Fred Meyer: Free Fuchsia Planting Event April 12, 2014

DSCN5066 (672x800)Mark your calendars: Fred Meyer will have having their annual Fuchsia Saturday on April 12, 2014 between 7 am and 4 pm!

Bring or purchase your plants and planters and the team from Fred Meyer will plant them for you using FREE premium Black Gold Soil. This event takes place out in the Garden Center, rain or shine (so dress appropriately!).

I am pleased to see that this year they are setting some limits – each customer can bring up to 8 planters with a maximum of 16″ diameter each. I’ve heard stories of some folks showing up with pickups full of planters and plants, so this should make it a quicker, more pleasant experience for everyone involved.

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Here are a few tips about this event:

  • Try to get there early! One year, I showed up a bit later and ended up waiting in a line that lasted for about an hour. If time is of the essence? You might get there a bit early.
  • Be prepared for the weather. The event will happen behind the Fred Meyer garden center, which is outdoors, and will go on even if it rains.
  • Grab a cart if you have a few plants. That way your back won’t get achy while waiting in line!
  • Bring a snack – or buy one. In the past, they’ve had a coffee cart for those standing in line.
  • Ask for free plant containers. One year I noticed they were discarding all the plastic plant containers, so I asked and sure enough, they were happy to give me as many as I pleased!


If you’ve been before, do you have any additional tips or stories from your experience to share?



  1. Sheila M. says

    I too am glad to see the limits on the poster. (Although he was not turned away, the man in the pickup truck full of barrel planters with no plant purchase seemed to take advantage of the event’s purpose.). I missed the event last year, but I enjoyed the experience the previous year….even waiting in line. When I am faced with a possible long wait, regardless of the circumstances, I like to make the best of it by starting small conversations with those around me. In this case, the man or woman next to you is probably a residential gardener like yourself, so ask the person about what he or she is buying and why. I learn a lot by asking others about the flowers and plants they are buying. 😀

    • Angela Russell says

      What a great attitude! I love it, Sheila.

      I think going into this being prepared for a wait is key! Make sure you’ve eaten (and gone to the bathroom!), and bring a latte or a good book… or do just as you’ve done – strike up a conversation! I too loveeeeeeee chatting about gardening with anyone that will oblige!

  2. Traci R says

    Limitations are a good idea! However the TV advertisements are not supporting the limitations with getting the word out. I’m hoping the public will graciously accept the limitation and not take out their passion for gardening on the staff! Next year I hope the broadcast advertisement gets on the same page.

  3. lalu says

    Just got back from event at my local FM, they will plant anything you buy. Lots of options (ok I bought too many annuals). Hope I can help the survive all summer.

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