Coupon Project Runway


Heidi Klum: Welcome to Coupon Project Runway! As you know in fashion, one day you’re in, and the next day you’re out. This week’s challenge was to create a fashionable look using only coupons, and tape. Let’s welcome your judges. Top American fashion designer, Michael Kors; fashion director at Marie Claire magazine, Nina Garcia, and special guest judge and new Disney celebrity, Tiana. Welcome.

Judges: (nodding smugly and waving)

Heidi:Michael Kors, you don’t look like yourself tonight….I hardly recognize you.

Michael Kors: Well, Heidi, to be perfectly frank, I don’t really feel like myself. But, let’s just go with it, OK?

Heidi:OK, it’s just…startling. You remind me of Justin Beiber.

Michael Kors: Let’s just get started, shall we?

Heidi: Very well. Let’s start the show!

(Look one, on model Kate: a vintage-inspired gown designed by Shelly. Shelly struggled with the meticulous construction of the skirt during the final hours of this challenge. She was also nearly sabotaged by Rainbow, who “accidentally” borrowed some of her coupons. Drama ensued, but Shelly brought it together.)

(Look two, on model Bianca: designer Mark took a risk by designing this two-piece bathing suit for the challenge. The top was made using an expired DeMet’s Turtle coupon. For the bottom, he used a combination of Rembrandt and Huggies coupons. Tim Gunn warned him this look might be considered “vulgar” by the judges, but Mark went with his gut instead.)

(Look three, on model Simone: designer Rainbow opted to create functional separates for this look. The asymmetrical “Save $1” sleeve adds a touch of unexpected whimsy, characteristic of the style we’ve seen Rainbow pull off all season long. Rainbow thinks Shelly needs to grow up.)

Heidi: Designers, it’s time for us to critique your designs. Shelly, let’s start with you. Can you explain your design?

Shelly: I wanted old Hollywood glam for this look, but still very modern. The skirt took a long time. I used a different coupon for each pleat.

Heidi: Well, I loved this look. Loved it. I would wear it on the red carpet. I want that dress.

Nina: I thought it was cute, sweet. The proportion is also nice. Well done.

Heidi: Next, let’s bring out Mark.

Mark: I wanted to do something unexpected, so I thought a swimsuit would be good.

Michael Kors: Bad move, Mark. A swimsuit…made of coupons? Really, how is that supposed to hold up?

Mark: I didn’t think of that.

Nina: It doesn’t look expensive. It looks…cheap.

Mark: I thought that was the idea…coupons and all.

Nina: Now you’re being sarcastic.

Mark: No, I’m not.

Nina: (speechless)

Heidi: (trying to break the awkward silence) Let’s move onto Rainbow. Can you explain your design?

Rainbow: Sure, Heidi. I wanted to do something youthful and fun. I see the girl who wears this look as someone who is free-spirited, and very much the life of the party.

Tiana: Can I say O – M – G, love this look.

Michael Kors: Tiana, I totally agree. This is what women today want to wear. I could see this selling at Macy’s right now.

Heidi: Judges, it’s time to deliberate.

Judges: (deliberating)

Heidi: Designers, you all have worked so hard. But unfortunately, there can only be one winner of Coupon Project Runway. Mark, we recognize you think outside the box, and we think you have great promise. But unfortunately your look tonight did not measure up. Mark….you’re out.

 Heidi:Auf Wiedersehen, Mark.

Mark: Thanks for the opportunity. This won’t be the last time you’ll see me!

Heidi: Shelly, Rainbow, one of you is winner of Coupon Project Runway. Rainbow, we loved your modern, fresh look. You utilized your coupons wisely. Shelly, we were really “wowed” by your ability to take plain old coupons and transform them into a look worthy of the red carpet. This was a really close competition, but in the end, we believe one of you shows greater ability. The winner of Coupon Project Runway is…

Heidi: Rainbow!! Congratulations, you just won 100,000 coupons and the title of Coupon Project Runway winner! And Simone, because you modeled the winning look, you get a two page spread in an upcoming SmartSource insert wearing tonight’s winning look! Congrats to the both of you!

A final word…

Tim Gunn: On behalf of all the cast and crew of Coupon Project Runway, I want to thank you for wasting your time reading this completely superfluous post. In no way does this represent the content normally found on The Coupon Project. Just sometimes. And, I feel the need to disclose that no one was compensated or otherwise coerced to put this together. You just entered the most bizarre portion of Angela Russell’s brain, and I’m glad for both of our sakes, we’ve made it through mostly unscathed. No valid coupons were harmed in the making of today’s post. If for some unknown reason you actually found this to be enjoyable or humorous, go ahead and click that little “like” Facebook button below or leave a comment. With a little bit of luck, you might just see Biggest Coupon Loser, Coupon Bachelor, or Coupon Top Chef debut here one day soon. Make it work!


