Savings Tracker


Want to know exactly how much store sales and coupons are saving you? Want to track your grocery spending against a budget?

I designed a handy spreadsheet to do just that! Below, you will find two different Excel versions. You are welcome to use this for your PERSONAL USE. If you are a blogger, you are welcome to link to this feature on your site (please do not make the download available on your site). If you teach coupon classes, you are welcome to share about it as well.

While I’ve worked to make this as user-friendly as possible, please note I simply do not have the resources (AKA time) to help provide personal Excel training. Therefore, I do recommend a basic understanding of Excel.

Make sure to save it to a location on your computer. Feel free to make any/all modifications you wish.

2016 Savings Tracker for Excel

Don’t have Excel?

I have a few solutions if you don’t have Excel, your best bet is to simply download Open Office. It’s free and compatible for both Mac and PC. You’ll then be able to open Word docs and Excel spreadsheets, including the ones above! I’ve used it myself and it works great.

I have also heard from people who were able to open it in Google Docs. (Let me know how you’re doing this!)

Help for the Savings Tracker

Download a free manual for how to use the Savings Tracker. It’s free!

Savings Tracker Manual

I also have created a short, 5 minute video on how to get set up and started. It’s easy!

Happy Saving!