Coupon Lesson Twelve: the ABC’s of Couponese

Guess what? I'm behind on my Coupon Lessons, so like it or not, you're getting a double-dose of coupon love tonight to ensure we finish this series on time.

Couponers have a lingo that I like to call Couponese. As much as I try oh-so-carefully to avoid these terms (lest I scare away my newbies), I get emails like this every so often: "What's Red Plum?" And then I realize I haven't done a good enough job of providing Basic Coupon Training.

So today, after 8 months of blogging about coupons, I'm FINALLY gonna clue you all in to what I've been talking about.

A is for Ad. What's usually meant is the store's weekly ad (AKA circular). Grocery store ads generally run from Wed – Tues (Safeway, Albertsons), while drug store and national store ads run Sun – Sat (Walgreens, Fred Meyer, Target).

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B is for BOGO, or "buy one, get one." The classic BOGO is "buy one, get one free," however there are fun variations of this such as "buy seven, get four free" and "buy one, get one 15% off." Sometimes abbreviated as B1G1 (or B2G2, etc.)

C is for Catalina. These are the handy little coupons you get for buying promotional items. You can generally use them to buy any merchandise in the store (with few exclusions – read your fine print).

D is for Double Coupon. This occurs when a store decides to double the value of your manufacturer's coupons. They may have a limit (say, 20 per transaction), or they may simply issue "double coupons" in their store ads.

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E is for Extra Savings Booklet. The Fred Meyer coupon booklet just inside stores.

F is for FAR. This is short for "Free After Rebate."

G is for GDA. Stands for "Good Deal Alert."

H is for Hot Coupon World.My favorite coupon resource site out there!

Visit Hotcouponworld It's all about the deals.

I is for Inserts. The Sunday paper inserts are a staple source of coupons for most coupon-clippers. The three major coupon inserts are put out by SmartSource, Red Plum, and Procter & Gamble.

J is for JMHO. Stands for "just my humble opinion." While this acronym is widely used by texters, you'll find it frequently in coupon forums where opinions may differ about how to do a deal.

K is for Kmart. Known for their famous "double coupon events," Kmart is a favorite store among die-hard couponers. During these events, participating Kmart stores will usually double up to $2 manufacturer coupons, resulting in many cheap and free items, much to couponers' delight.

L is for LOND. Stands for "Land of no doubles." Guess what? If you're in my neck of the woods, you're living in the LOND. While we occasionally see stores here and there doubling coupons, other parts of the country can routinely expect their stores to double coupons.

M is for Money Maker. Commonly used term to describe a deal when you end up with a net profit after coupons, sales, and/or rebates. Sometimes abbreviated as MM.  Some couponers will use the term overage instead.

N is for NED. "No Expiration Date." This coupons are few and far between. As mentioned above, I actually did receive one this week – they exist!

O is for OOP. Stands for "Out Of Pocket." You'll see this one a lot. To use it in a sentence: "To keep your OOP down, be sure to use this coupon over here."

P is for Printable Coupon. Printable coupons are ones you'd print from any number of Internet sources, including,, manufacturers' websites, or special Facebook offers.

Q is for Coupon. The letter "Q" is sometimes used to indicate a coupon. For instance: $1/1 Q or Manu Q (which would be short for Manufacturer's coupon).

R is for Register Rewards. The fun little Catalina coupons you get from Walgreens. (See Catalina above.)

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S is for SCR. Short for "Single Check Rebate." Refers to Rite Aid's rebate program.

T is for Tearpad Coupon. These coupons are often found in the stores, on a little booklet by the product they are for.

U is for Unadvertised Sale/Special. Sometimes the best deals are the ones that don't appear in the ad! Nice folks that stumble across these will email bloggers or post their finds on coupon forums to let others share the excitement.

V is for Valassis. Another name for Red Plum.

W is for WYB. Stands for "When You Buy" and is often used in blogger deal scenarios. For instance, you might see something like this: Free Gatorade WYB Cheetos.

X is for Times (multiplication). Couponers use math, so get used to it!

Y is for YMMV, or "Your mileage may vary." Couponers use this to indicate when a sale may be very subjective to your store's policy or the particular cashier you may be dealing with that day.

Z is for zzzzzz's. Something that's important to get while you're learning all about coupons. And seeing how it's 11 pm on a Sunday night, I reckon it's time for some shut eye.

Coupon Dad, Bargain Briana, and Hot Coupon World also have great references for coupon lingo.

I have four fun-filled lessons planned this week for you to finish off this series. So pay attention! You'll want to pass that final exam.


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