FREE Ebook: Les Miserables (Abridged Edition) & More FREE Classics!

Thinking of seeing the Les Miserables movie? Or maybe you did and now you’re intrigued about the storyline. I highly recommend the book – it’s among my favorites I’ve ever read!

Right now you can get the abridged edition of Les Miserables for FREE on Amazon. Kind of crazy to think this condensed version is a mere 959 pages, huh? I did read the unabridged version years ago which was over 1400 pages, and I want to say that a sizeable portion of the difference is Hugo’s retelling of the Battle of Waterloo. (So if you’re a purist and want to read the whole thing – you probably want to pass on this freebie).

However, if you’re looking for an easier version of this book to enjoy and aren’t concerned about reading hundreds of extra pages on the Battle of Waterloo? I don’t think you can beat free.

Remember you can still take advantage of this freebie if you don’t have a Kindle by downloading FREE Kindle software to your phone, computer or iPad.

Here are a few of my all-time favorite classic novels you can snag for FREE or cheap right now too!

Have you read this book before? Do you have a favorite classic novel?


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