Fred Meyer (Kroger?): More FREE items Coming on Fridays


Lori messaged me this morning to inform me that Fred Meyer’s website had a pretty hot tip on it!

If you go to their home page, there is a purple strip that reads the following:

Download one or more manufacturer’s coupons to your Rewards Card for a FREE featured product every Friday from 1/18 – 2/8!

Last Friday (1/18), we saw the FREE Carnation Instant Breakfast e-coupon pop up on the Fred Meyer e-coupon site. It was only up there for a day. Given this tip, I would definitely make sure to check in on Fred Meyer’s e-coupon site every Friday through 2/8.

A tip: when I checked QFC’s e-coupon site on the same day, I also found the offer. However, it would only let me load it once (either Fred Meyer OR QFC). If you have both a QFC and a Fred Meyer shopper’s card AND both cards have the same associated phone number, it’s quite possible you’d be able to redeem the loaded coupon at either store. If you do not shop at either store, I suggest you visit your local Kroger store’s website as I suspect they’ll have the same promotion going there for you! (Please let us know if this is the case.)

Finally, some of you are mentioning that you’ve had issues with your Rewards card. This would be a good time to get it sorted out! If you are stuck in getting your phone number added or making sure you can download e-coupons, please don’t wait around. Call¬†1-866-518-2686 for Rewards help at Fred Meyer, or fill out this contact form.

Thanks, Lori!


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