Get ready: Target 75% toy clearance sale to hit July!

If you’ve been following me for awhile, you’ve probably heard me mention that Target stores clearance select toys to 75% twice a year. You might be interested to see what I got at the July 2010 sale, and then what I picked up in January!

The way that this works is rather simple. Target moves select toys to clearance prices twice a year, up to 75% off. They’ll start by marking the toys to 30% off clearance. I noticed my store (Federal Way) already had toys marked to this level. Thrifty and Thriving’s Target did too. Here’s a photo of what you’re looking for (this one used with permission from Thrifty and Thriving):

Sometime in the next few weeks these exact toys will bump to 50% off. And then? They will bump to 75% off. Thrifty and Thriving noted that the 75% off sale was reached on July 28th and 29th of last year, and she anticipates it will be similar this year.

You will find the clearanced toys on a specially marked aisle AND/OR throughout the entire toy department. Look for the red clearance tags on the shelves and on the toys themselves.

Here are a few of my thoughts on this awesome sale:

  • Scope out what’s there now. In my experience, some of the toys won’t be worth your effort or money, even at 75%. Jot down what you find, maybe read some reviews of the items on Amazon, and determine what will be worth pursuing.
  • If the items are HOT, you might consider biting when the sale bumps to 50%. If you still want a great deal, but are nervous your item might be out of stock, bite sooner.
  • Be prepared to shop – fast. The best deals will usually be gone by the end of the first day toys get marked to 75% clearance!
  • Use the self scan to confirm prices. Sometimes an item might be on a deeper discount than the tag reflects, particularly if a markdown is in-progress.
  • Check out Thrifty and Thriving’s awesome “tips” post for shopping this sale. I would consider her a great mentor for all things Target shopping!

I will most certainly update you as we approach this sale. For that reason, I recommend you follow me on Facebook for the alerts!

Will I do this sale? Most likely, yes, if I can make it out to the store fast enough! The sale in July last year nearly finished off my kids’ Christmas gifts.

If you’ve shopped this sale, I’d love to hear your additional tips and tricks!


  1. Maria says

    Hey there,

    I scoped out my local Target and was underwhelmed with the clearance toys currently marked down to 30% off. They were all toys that wouldn’t be on my list anyway (looking for Legos, Barbies, etc.) Do more get added as the month continues, or are we looking at the full selection now?

  2. Michelle M says

    I’m on the other side of the US, but from what I have heard, all Targets follow the same schedule. I have “hit” these clearance sales for almost 3 years now & end up with plenty of toys for last minute birthday party invites & even Christmas-time gift giving. Here is my additional advice: the 75% markdown is ALWAYS on a Thursday. Always. I’ll go to check out the prices a couple of Thursdays prior to the anticipated date just to see if they are earlier than last year’s schedule. Also, the early bird definitely gets the worm. I’ll be ready to fill up a cart to overflowing by 8 am! BTW: did you know that KMart has a pretty impressive clearance sale usually a week before Target? Last year I scored a Playmobil pirate ship set (orig ~$60) for only $1.99. Their toys aren’t usually marked so you have to go to the price-checker-scanner-thingie to get the correct price.

  3. dotti mancil says

    will they have any signs that it is 75% off that day? How do you guage it? What about Kmart’s signs? you said they didn’t post.


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