Can you stack Safeway Just4U e-coupons with manufacturer coupons?


I’ve noticed an uptick of questions and confusion about Safeway’s Just4U program lately and specifically, how you can stack coupons legitimately, so I wanted to write a post that breaks it down for you for handy referencing. (You might also want to read the Just4u Blogger Event recap for additional notes.) Please note that prior to publishing, I had Safeway’s coupon team review my post, so you can rest assured I’ve put some time and care into sharing complete information with you. (PS thanks Safeway!)

The Three Sections of Just4U

When you log onto your Just4U account, you’ll notice there are different sections. Let’s discuss each of these.

Coupon Center

The coupon center may be comprised of BOTH manufacturer and store coupons. At Safeway, you are allowed to stack a manufacturer and a store coupon, so if you’re able to differentiate which e-coupons you’re dealing with, you can maximize your savings opportunities.

So how do you know if it’s a store or manufacturer coupon? Unfortunately, there is no definite way to know for certain. However, there are some general guidelines you can use to help you make a best guess. I’m going to quote directly from the email I received from Safeway for the following bullet points:

  • Any coupon specific to Safeway Brand products will be considered a Store Coupon. 
  • Any coupon that lists a product at a certain price (i.e. Personalized Price $1.79) is also a Store Coupon. 
  • Unfortunately, ‘cents off’ coupons that are not for Safeway Brand products can only be determined by our Customer Support Center.

Let’s look at a couple examples so I can help you further.


This Oikos e-coupon is likely a manufacturer’s coupon because it is one-time use a cents-off e-coupon for a particular product for a brand that is not sold exclusively at Safeway. Provided it is a manufacturer’s coupon, you could not stack it with another manufacturer’s coupon (such as from your newspaper insert).


Based on the guidelines above, this is most probably a store coupon because it’s a price point ($1.99 each) and not a discount. Notice you can also use this e-coupon up to 3 times – something you could not do with a manufacturer’s coupon. It’s also important to note that it’s a one-time use, meaning you’d only be able to use it for one transation, whether you buy 1 or 3.

Provided this is a store coupon, you COULD stack it with a manufacturer’s coupon (such as a printable or insert manufacturer’s coupon). If it were me, I would most certainly try to stack it with a manufacturer’s coupon if I had one.

Let me share one additional example of a store coupon:


Why is this a store coupon? Simple – because Lucerne is a Safeway brand. Notice that this e-coupon reads “unlimited.” Unlike the creamer example above, that means you could take advantage of this offer across multiple transactions (as many times as you want!) up until 2/24. The folks at Safeway told me in this scenario you would need to buy 3 to get the $5 price since it’s an e-coupon offer.

A final word about the Coupon Center – the coupons you find here are available to anyone that logs onto Just4U.

Personalized Deals

Let’s cut to the chase; everything you find in the Personalized Deals section is considered STORE COUPONS. These offers will be personalized to you based on your shopping history at Safeway.

Here’s what I found when logging onto my Just4U account this morning:


As you can see, these are special prices. If I shop at Safeway with my club card and load the deal, I can buy Roma tomatoes for $0.79/lb vs the regular price of $1.49/lb. There is no limit to how many pounds I can buy at this price between now and 2/26.

If someone else logs onto the Personalized Deal section, they may well see different deals. Sometimes, you may even find “free” offers!

Again, Safeway has informed me that you should treat any coupon in this section as store coupons. Given that, you might want to keep your eyes peeled for any opportunity to stack manufacturer’s coupons. What you should be mindful of is that this section comprises a mix of both one-time and unlimited use e-coupon offers.

Your Club Specials

So I learned something new from Safeway about this section that I thought was kind of neat. Your Club Specials is simply a list of items you’ve purchased in the last 6 months at Safeway that happen to be on sale that week.


You can add items to your personalized list if you want, which you can then bring with you on your phone or print old school style (ahem, that would be me!).

Just4U and Safeway’s Coupon Policy

If you are new to shopping at Safeway and/or the Just4U program, I highly suggest you start by reading through the current Safeway Coupon Policy and maybe printing a copy to keep handy.

With a lot of different ways to save at Safeway, you may be wondering how to know if you are getting the best deal. I’ve been told from Safeway that their system is intuitive and will work to make sure you’re getting the lowest price. For instance, say you loaded that $1.99 International Delight Creamer offer pictured above only to note that the sale price dropped to $1.49! When you check out, you’ll automatically get the $1.49 price. Of course, the work is on you (or er me, as your coupon blogger!) to make sure you have all the manufacturer coupons ready to use on top of those sales and discounts.

