Free KFC Grilled Chicken Meal – act fast!


KFC is really, REALLY promoting their new grilled chicken (anyone else get the coupons for a free piece of chicken hanging out of their Parade insert a couple weekends ago)?

Go to their link via Oprah's website through today only (May 6) until 11:59 CDT to print your coupon good for a FREE 2-piece Grilled Chicken meal…complete with two sides and a biscuit!  I was easily able to print this twice, so hubby and I will probably be doing this for lunch sometime this week.  But I've heard you might be able to print this as many as four times before hitting the max.

You have until May 19 to redeem your coupons.  Oh, and don't try and be clever and redeem them this Sunday (Mother's Day).  That day is excluded on the coupon.

Thanks, Tara!


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    It’s a shame that Oprah is promoting this unhealthy garbage, and that’s exactly what it is. It contains MSG and trans-fat among other unhealthy ingredients. Here’s a detailed discussion of why KFC’s grilled chicken is unhealthy.

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    It’s great that Congress is taking steps toward transparent information in chain restaurants. Education through transparency is not so much to ask for, nor does it detract from someone’s dining experience. I’m curious to see — if the bill gets passed through the referral committees, that is — how effective the MEAL act would be once put into place.

    In the meantime, I suggest people check out Corporate Accountability International’s campaign to improve our nation’s diet and food production and consumption.

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    As a reminder, this is a blog that shares all things couponing, freebies, deals, and other money-saving tips.

    Commentors, if you are aware of healthier chain restaurants or companies offering good deals, I invite you to contact me so I can share those deals with my readers. If you are unhappy with the deals presently shared on my site, I encourage you to find sites more aligned with your values. Further comments directing my readers to sites unrelated to couponing may be deleted at my discretion. Thank you.

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