Fred Meyer Rewards & Fuel Discount Program: how it works, recent changes

You might have received a post card from Fred Meyer recently or an email stating that there are changes to the Rewards Cycle. As I’ve been asked questions before how this works, I thought this would be a good time to go over the Fred Meyer Rewards Card details as well as the changes about to go into effect.

What is the Fred Meyer Rewards Card?

The Fred Meyer Rewards Card is a FREE program where you earn a quarterly rebate based on the number of “points” you earn in a quarterly cycle. Qualifying Fred Meyer store purchases will count as “points.” To receive your reward, you’ll need to sign-up for the free card (either in-store or online), making sure to have a current mailing address associated with your card. Some of you have expressed frustration at not having received your Rewards in the mail. If this is the case, I’d encourage you to make sure they have your most current address on file!

So how does the “points” system works? Each $1 = 1 point. If you earn 500 points in a given 13-week quarter, you’ll be mailed a rebate coupon that can be used like a gift card in the store. You can also use this over multiple visits (e.g., you receive $10 and use $5 of it – the remaining $5 can be used on a second trip). This rebate is often accompanied by great, in-store coupons (such as a $2 off $2 or more produce coupon). Unless stated otherwise, your Rewards coupons and rebate can be used in conjunction with manufacturer and other Fred Meyer coupons.

The Fred Meyer Rewards card is not your typical loyalty card in that its primary function is to earn you a rebate – not get you a sales price. You can take advantage of Fred Meyer’s sales and in-store coupons with or without your Rewards card. You can, however, load e-coupons to your Rewards card that come off at the point of sale.

Fuel Discounts and the Rewards Card

An added benefit of being a Rewards card holder is that you can earn fuel discounts at Fred Meyer fuel centers and participating Shell stations!

Here’s how it works: for every $1 you spend at Fred Meyer, you earn 1 fuel point. When you earn 100 fuel points, you’ll receive a $0.10/discount on your fuel purchase.

The details on this promotion may vary by region. You can learn more by visiting the Fuel Discount section of the Fred Meyer website.

Rewards Quarterly Cycles (Changes)

Starting now, the quarterly cycles are going to line up with the calendar months of the year. I love this, because it makes sense with how my brain works having worked in the corporate world and will be easy to remember!

  • Jan – Mar
  • Apr – June
  • July – Sept
  • Oct – Dec

Look for your Rewards to arrive about 3 weeks after the end of each cycle. Now this is going to be a change from the way the current Rewards cycles have been running, so the notice I received said that they’ll be awarding me 150 bonus Rewards points to make up for the shortened cycle. Sounds like a plan to me!

Fun Tips about Earning Rewards

I wanted to end this post sharing a few tips and ideas for increasing your quarterly Fred Meyer Reward.

  • Remember gift card purchases. If you know you’re going to be shopping at Lowe’s, flying Southwest, or treating your coworkers to Starbucks, why not buy those gift cards at Fred Meyer and earn Rewards?
  • Sign up for Fred Meyer’s emails. Sometimes, they’ll put out exclusive coupons for “double points” days where each $1 you spend at Fred Meyer is now worth 2 Rewards points.
  • Consider it a savings on hard-to-save on items. You know there are those purchases that are just tough to find savings on…maybe it’s a new gaming system or other high-end electronics purchase. Sometimes buying it at Fred Meyer can take the “sting” out a bit, knowing you’re earning Rewards. (Incidentally, this is exactly why we bought our Disney hopper passes at Fred Meyer last year.)
  • Got a Fred Meyer Gift Card? Don’t forget your Rewards Card! Suppose someone gives you a Fred Meyer gift card this Christmas. Guess what? You can STILL use your Rewards card too!
  • Top customers get Rewards Plus status. So this was new to me, and I thought it was worth sharing. Apparently if you make a lot of Fred Meyer purchases, you’re identified as a “Rewards Plus” member and sent exclusive coupons in the mail along with a gift card around the holidays and a special card that identifies you as a “plus” member. Have any of you received this notification?
Are you still lost? You can call Fred Meyer at 1-866-518-2686 with questions about the program or your own Rewards card. There is also quite a bit of information at Fred Meyer’s website.

What other tips or advice do you have? Any questions on this program?


  1. jolene says

    If your on WIC and/or Food Stamps you can use your reward card too and earn points too.

    I love the coupons that come with the rebate. There are usually dairy, meat, and produce as well as houseware coupons.

  2. Patti says

    Thanks Angela! I thought I knew most everything about the FM rewards, but read this just to make sure I was up to date. Did not know about the gift cards……………I will be getting them at FM from here on out!

  3. Lola says

    How can I figure out what my quarter end rebate will be? If I spent exactly $500 in a quarter, what will the rebate coupon be worth? I’m trying to figure out the formula used.


    How do the gas rewards work? Are the points reusable within a month? If I spend $100 in the first week of the month, and use the $0.10 reward at the pump, then spend another $100 in the second week of the same month, do I just get another $0.10 discount or a $0.20 discount?