised turkeys? Don’t wait around – pre-order NOW at Tacoma Food Co-op! Pick-up is Nov 17th. Your turkey will be fresh (not frozen). If you’re not familiar with this store, you may wish to read my review post.

Any other stores you can think of that I’m missing? Or how about any farms, butchers, or local sources for turkeys? If you are in the know, please leave a comment!


  1. Kim C says

    Target has Butterballs for $0.99 a pound as well as their Market Pantry brand for $0.79 lb. NO other spending requirements!!

  2. Melissa says

    Do you or anyone know if the price of the turkey is included in the spending requirements at any store this year? I see that Fred Meyer specifically says “additional” in their fine print. I know I have bought one at Winco where they have included the price of the turkey in the total to get the deal in previous years. Is Winco or anyone else doing that this year?

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  4. Kim C says

    I went to Winco today (Tacoma store) and heres what I found

    Butterball. 1.08 lb or .88 lb with $50 purchase
    Winco turkey .88 lb or .38 lb w/ $50 purchase
    Jennie o brand was the Winco brand in Tacoma
    Price of turkey IS included in the $50 purchase


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