Fred Meyer deals 4/3


Here are the best deals I could muster for the week ahead at Fred Meyer. See something I’ve forgotten? Please leave a comment to this post. Remember you can also load great money saving e-coupons to your Rewards card. These come off at checkout. I noticed that there are SEVERAL “buy this, get that free” type e-coupons available for loading right now. Check them out!

Don’t forget we’ve been talking about building an emergency stockpile. I’ve highlighted my favorite deals in green that I think would work well for this purpose!

Fresh Skinless, Boneless Fryer Breasts


French Bread
$1.50 each

Rice-a-roni or Pasta Roni
$0.79 each with in-ad coupon (first 10)
Stack with B3 Rice-a-Roni, G1 Pasta Roni FREE coupon from 1/2 Red Plum
Bottom line: $0.59 each when you buy 4

Healthy Choice or Marie Callendar’s Frozen Meals
$1.67 each with in-ad coupon (first 6)
Stack with $1/2 Healthy Choice coupon from Safeway Frozen Coupon Booklet
OR B5G1 free e-coupon
Bottom line: as low as $1.17 each

Fred Meyer Butter
$2 each with in-ad coupon (first 4)

Country Oven or Vita Bee Bread
$1.33 each with in-ad coupon (first 6)

12-pack Big k Soda
$2 each with in-ad coupon (first 5)

Boneless Pork Loin Top Loin Chops
$3.88/lb with in-ad coupon (first 3 packages)

Oscar Mayer Deli Meat
$2.50 each with in-ad coupon (first 4)
Stack with $2/1 Carving Board printable coupon (Facebook; if variety included)
OR $1/2 e-coupon
Bottom line: as low as $0.50

Hershey’s Bagged Easter Candy
$2.50 each with in-ad coupon (first 4)
Stack with $1/3 coupon from 4/3 SmartSource
Bottom line: $2.16 each

Beef Loin New York Steaks

Wild Alaska Whole Sockeye Salmon

Keebler Fudge Shoppe Cookies $1.99
$0.55/2 coupon from 3/6 Red Plum
Bottom line: $1.72 each

Chef Boyardee with Meat $1
B5G1 e-coupon
Bottom line: $0.83 each

Kroger Brick Cheese, 12 – 16, Selected Varieties
$3 each

Post Cereal or Tree Top Apple Juice $2
$1/1 Honey Bunches of Oats with Raisins coupon from 2/27 SmartSource (if included)
$1/2 Tree Top printable coupon
$1.75/3 Tree Top printable coupon
Bottom line: as low as $1

Totino’s Party Pizza $1.25
$1/5 printable coupon or 3/20 SmartSource
Bottom line: $1.05 each

Yoplait Yogurt $0.40
$1/10 coupon from 3/27 SmartSource
Bottom line: $0.30 each
(Heads up: reader Colleen reported receiving a $1.25 catalina after buying 12 around 3/20. I wonder if this is the same Catalina I reported in January at QFC? In this case, you’d potentially get them for $0.21 each when you buy 12! Let me know if this works for you – no idea on the end date.)

Rosarita Refried Beans $1
Buy 3, get $1 meat free e-coupon

Navel Oranges

Leaf Lettuce
$1 each

Tomatoes on the Vine

Organic Blueberries, 6 oz

Organic Strawberries, 1 lb

Organic Valley Gallon Milk $4.79
$1/1 printable coupon
Bottom line: $3.79
(HOT price on organic milk!)

Imagine Foods Rice or Soy Dream, 32 oz, $1.67
$1.00/2 Printable Coupon
Bottom line: $1.17 each
(Thanks, Frugal Chic Living!)

Amy’s Kitchen Indian or Asian Entrees $3.50
(Not super cheap; but these are normally $4.50+ and are my FAVORITE frozen meals – try the Mattar Paneer, it’s the best!)

