Cassandra’s Perfect Tomato Basil Soup

My beautiful friend Cassandra recently welcomed her fourth baby into this world!

To celebrate, family members threw her a “slurp and see” last Sunday. The idea? “Slurp” some delicious soup and “see” her newest arrival! Fortunately, they cooked way too much, which meant I was able to go home with a huge storage container full of tomato basil soup (and I’m too embarrassed to admit how many bowls I’ve personally downed since…)

I asked Cassandra if I could get the recipe, and if I could share it with you too. (She said “yes” in case you’re wondering.) I think it is just what this cozy November weather ordered! She writes that the recipe “always reminds me of being a poor college student slurping down this tomato basil soup, eating free bread and butter and studying at my favorite restaurant.”

Cassandra’s Perfect Tomato Basil Soup


4 cups good quality canned tomatoes, drained
4 cups chicken stock
basil and salt to taste
1 cup heavy cream

Simmer the tomatoes, stock and basil and salt for 20 minutes. Puree. Add heavy cream. Serve with crusty bread and butter.

Cassandra’s Notes
I also have tripled the recipe minus the cream and frozen the base. Then I add the cream when I warm it.

Thank you, Cassandra! For pictures of her sweet bundle of joy, as well as her stunning photography work, make sure to swing by Cassandra Hamilton Photography.

Incidentally, I can’t stop tinkering with my dining table centerpiece. I think I’ve decided pumpkins are one of my favorite things. Ever. And check out these cute $0.99 tealight holders I picked up at Cost Plus World Market last week. Pure coziness!


  1. Julie says

    Oooh, I love tomato basil soup. I’m going to try a variation on this that, for now at least, I’m going to call my QFC Tomato Basil Soup because I’ll be using vegetable stock ($.49 at QFC through today with coupon), Del Monte Tomatoes ($.30 through today) and Cream Cheese ($.19 through today I think) as my base. I’m eager to perfect my cheap recipe starting with your friend’s version.

    • arussell says

      Julie, I am thinking – the same thing!! I got 10 more cans of the tomatoes today, too. I’m seeing a lot of this soup in my future….let me know what you think of the recipe, OK?

      • Julie says

        Mine ended up fantastic but really, by the time I finished it, it was VERY loosely based on her recipe.
        3 Cups Veggie Broth (we’re vegetarian, next time I’ll use the whole box too)
        2 Cans chopped tomatoes with the liquid poured off first
        4 oz cream cheese (I will do more next time, maybe 6oz)
        1 Tbsp dried basil
        2 tsp Onion powder
        5 twists of my McCormick garlic pepper grinder
        2 Tbsp worcestershire sauce
        Salt & Pepper to taste

        I simmered the tomatoes and broth for a bit, pureed it, put it back on the stove and added everything else. I let it simmer for a couple+ hours before it was lunch time. It was super tasty and the cream cheese added a richness I have been searching for as I’ve tried to get this soup right for the past few years. I never have cream on hand so subbing in cream cheese works great for us.

        Bonus – the 2 1/2 year old LOVED it. :)


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