Gardening in the Fall: Decorating with our Harvest

Some of my cornstalks had begun to topple so I decided last Saturday would be a good day to finally take them down, set the corn aside and use the stalks for some fun and free harvest decor.

DSCN1683 (800x600)This year we decided to try something different by growing our own popcorn. We selected this early pink popcorn from Territorial Seed.

DSCN1709 (800x600)

The husks were just so pretty to open and we’re going to really enjoy using these as fall decor in the house.

DSCN1746 (800x600)All told, we grew 42 ears of pink popcorn in one of our raised-bed containers. Corn is one of those things that some will argue is a waste of time, space and energy for the small-space gardener – but I’d beg to differ if one of the reasons you garden is the sheer enjoyment of it. There are few things as magical to watch grow in your garden as cornstalks. And if you’re wondering why popcorn? I’d answer your question with another question, why not?

DSCN1726 (800x630)An epiphany I’ve had in the last year or so of gardening is to consider growing things that area easy to preserve. I dig stuff like onions, garlic, and dried beans because they don’t require complicated preservation methods or fancy equipment. I’m also excited about the popcorn for this reason. Plus, it serves double duty as being beautiful decor.

pumpkinsAfter sitting in my garage for a few weeks, I decided to bring out the mini pumpkins we harvested in August. The kids had been wanting to carve them, but I didn’t think these smaller varieties would be suitable to carve… so we settled for Sharpie faces.

DSCN1718 - Copy (800x544)I’m totally in love with my porch right now! I love the adorable cornstalk bundles and mini pumpkins. The summer flowers in the front planter are admittedly a bit unkempt, but I’m kind of liking the un-fussiness of it all. It somehow all just works.

DSCN1751 (599x800)Since we still had some daylight, we decided to spend a little time out in the garden. The kids decided to build a “worm castle.” (Basically, a pile of dirt with worms in it.)

DSCN1757 (800x670)While the kids worked on their worm castle, I pulled a few heads of garlic out from my garage, separated the cloves and planted them. This is my first attempt at regrowing garlic from my own harvested garlic. I figured it would be a good way to stretch my confidence as a gardener as well as save some money!


Gardening is a bit like doing the laundry. You need as much (if not more!) energy at the end of it all to finish the task you started. To be honest, I’ve had times in the last few weeks where I’ve just wanted a bit of a break from the inevitable harvesting, clean up, and maintenance. But then I have an afternoon like today – where my kids kept saying how much fun they were having – and I’m reminded why I’m doing this and how much I love it.

Are you still gardening? What are you harvesting? What are you eating?

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  1. Sarah says

    We are all done with our garden. We had some acorn squash, jalapeño, and tomatoes left. Our tomatoes didn’t fair that horrible rain storm we had a couple weeks ago so we decided to pull everything. 6 months of gardening was enough for us. Currently, we are eating the canned goods from the garden along with, potatoes various winter squash, and onions all from the garden. My grocery bill is still very small thanks to all the hard work we did. :)

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