Coming this month: Target 75% off Toy Clearance!

Would you believe that January might be a great month to get some of your toy shopping done for the 2011 holiday season?

No, I’m not off my rocker. Target is about to have one of their semi-annual toy clearance sales in January. The prediction is it could come mid-month, but no one is certain of the exact dates yet. These are completely unadvertised, so if I hear anyone say they can’t find it in their ad, I’ll slap you with a wet noodle.

My pal Christy over at Thrifty & Thriving is what I’d call a bona fide Target expert. She has the Target department markdowns to a science! If you are at all interested to learn more, please stop by and read her post on how this toy sale works.

I will do my best to notify you should I hear of any “markdown” rumors. If your store goes on 75% markdown before I’ve shared it, I encourage you to leave a note on my Facebook wall and include the city you found the markdown at (some cities/locations will markdown a day or so sooner than others). 

Pictured above: Christy’s Target haul from last year. All these toys were 75% off (photo permission granted by Thrifty & Thriving).

Pictured below: my Target haul from July’s sale last year; I paid $59 including tax for everything pictured. You’re looking at a good amount of my 2010 Christmas shopping! Read about my trip HERE.


  1. says

    I just wanted to add that Old Navy’s big additional half off clearance sale is usually the Friday after Target toys go to 75% off (at least it has been the last three years). I get a good chunk of my boys’ clothes at this one, including 5.00 parkas for the last several years.

    I often end up spending more in January than I do in December, but it’s sure nice to be ready for birthday parties and everything else!

  2. says

    At my Target I cam across the Toy Story 3 Space Shooter Game clearanced to $7.54 (50% off) PLUS there was a $5 peelie coupon attached which doesnt expire until 7/1/2011 making the game $2.54!

  3. friend says

    Thanks for your post. I got a bunch of Toy Story 3 toys at my local target for 75% off. My question was, Is it still ok to give Toy Story 3 toys for birthdays this year, even though the movie released last year? Am not sure if I should keep them or return them. TIA.

    • says

      I think it will be totally ok! There were still some Toy Story 3 toys that were not clearanced so I am sure we will be seeing Toy Story merchandise throughout the year.


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