  1. Bonnie says

    I can just see you giggling to yourself like a mad woman, while setting all this up. Thanks for the laugh.

    • arussell says

      Oh man you have no idea. Maybe it was just because I was working on this up to 1 am last night, but I was just dyin’ over here!! Constructing the coupon outfits was more frustrating that anything, but seeing it all come together….was worth every minute. LOL!

      • says

        Angela, I just LOVE the pictures… the angles, the close shots… who knew Barbie had so much personality!?! LOVE it girl! Seriously. FUNNY!

  2. Becky says

    Oh my gosh! This is so entertaining and I really needed a smile this morning.

    Thanks for the “off-topic” post.

  3. Cally says

    This is something I would do LOL! I love it! You’re so creative and fun! Thanks for the fun laughs and good times at The Coupon Project :)!

  4. says

    This takes me back to high school. Remember the opera you and Mandy were writing, and our practices. Haha! I knew this was lurking in there underneath your professional blog lady-ness. Love it!!! And, as a fan of Project Runway, I recognize another fan in you. You got all of the dialog spot on!

    • arussell says

      HA! I forgot about that opera, except there was a line about giving Aunt Judith a hairbrush in it. Didn’t we end up performing that for a talent show?? Thanks for your comment on the dialogue. I worked very hard to make it believable. 😉

  5. Layna McVay says

    Love it!! You must watch a lot of Project Runway, because you nailed the essence of the show!! I think a Coupon Quickfire would be a great idea…maybe the cheftestants would be limited to using only igredients found on coupons!!

    • arussell says

      Bingo!!!! Yes, last night I conceived a few other ideas for remixing reality show TV. I’m a huge Top Chef fan, so that’d probably be high on the list. I actually met Padma Lakshmi last year, so I already have a photo I could work into the post. 😉

  6. says

    Wow, you must be as obsessed with PR as I am! The judges remarks are spot on! So cute, thanks for the giggle. It’s fun to do something silly :) keeps us young.

  7. Rachel says

    lol… I love it when they say “whimsy”. Really cute! That Ken doll looks awfully familiar… Was he the one that always used to judge our barbie beauty pageants??? Do they even give ken dolls hair anymore???
    Like everyone said, dialogue was spot on. I could totally hear Michael Kors saying every line of it. That was a fun little read. I totally want to see Biggest Coupon Loser…

    • arussell says

      OK a word on Ken. Yes, this is the Ken from my childhood and up until last night, the ONLY Ken I owned. I very nearly had this one Ken doll play both male characters in this post. (It was either that, or Coupon Sister Wives.)

      You are right, they do NOT make Kens the way they used too. I was hoping to find some mature looking Ken to play Michael Kors, but when I got to Target, all they had were these corny Beiber-esque looking dolls. Michael Kors, if for some strange reason you find it to my blog, my apologies.

  8. Susan says

    Thank you for all your efforts putting this show on. It made my day. I am certainly amazed at your ability to construct clothing out of coupons!!! Very Talented indeed! Just loved it. Thank you =DDD!!

  9. Kati C. says

    this couldn’t have come at a better time!!! this morning has been rough and this crazy post brought about the smile i needed! thanks for mixing things up and having fun!! you rock! :)

  10. says

    HaHaHa!! WayWay Cute….so much fun!! Thank you so much for making me smile…..and P.S. I know you don’t have that much time on your hands……..when did you do this!!

    • arussell says

      Thanks! Yes, I was up until 1 am doing it last night. I just cranked it out. Once I came up with the idea, I HAD to do it!


    Loved it. When I was reading I totally heard each one of them talking. I was just thinking I needed some project runway in my life and your blog was here. Thank you Thank you Thank you LOL

  12. says

    I do remember a challenge where they had to create with newspaper-coupons is definitely the next level!

    I especially love the Michael Kors line on the swimsuit Bad move, Mark…I can just picture him shaking his head. Do you remember the candy string bikini someone made one year? O.K….I watch too much T.V..

    I also totally get why your hubby thought you were crazy! Your fb post last night had my mind reeling, and you definitely didn’t disappoint!

  13. Roni says

    I loved this…so cute! I love Project Runway (and The Coupon Project of course)! You have a creative mind!

    • arussell says

      Thanks! Everyone used to ask me exactly WHAT I would do with a BA in Creative Writing. Well….this, apparently. 😉

  14. Stephanie says

    I really enjoyed your Coupon Project Runway.. I don’t own a TV so i only read about reality TV shows on the iternet or from co workers. but this post really brought a smile to my face.. it was great. since i work night shift and last night was really crazy it made a fun and enjoyable end to my day. Thank you Sooo Much.. Stephanie.


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