Gardening from Seed to Harvest: Early Spring Buds & My New Garden Buddy

This year my goal is to take you through the steps I use to garden – from seed to harvest! In my last update, I shared with you how I planned my garden. Truth be told, I’m feeling a little behind this year on getting things going. I’ve been spending the last few weeks doing a major house purge – isn’t it amazing how much stuff you can accumulate over time? I’m hoping to finish that up quickly so I can focus my attention where I prefer to – outside.

In spite of my lack of attention, nature is already at work. I took a little spin out in the garden and thought I’d share with you what’s emerging!DSCN4669 (628x800)

My spring bulbs have not only popped up, but some have started to bloom! Are yours doing the same?

DSCN4671 (800x709)

This would be my female kiwi plant. We installed male and female hardy kiwi vines over our arbor last year. They grew vigorously through the summer, already reaching the top of the arbor! From what I know, it may take a few years before we get fruit, but I’m hopeful it will be sooner rather than later. Today was the first time I’ve noticed buds. So excited!
DSCN4673 (544x800)

This is our puppy, Smike (named after a Charles Dickens’ character). I think he’s going to be my new garden buddy. He loves, loves being outside and is content to pretty much follow me wherever I go.

DSCN4676 (800x600)

I have about 15-20 rutabagas that need to get eaten up that overwintered in my garden. I think I may just roast them…. any other yummy ideas?

DSCN4677 (800x600)

He might look grumpy, but that’s just his normal face. You’ll just have to take my word for it – he’s happy!

DSCN4679 (600x800)

My garlic is coming up rather nicely! This year I’m growing garlic from cloves I grew the year before. This is my first time doing that and I have to say, I’m pretty darn proud of myself!
DSCN4680 (800x600)

These are a few carrots that never got harvested last year. DSCN4681 (800x600)

Buds on one of my blueberry bushes. I planted these in containers last year. We got some berries, though not many. Hoping for more this year!

DSCN4682 (800x781)

Here’s a view of the blueberry bush from the top. DSCN4684 (800x600)

My raspberry vines are starting to wake up, too!

DSCN4687 (800x600)

This is some fall sown lamb’s lettuce (AKA corn salad or maché). It’s looking pretty nice!DSCN4688 (800x600)The chamomile has reseeded itself too! Hooray!

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Is anything growing in your garden yet? Have you started to get ready for spring?


  1. sara says

    i love smike! he is like the dog version of grumpy kitty but so much cuter!
    i cant wait to get my plants all going good on my deck this year too…hoping to make things a little more organized and not so frantic. thanks for your postings!

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