Fred Meyer Coupon Policy now ONLINE!

Albertsons…and now Fred Meyer have coupon policies online? Is it Christmas or what just happened?

You can now view and print the Fred Meyer Coupon Policy for your coupon binder.

Here are a few highlights:

  • The Fred Meyer store manager has the right to accept, decline, or limit the use of ANY coupon upon view.
  • We accept all valid, current manufacturer’s coupons. We do not accept expired coupons or manufacturer’s coupons that state they are valid only at another listed retailer (i.e., “Good only at Safeway”).
  • Most Catalina coupons (the coupons that print out for you at our check stands) are manufacturer coupons and are stated as such. Catalina coupons that are printed with another retailer name may be accepted at Fred Meyer. Fred Meyer will receive credit for the coupon from the clearinghouse. Note: This only applies to Catalina coupons and not other manufacturer coupons that are designated as valid for use at a specified retailer.
  • We do not accept competitor’s coupons.
  • Amount refunded cannot exceed the cost of the item.
  • While you’re at it, I encourage you to print the following coupon policies

    ::Albertsons Corporate Coupon Policy
    :: Walgreens Corporate Coupon Policy
    :: Rite Aid Corporate Coupon Policy Alaska’s Best Grocery Deals!



    1. says

      How great!

      If you get any more, “Sources,” one thing I’ve always wanted to know is whether cashiers and managers get training when their CEOs make policy changes.
      From what I’ve heard, they don’t, but that seems sort of crazy, doesn’t it?

      • EricaLynn says

        I’ve used both at FM since the new policy went out. The only hassle I got (and it was the first time I tried to use them) was that if using more than one, they have to be in different dollar amounts. For example, I tried to use (6) $1.25 oyno cats a few weeks ago and the manager said they’d let me do it once, but not again. Last night, I used (1) $1.25, (1) $3, (1) $4 and they easily accepted it with no problem.

    2. Kelly says

      I have a question about an Alberston’s cantillana that said “$5 off your next $50 purchase or more with Preferred Card”. Can I use that at Fred Meyer’s now? I have tried before and it has not worked.

      • arussell says

        That sounds like a store coupon, not a manufacturer’s coupon. Why? Because it is clear it is to be used at Albertsons with their preferred card. Take a look at the coupon – does it read “Store” or “Manufacturer” at the top?

    3. Susan says

      I’m new to this and just starting out. My question is this……. If I receive a manufacturer coupon from Safeway, ( a catalina?) Can I ONLY redeem this coupon at Safeway or could Iuse this at Fred Meyer? I’m from Alaska. Thanks for your time and understanding :)



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