Donate Peanut Butter, Skate FREE at Tiffany’s Skate In (Puyallup, May 4-6th)

Here’s a promotion I’m excited to share because it’s a win-win: donate a jar of peanut butter and skate for free at Tiffany’s Skate Inn (Puyallup, WA) this weekend (May 4th – May 6th). I know many of my couponer/stockpilers out there must certainly have some peanut butter they could spare!

I’ve been told that admission includes skate rentals, so this is a fabulous deal! Even better, it benefits the community because peanut butter is one of those items that food banks are always in need.

This peanut butter drive is part of a Stick it to Hunger contest running between Puyallup and Sumner and the goal is to raise 4,000 jars by May 11th. For more information, you can visit the Facebook event page that Tiffany’s has set up.

What do you think of this idea?

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