Determining if the deal is right for you

Today I came across a wonderful post written by the Deal Seeking Mom (AKA Tara Kuczykowski) on the blog Simple Mom.  I encourage you all to take a few minutes and read it, especially if you are new to couponing and stockpiling.

Tara discusses how easy it is to succumb to a common couponing pitfall: buying something just because it's a good deal, and not necessarily a good deal for you.  When setting out to save money, make sure you are purchasing the food and household supplies your family actually uses, otherwise your "good deals" are apt to clutter up valuable pantry and storage space.

If a good deal is just too hard for you to resist even if you don't use the item, I am sure your local food pantry would appreciate the donation (especially these days when many are in short supply).  Just make sure to be mindful of your monthly budget!

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