Buy two participating General Mills cereals, get a FREE movie ticket

Enter the codes from two specially marked boxes of General Mills cereal, and print a FREE e-ticket to take to participating movie theaters (up to $12 in value) through e-Movie cash. I think this deal has been going for some time now, but wanted to share this post to remind you.

I’ve never done this before, so I read the FAQs and here are a few things I found out that may be helpful:

:: Online codes need to be entered by August 31, 2011.
:: You have 60 days to use the ticket(s) once you’ve redeemed the codes.
:: You must redeem them at a participating theater.
:: Tickets are good for up to $12. You are responsible for the difference.
:: DO NOT enter your codes until you are ready to print your ticket. If you click off the computer screen, you cannot retrieve it.

Have you done this yet, and has it worked out for you?


  1. Jessica says

    I have done it many times, when Lucky Charms were on sale at QFC for .50 They are great we bought enough for 20 movie tickets (and no I did not clear the shelves, i made several trips and there was 100’s each time I went)

  2. Nikki says

    I did it last time cereal went on sale with this deal….and it worked GREAT!! So worth it if you like to go to the theater!

  3. says

    There is also still a deal with Pop Tarts, if anyone is out of cereal coupons but wanting more milk cats at Albies. You can get a movie ticket with codes from 5 specially marked boxes. The trick is they have to be the boxes that indicate they have codes, and they have to be 5 different flavors.

  4. Laura says

    I bought 12 boxes a few months ago and thought they would last a while. Well, we’ve already used them up! My husband and I have had a few free dates due to his Honey Nut Cheerios addiction. I have been on the look-out for more good deals. I saw the movie ticket boxes at Albertson’s last week but the boxes were $5.49. They are the large boxes, but I just couldn’t do it!

    These vouchers are good up to $12, so you can use them toward a 3D movie ticket. The process is easy. The toughest part is getting the code. After cutting out a few codes, I decided using a flashlight to read the code while leaving the box intact was the best tactic.

    This is a great deal in my opinion! I would love to know if anyone finds a good price on these movie ticket boxes.

  5. Sheila M. says

    I did this last fall when QFC had the cereal cheap. I was in it for the cereal, and the movie tickets were a bonus. By the time I entered the codes and realized how easy it was, the ‘specially marked boxes’ were gone. I had 4 codes and took my dad out to the movies!
    NOTE: When I entered the codes, I had issues with nothing happening on the screen; so I refreshed and tried to re-enter the codes…DON’T DO THAT. The codes were no longer valid. Customer service was great and helped me get it after exchanging emails.

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