Schiff Move Free or Mega Red
Save 50% off
$5/1 Move Free coupon from 2/6 SmartSource
$3/1 Mega Red coupon from 2/6 SmartSource

Clairol Nice n’ Easy Hair Color $5.99
$1/1 coupon from 4/3 P&G
$1/1 – $2/1 coupons from P&G Everyday Savings Coupon Booklet
Bottom line: as low as $3.99

Suave Shampoo or Conditioner, inc Kids $1.50
$0.50/2 coupons from 3/20 Red Plum
Bottom line: $1.25 each

Halls Cough Drops $1
$0.75/1 coupon from 3/27 SmartSource
Bottom line: $0.25

Kaytee Forti Diet (bird food?)
Save 50%

Red Vines Licorice Tray
$0.69 each with in-ad coupon (first 4)

Altoids Tin
$0.88 each with in-ad coupon (first 4)

Mops, Brooms, Smallwares
Save 50%
(think our friends at EuroClean are offering an equally hot deal?)

Seventh Generation
Save 25%
Assorted printable coupons
OR $1/1 coupon from 1/23 Red Plum
OR $1/1 e-coupon

Mrs. Meyer’s Cleaning Products
Save 25%
$1/1 printable coupon

(Biodegradable, gentle cleaners)
Save 30%

All, Gain, or Cheer Laundry Detergent, 96-150 oz
$9.99 each with in-ad coupon (limit 2)
Stack with $1/1 Gain coupon from 3/20 Red Plum
Bottom line: as low as $8.99
(Not brand loyal? Get 32 load Purex for $0.99 at Walgreens this week!)

Marcal Small Steps Bath Tissue, 12 rolls
$3.99 each with in-ad coupon (first 2)
(seems like a good price to me for this item!)

Bounty Paper Towels, 12 rolls
$9.99 each with in-ad coupon (first 2)
Stack with $1/1 coupon from P&G Everyday Savings Booklet
Bottom line: $8.99

Clorox Bleach, 82-96 oz
$1.50 each with in-ad coupon (first 4)

Reader Find!

Reader Holly emailed me this morning to share about a couple deals she found on dental care:

Oral B Cavity Defense Toothbrushes $1.25
$2/2 coupon from 4/3 P&G
Bottom line: $0.25

Crest Toothpaste $1.25
$1/1 coupon from 4/3 P&G or P&G Everyday Savings Booklet
OR $1/1 e-coupon
Bottom line: $0.25

Plus, Holly writes:

The unexpected part is that when I got to the store, the toothpaste comes with a bonus – a travel toothpaste, a mini floss and a set of coupons.  Altogether the 10 toothbrushes and 5 toothpaste sets came to $3.75.

I should also mention Holly has been building her emergency stockpile by budgeting just $5 per week. Check out her blog to see how she’s doing this. Thanks for passing along the great deal, Holly!

Deals from Around the Store

This is the part of the post where we explore what’s on sale beyond the grocery ad.

First, I should mention that there is a new Extra Savings Monthly Booklet. I plan on dropping by Fred Meyer tonight and will do my best to get you those matchups in the next few days. Stay tuned!

Extra Bonus Coupons:
20% off Furniture & Home Decor (high value!)
15% off Shoes, Accessories
10% off Patio Furniture

Annual Fucshia Planting Event – April 9th
9am – 4pm, Rain or Shine!
Purchase plants and containers (or bring your containers)
FM will create a custom planter for FREE
Using Black Gold Potting Soil!

Fuchsia or Seed Geraniums
$0.60 each

All Greenhouses
Save 25% with in-ad coupon

For more Fred Meyer deals, see The Grocery Gathering.


  1. Shana says

    The Gillette Profusion razor cartridges are $9.99 for a 4 pack, and then there is a $4 off coupon from a recent insert (sorry can’t remember date). I bought two at $5.99 each…pretty good deal!

  2. DEH says

    There’s also a $1/1 Marie Callender’s Meal coupon in the Safeway Frozen Foods booklet, which would make them $0.67 I believe.

  3. Cory Crawford says

    Hey….also on that small steps toilet paper, I had recently cut out a coupon for $ off but I can’t remember which one it came from but they are there so extra savings on that!!!

  4. Misty says

    I bought some of the Ken’s salad dressing this week. It’s on sale for 3/$5 and I used 3 $1 off. So $2 for 3 bottles of salad dressing.. not a complete steal but not too shabby :)


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