Coupon Classes

Are you interested in having me come speak at your organization, MOPS group, non-profit group, or an informal gathering of friends?

I am now accepting a limited number of speaking engagements for 2011!

What Topics Will You Cover?

I work hard to cover everything you need to know to get started! My one-hour class will include stockpiling, where to find coupons, how coupons work, store sales cycles, and why you should combine coupons with sales. My two-hour class includes the same as well as more detailed information on drugstore shopping, Catalina coupons, and online shopping tips. Both classes will include a strong emphasis on “courteous couponing” and ethical coupon usage.

If there are specific topics you’d like me to emphasize more, let me know.

My classes are upbeat and fast paced. I firmly believe couponing should be FUN! I encourage and welcome questions throughout the presentation (however, if it’s a larger group, I may request questions be held until the end or break points).

Are you Any Good?

I’ve been told that (see testimonials below). I also started college with a drama scholarship, so needless to say I have no problem projecting or being in front of a crowd. I also believe in having a good time, and I’ll do my best to make you laugh as well as learn.

Will You Come Speak For Free?

No; not at this time.  While I love what I do and am happy to help, please understand I provide free instruction. Here. On this blog through my posts and webcasts. Preparing a dynamic presentation requires careful planning, travel, and sometimes childcare arrangements.

However, true to my frugal nature, I am ALWAYS up for a barter. I’d accept gift cards, services my family could use, or the like. Pitch me!

How Much Do you Charge?

A one hour class (any size) is a flat rate fee of $100.
A two hour class (any size) is a flat rate fee of $200.
If yours is a non-profit organization, the one hour class rate is $75, and the two hour is $150.

If you have other ideas (such as a weekend retreat), contact me for a quote. I’m open.

And remember, I love a good barter.

Where Will You Travel To?

I’m happy to travel up to 30 minutes in any direction from the general Federal Way vicinity. If this is private meeting (such as in your home), I may opt to bring an escort. Distances beyond 30 minutes may require an additional travel fee.

If you are out of state and wish to provide travel accommodations, pitch me! I’m particularly interested if you live in Paris or Bora Bora and can fly my family with me, too.

What Set up Needs do You Have?

If you have a laptop and projector, I have a presentation on PowerPoint I can share (recommended, but not required). Either way, I’ll come prepared with visuals, so please have a table or spot handy for me. I can also bring handouts. Everything else is up to you. Sometimes refreshments or beverages are nice for your attendees.

How Do I Book You?

Simple. Contact me via my contact form or at thecouponproject at hotmail dot com. Indicate the specifics of your event and I’ll provide a Letter of Agreement. Return it signed with 50% down to book your spot.

What are People Saying about your Classes?

“Angela’s coupon class for our local mom’s group was perfect. Angela offers loads of useful and practical ideas for busy moms and beginner-couponers. She’s also approachable and real, which makes her the ideal person to ask questions too.” – Jenny (from a one-hour; informal in-home class)

“Angela’s energy and enthusiasm can hook even the most casual of couponers.  She breaks down the basic concepts of couponing, then intelligently unravels the more complex topics… leaving you with a wealth of new knowledge and an insatiable appetite to learn more!  After attending Angela’s class, I went from tossing out those weekly ads, to treasuring them.  What a valuable skill for the current times!” – Caroline (from a two-hour presentation for WWEE)

“Thanks for my new addiction, Angela!” – Wendy (from a two-hour presentation for WWEE)

Incidentally, another WWEE attendee was featured shortly after attending my coupon workshop! Check out what she was able to do almost right away!