I know that this can seem like a lot of information to take in, and I want you to rest assured that we work to highlight the Safeway weekly ad in a way that maximizes your savings while abiding by Safeway’s coupon policy and guidelines. I also want you to know I had a representative from Safeway review this post before publishing it with you to ensure everything presented here is true and accurate as of this posting (February 20, 2013).

If you have additional questions or comments about Safeway’s Just4U program? I’d love to hear them! Please leave a comment below.


    • Angela Russell says

      Hi Sandra – sometimes yes and no. You might need to re-read the post for clarification on when you can and when you can’t.

  1. Vee says

    What about the paper coupons in the ads? I realize those on the back page MUST be loaded to your card, but what about the “clip or Click” coupons? They all appear to be store coupons, but last week my friend and I were told they are manufacturer coupons. None of them say anything about being a mfg. coupon, so how are we supposed to know?

  2. Debbie Rhode says

    I just wanted to thank you for taking so much time to put this together! I personally love the J4U program and it has made me a loyal Safeway shopper (vs the You Know Who store in town). Before this program, I avoided Safeway because their prices were way too expensive. Now their prices, if not cheaper, are at least competitive so I don’t feel that I have to drive to a different store. Thanks again for all your efforts in saving us money!

    • says

      How exciting!!! I bouhgt two of these for my nephews a few years ago and they loved them. Now that I have my own little guy I will need to get another one for you. Let me know if you still have an Etsy shop or if you are still making them to sell.

  3. Lorie says

    I was under the impression that if the wording was i.e. $1 off …then you could stack the e-coupon with a paper coupon and if the wording was i.e. save $1… then you couldn’t. Does this still hold true? It only mentions “save” X amount coupons but not the latter. TIA for clarifying

  4. pam says

    Thanks. At this point every Wednesday morning I pretty much click on each of the coupons they offer. I then go through your suggestions and coordinate with the list. And always be sure to go to the clearance section in the back of the store to see if I can find something marked down (that I can use!) to combine with a coupon I have.

  5. Debbie says

    Thanks for the write-up and explanation! I live in Illinois and we have Meijer here. They also have online coupons (Mperks) but they label each one as a store or manufacturer so there’s no confusion. So much easier! I wish Safeway (which is Dominicks here) would do that for Just 4 U.

  6. KarenE says

    I agree with Debbie, how hard could it be for Safeway to label the coupons as Store or Manufacturer? I had figured out most of the ins and outs of the Just 4 U program prior to reading this post. Thank you for clarifying it for those that are still struggling with it. If the Safeway company would just provide that little bit of clarification, it would make planning shopping trips so much easier. I know they thought this program would make it easier for people to shop there, but it takes me a while to add all the coupons to my card, then review them as to which type they are, and then match up to my paper coupons. When I have time to do all of that, I can walk out of Safeway with quite a bit for my money. When I don’t… well, I still shop elsewhere.

  7. D'Anna says

    Good job! You clarified what I already suspected: if you print your personalized list to the right it has TYPE and underneath will be Coupon One-time, Personalized Price Unlimited & Coupon Unlimited so ONE-time is a manufacturer coupon and unlimited is stackable….did I get that correct?

  8. Rose says

    If you add things to your list and then open your list it will tell you if it it a “Mfg coupon”. I will sometimes take off all of the mfg coupons so that I can control my coupons and the doublers since they dont double the digital coupons. Unless I am going shopping and I know I can use some of my “paper” coupons to be doubled. Just something I found that might help to distinguish coupons.

  9. Sarah says

    When a coupon is for a particular item (say 12oz juice), and the coupon is save $1.00, one time, MFG coupon. Does that mean I can buy an unlimited number at that price in one transaction? Or can I buy just one item at that price in one transaction? I often want to stock up, but am nervous that when I go to the register it will only give me one at a discounted price with a coupon like this. Thanks!

  10. Kimberley says

    I am a bit confused. At the register upon checkout I gave my manufacturer coupons cut from the news paper ads & she said oh you already loaded them . I said I loaded my just for yous she said there are no just for yous they are manuf. coupons & that’s what I was giving her therefor they were already loaded???? I can’t imagine that the newspaper coupons are useless why are they being offered if you can’t use them???? I’ve never had this problem before & the way it Elias explained made no sense to me. Please inform me. Thank you.

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