12 Days of Homemade Christmas

Starting December 1 and running for 12 days, I’ll be co-blogging a fun series called 12 Days of Homemade Christmas Gifts with my pals Keri and Kelly at Bringing Crafty Back!

These will all be how-to style tutorials to help you make holiday gifts with an emphasis on yummy, useful, and frugal!

December 1: Candied Pomelo & Candied Ginger (The Coupon Project)
December 2: Trio of Salad Dressings (Bringing Crafty Back)
December 3: Coffee Liqueur (The Coupon Project)
December 4: Pen Pal Kit (Bringing Crafty Back)
December 5: Praline Syrup – Canning Recipe (The Coupon Project)
December 6: Spiced Honey – Canning Recipe (The Coupon Project)
December 7: Almond Bark (Bringing Crafty Back)
December 8: Herbed Bread Dippers (Bringing Crafty Back)
December 9: Peg Doll Nativity Set (Bringing Crafty Back)
December 10: Brownie Mix in a Jar (The Coupon Project)
December 11: NOEL Boxes (Bringing Crafty Back)
December 12: Mommy & Me Aprons (The Coupon Project)

Make sure to check out even MORE Homemade Christmas Ideas!


Merry Christmas everyone!