Fred Meyer now accepting other store Catalinas

A couple weeks ago now, Coupon Connections shared that her Fred Meyer was now accepting other store Catalina coupons. While this was good news, indeed, I was hoping to see something a bit more concrete before sharing it with you.

A few days ago, she received an email from Fred Meyer that contained this information:

Most Catalina coupons are manufacturer and are stated as such.  Effective February 9, 2011, Catalina coupons that are printed with another retailer name may be accepted at Fred Meyer.

That did it for me, and I decided to give this a go last night.

I am happy to tell you that the cashier was aware of the policy change and she accepted two Walgreens Register Rewards and a Safeway Catalina totalling $12! My purchase included meat and cheese.

Not sure what I’m talking about? Please read my post on what Catalina coupons are and how they work.

Thanks for the effort on this one, Coupon Connections!


  1. says

    This is very interesting to me as I have never had a problem with Fred Meyer accepting my other Catalina coupons. I used to be the Customer Service Manager at my local Fred Meyer and our policy is/was always to serve the customer which also included matching ads. Catalina coupons are manufactured coupons and the system has never had a hard time recognizing these. I guess some stores need to see it in writing before they accept it, but to me and my Fred Meyer it is common courtesy and keeping the customer happy.

    • arussell says

      Thanks for dropping a line! While it’s possible it’s been part of the policy, the February 2011 date signifies a change. Also, I’ve simply never tried to present other Catalina/manufacturer coupons to Fred Meyer. Didn’t occur to me I could?

      Something you said interested me: when you say “Matching ads,” does that mean matching competitor store prices? So if I bring in an ad from Safeway, they’d match the price? This is new information to me. Is this more of a case-by-case basis vs a hard and fast rule?

      Thanks again so much. I really enjoy sharing about Fred Meyer with my readers here. It’s a fantastic store!

      • says

        It has been a Fred Meyer policy back when Fred was still alive to always match competitors ads. However, the only exclusion is that they do not have to match the ads if a card is required for the deal. I don’t have a Safeway here so I don’t know if they deal in cards but I know with Albertson’s often times the deal is only allowed if you use their card, Fred Meyer does not have to match the price but they generally will also they will not match an ad that says percentage off it has to have an actual price, they only require you to bring in the ad. Just the little rules but policy is to match ads.

  2. Sue says

    I have 4 $1.25 catalina coupons ,on your next order, from the California pizza–Does this mean I can use even the those at Fred Meyer?

    • arussell says

      YES! Because they read “manufacturer coupons” at the top of them. Of course, Fred Meyer reserves the right to not accept any coupon, but these are similar to the coupons I redeemed last night & they worked just fine.

  3. Patrice says

    I have a Fred Meyer catalina for $1 off Kraft sliced cheese. I tried to use it today, but Fred Meyer Marketplace in Tacoma did not have Kraft sliced cheese at all. Instead, they had a large stock of store brand sliced cheese for $2 a package. I’ll try a regular Fred Meyer tomorrow.

  4. i says

    Fred Meyer has a “mystery coupon” for a mystery percentage off of apparel, shoes and accessories right now at the link above. I got 30% off and there’s no limit to how much you buy. AND the coupon prints twice if you hit your back button (so u can share or use another day) Good til Mar 12.

    Have fun coupon people!

  5. Kari says

    Oh wow. It never occurred to me to try this before, I am SO excited!!! Thanks for the update and I seriously love your blog

  6. ksenia says

    I too am excited! Sometimes there is a good RR deal at Walgreens (like the Gillette fusion razor which my husband likes), but I feel like I’m just buying junk I don’t really need with the RR. Now I can put it toward something on my list! I am loving Fred Meyer more and more! Great produce and good service!

  7. EricaLynn says

    I was told at the Twin Lakes Fred Meyer that they are only supposed to accept multiple catalinas if they were for different amounts off your purchase. I’d seen a few of the bloggers use a couple for the same dollar figure off their next purchase (think it was Queenbee who used 2 $10 off ones), so I didn’t think anything of it when I walked in with my 6 $1.25 off your next purchase catalinas from the Safeway CKP deal. The cashier argued with me until I insisted she call a manager to check and the manager told her over the phone to go ahead and “do it for me this time”. Anyways, went back in last night with 2 cats for different amounts off the next purchase and a different cashier said she could only take one. I nicely told her what I had been told the evening before about the different amounts and she said “oh ok!” and put them both through. The only thing I can figure is that it’s got to be part of Fred’s “we don’t have a set coupon policy” thing and that its up to the managers discretion each time???

    • arussell says

      I had the SAME EXACT thing happen to me the other day. It was completely new news to me, and I still do not get the logic behind it AT ALL. They do reserve the right to do whatever they want but it made ZERO sense to me.

      I was attempting to do the same thing – three $1.25 Cats from the CPK deal at Safeway. If anyone can shed some light, I’m listening.

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