This Saturday: Free Fuchsia event at Fred Meyer!

Have you ever been to Fred Meyer’s fuchsia event?

Every year, they offer this fun event where they will build you custom planters when you bring your containers and plants. This includes free potting soil! I had the opportunity to check it out for the first time last year, so I thought I’d give you a bit more information of how it works, along with some tips.

This Year’s Details

This year’s Fuchsia event is this Saturday, April 14th. Given the past popularity of the event, this year they are starting it at 7am! It will run until 4pm, but I do recommend getting there early if possible. The event will happen come rain or shine, so do bring an umbrella and dress appropriately as it takes place outside, by the Garden Center.

What to Bring

First, you’ll need to bring containers and fuchsia plants! The plants are on sale this week for $0.60 each. As for the containers? You can bring whatever you happen to have at home! Also note that you could also buy geraniums, pansies, or other small plants and flowers. You don’t have to buy fuchsias.

Pictured above (to the far right) is the hanging basket I brought last year. It’s also the one I’ll be bringing this year! All it needs is a little cleaning out.

You don’t have to bring hanging baskets, either. Last year I saw folks show up with all kinds of planters and containers. A word here, though. Please be considerate! The folks at Fred Meyer told me last year some dude had shown up with his pickup truck full of containers and plants to be assembled. I don’t think they were fond of this.

Tips for Newbies

Last year, it took me a good half an hour or better to get through the line. I had my kiddos with me, too, and they did pretty good. That being said, you might want to make sure everyone’s had a bathroom break before you get in line! Another idea would be to grab a snack or coffee (that’d be for you!) to enjoy while waiting. Last year, Fred Meyer had coffee and hot dog stands out near the Garden Center. If time is an issue for you, I’d encourage you to get there early.

One thing I’d noticed was that the many small plant containers were being put in a pile for recycling. Gardeners: don’t be afraid to ask! The Fred Meyer employees were happy to give me as many of these as I wanted for my seed starts! I’ve also learned from my contact at Fred Meyer that they will be accepting containers from customers for recycling, too. So if you have some laying around at home that you don’t want – just bring them!

My fuchsia hanging basket did well last year, but this year I’ll make sure to leave it out in the sun until the growth on the plants is full before hanging it up under my shady porch. This could also be a great way to get a couple Mother’s Day presents started for less!

Will you be there?

I was at the Fred Meyer’s Garden Center a couple days ago and noticed they already had the HUGE bags of Black Gold Potting Soil ready to go for this Saturday! So of course, my daughter had to “show her muscles” and do a pose for my post today!

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If you’ve attended this fun and free event before, I’d love to hear from you – what other tips do you have?


  1. Shauna says

    I absolutely love this event! I did it two years ago. I won’t be doing it this year as I have already planted and hung my Fuschia. A word to the wise I have found that WalMart has the best hanging baskets for the money. I checked around and bought some at Big Lots only to take them back after I found the pots at WalMart. They were just a bit cheaper and much better quality. I like to buy the iron ones with the brown hay looking insert. This insert can be bought separately so you can buy a new insert without buying a new planter each year. Another tip is to cram as many Fuchsia plants into each pot as possible. When the basket is full and tons of beautiful Fuchsia are hanging from it you can’t beat the beauty. I only put 3 plants in each planter the year I did it. They were pretty but if I would have doubled that amount they would have been amazing. Don’t get discouraged if it takes awhile for them to take off. They like the heat of summer so they flourish when the weather around her is the warmest. Good luck and have fun! This could be a great start for a girls day out!

    • arussell says

      Good tip on the fullness. Last year I only bought about 3 plants too, and wish it would’ve ended up a bit fuller!

  2. Hillary says

    I have done for the last 3 or 4 years, and look forward to getting there at 7am to get mine this year. Typically go with my mom so if one of us has to run back for something we don’t lose our place in line.

    I have also learned the idea of getting trailing ones for the outside of the basket, and then they have ones that grow more upright for the center. However the upright ones are a little tricky to find, and if you don’t see the top of the basket may not make a difference.

  3. Penny Pfiester says

    THE social event of the year! Friendly staff, shoppers, some comfused about finding the end of the line, but do so with encouragement from shoppers. Great way to start spring for real. And makes great planters that you almost created yourself with half the work!
    THANK YOU, FRED MEYER, FOR THIS ANNUAL EVENT! It is a must do, and you will notice others capitallizing on the experience.


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