FoFlor: Review and $50 Gift Certificate Giveaway!

I’m always looking for simple ways to make my home look beautiful. So when FoFlor reached out to me to see if I’d be interested to try their washable flooring, I jumped at the chance!

FoFlor features SCOUT designs from Bungalow, and right now, they are offering some beautiful fall flooring designs! Check it out:

You might recall Bungalow – I did a giveaway for their stylish organizers awhile ago. I do have a bone to pick with Bungalow though – their designs are almost too cute. Which means, lots of versatility, and lots of choices!

Their designs for FoFlor rugs are no exception! To illustrate, let me show you how this awesome FoFlor rug looks good in more than one place in my home. Observe.

Idea one: the Entry

Keeping my entry way neat and tidy can be a challenge as it can be a “catch all” for clutter. I decided to add this French Twist Area-Size Rug for a new look. I love how it looks inviting for Thanksgiving! I think it will inspire me to keep it put together and looking nice.

I love the way that this makes the entry space look: clean, but still pretty! I just love this design, too.

Here’s another advantage of FoFlor rugs: they are 100% washable! You can throw them right in your wash machine, which means they stay clean longer. Plus, they have an anti-skid backing. It’s not going anywhere.

Idea two: the Kitchen

I have hardwoods in my kitchen and it feels like I’m constantly struggling to keep them clean. I decided to see how the FoFlor would work towards the back door. What do you think?

I was also thinking it might work well under the kids’ craft area as they are constantly spilling little bits of this or that on the floor. I think it would be a nice way to keep the area clean, while still keeping the decor very much grown up.

Idea three: the Laundry Room

I think this idea is my favorite, and I’d love your opinion.

 What I love about having it in my laundry room? It keeps the floor looking tidy, plus it’s really very comfortable to stand on. Cushy. A couple years ago I “prettied” my laundry room up with paint and curtains. I think if you have to do the laundry anyways, might as well make sure it looks nice in there, right?

Here’s another feature of this rug I enjoy: it’s got a low profile. And no, that doesn’t mean it plays it cool, it means it will easily fit under most doors when you go to open them. It fit under my entry way door, which can be tricky to find the right option for. Here is how my laundry room door looks opening over the FoFlor.

What are some other features I dig about FoFlor?

  • Colors won’t fade. They are permanently dyed, so you’ll get the same beautiful color wash after wash.
  • You can roll them for easy storage! These rugs roll up easily and do not wrinkle.
  • Versatile. You could use them outside, such as on a deck or patio area. You could use them for a pet area. Or you could use them any of the ways I showed above!

Best of all? They are washable! I seriously can’t stress enough how awesome this is!

Enter the Giveaway

FoFlor is generously giving one lucky Coupon Project reader a $50 Gift Certificate so you can pick out something nice for your home too! This certificate can be redeemed online at

To enter, just leave comment on this blog post and tell me where you could use a rug like this in your home right now. Perhaps take a peak at the Fall Scout designs or other FoFlor options to see what you’d choose if you won.

One winner will be randomly selected from all comments left and notified by email. Contest will run through next Friday, November 4th at 12 pm PST.

Good luck!

Disclosure: I was not compensated to write this post, but I did receive an area-sized FoFlor rug to review. All opinions expressed are my own.


  1. Carly says

    I would definatly use this in my entry way!!! Ive been looking for something stylish and durable! This looks like it would be perfect!!!

  2. charlee says

    Definitely could use one at our front door as our driveway is not paved. Would be a dream to just wash and put it back out! Not to mention l love the designs!

  3. Crystal G says

    Oh yes, I NEED something like this for our entryway! It is carpeted and is totally dingy and gross, so this would be great since it’s washable!

  4. Christina says

    Oh my goodness…where could I *not* use flooring like this?!?!?! Seriously with four kids…what a Godsend! I’d actually like to use it in the basement (where an “incident” with one of the children caused us to have to rip up the carpet and now where bare cement sits).

  5. Cynthia says

    Since we don’t have the money to replace our kitchen floor (wish I could send you a pic of the ugly). I would put a rug over the hole in the vinyl in my kitchen. It would look so much better during the holidays!

  6. Valerie says

    It would either go in the kitchen or backdoor area. Might as well enjoy myself standing on something pretty and comfy while cooking and washing dishes. The other place would be the back door but I’m afraid to let the dogs walk on it and get it dirty!! So it would probably end up in the kitchen!!

  7. Tabatha says

    Backdoor!!! My 4 sons and all their dirt walk into my kitchen EVERYDAY! I would love a good way to stop all of the mess from coming into the house.

  8. Jeanna says

    If this product delivers it would be perfect for my house! I have hardwood floors all through out my downstairs. I dread winter because all the pine needles get in our house and of course the dirt from the dog. Since we have been in this house (4 years) I have to buy rugs every 6 months because they can’t stand up to the washing. If these rugs are washable and don’t get ruined with multiple washings this would be a perfect fit for our family. I have 3 doors that need rugs in front of them, the entry, back door and garage door.

  9. The Mattison Mania says

    WASHABLE??!! How awesome is that??!!!
    3 kids, 2 dogs, hubby as a baker, me the diy-er, and living in the fabulous, but wet, Pacific Northwest, this would be beautifully displayed at the entry door.

  10. SuSan Brisby says

    My daughter recently adopted two young children, I would love to use this product on the floor in the kids room, can you say washable? Yay!

  11. Robin says

    Icould diffenetly use this in my living room. With three kids a dog and a cat I am always trying to keep the rug I have clean, but as soon as I finshing it is dirty and covered in animal hair again. Something I could throw in the washer would be great.

  12. Julie says

    The rug would look great in my entry way. With wet weather arriving in Portland, I need a rug that’s easy to care for.