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coupons101How to Get Started with Couponing!

Are you new to couponing? Not sure where to start? Well, I’m here to help… for FREE.

I recommend you start with my coupon lessons! Work your way lesson-by-lesson, or just jump to the post that strikes your fancy.

The NEW Coupon Lessons!

This series was started in October 2012 and ran through early 2013. I wanted to provide updated information on what you could expect in today’s post-Extreme Couponing World. I encourage you to start here.

Coupon Lessons – October 2010

These lessons were published in October 2010. While they still contain helpful information, I’d direct you to the revised ones above.

Lesson One: Rethinking How and Why You Shop
Lesson Two: How to (and how not to) Stockpile
Lesson Three: Getting to Know your Sunday Paper
Lesson Four (A): Finding Store Coupons
Lesson Four (B): Finding Manufacturer’s Coupons
Lesson Five: Let’s get Organized, Organized
Lesson Six: I Spy with My Little Eye…a Smashing Good Deal?
Lesson Seven: Deal or No Deal?
Lesson Eight: Planning Your Meals and Trips
Lesson Nine: Simple Grocery Shopping Strategies
Lesson Ten: Getting Items you Need for Cheap
Lesson Eleven: Rebate me this, Rebate me that…
Lesson Twelve: The ABC’s of Couponese
Lesson Thirteen: The Rules of the Coupon Road
Lesson Fourteen: Be Nice, not Obnoxious
Lesson Fifteen: Ideas for Generosity

Webcasts & Videos

Visit my webcast page if you prefer to learn by watching me teach! I also have short YouTube videos you can watch if you’re short on time. Both webcasts and videos cover a range of topics including how to find and organize coupons, how to stockpile, coupon ethics, and more. The webcasts contain virtually the same information I’d rely in one of my more formal coupon classes.

Posts by Category

I write. A lot. Here are some of the posts that may help you in your coupon journey.

For Coupon Newbies

I have no clue about coupons

Four secrets to couponing success

How to avoid coupon burnout

“I can’t do it like extreme couponing.”


What Goes on Sale and When

Starting a stockpile from the ground up

Avoiding common pantry pests

Is it wrong to stockpile, or should you donate it all?

Shouldn’t you donate all those items you’re getting?

How sassy is your stockpile

Stocking up for the “big storm”

10 stockpile items I always keep on hand

Reader stockpile photos (and more, more, more, and more photos!)

Organizing your First Aid stockpile

Organizing your Food stockpile (with inventory download)

For more, see my Stockpiling Category


What it means to be frugal

Reflections on frugality

Common Sense Couponing

Use your newspapers as landscaping mulch

10 ways to save on gas

I won’t judge you if you don’t use coupons

How Bountiful Baskets works (and more and more on this topic)

Eat your Weeds for Free Organic Greens

Raising Chickens

Drugstore Shopping

Rite Aid Shopping 101 Page (UPDATED June 2012)

Walgreens Shopping 101 Page (NEW June 2012)

How to be successful with Walgreens Register Rewards

How Walgreens & Rite Aid Ads Illustrate Coupon Acceptance

What is a filler item and why do I need one?

Grocery Store Shopping

Making sense of coupon matchup posts

How to shop savvy on ANY diet (gluten-free, foodie, vegan, organic, etc.)

Planning a killer “Mix & Match” promotion trip

How Albertsons Double Coupons Work

How Catalina Coupons Work

Finding Frugal Blogs to Follow

How to Stack Coupons

Finding your store’s “hot spots”

Why & How to Diversify your Savings Strategy

The Checkout Experience

Five Reasons to Stop Flying Under the Radar

Giving Our Cashiers and Stores More Credit

How do you get over bad shopping experiences?

Stresses of Couponing: Checkout Snafus and Tips for Avoiding them (written for

Coupon Ethics & Considerations

My thoughts on Dumpster Diving (and more thoughts)

Can you stack a B1G1 and a cents-off coupon?

My thoughts on buying & selling coupons

My thoughts on entering zip codes for printable coupons (2010)

MORE thoughts on zip codes & printable coupons (NEW for 2012)

My personal Coupon Ethics stance

Is it OK to beat someone up in a store?

Is it OK to take advantage of a store’s error?

What if there was a coupon apocalypse?

Online Shopping Tips

How Ebates and Shop at Home Cash Back Sites Work

Not All Daily Deals are Created Equal!

Avoid these scams happening on Facebook!

Using Google Reader to keep tabs on your favorite blogs

Frugal Adventures (And misadventures, too)

The time we went to the Ocean

The time we went to Disneyland

The time we went to the Puyallup Fair

The time we went to the doughnut shop

My progress making bread by hand

The time we went to Pioneer Farm

The time I made butter and broke out in a rash

Popular Recipes

Homemade Applesauce

Country-Style Ribs

Zucchini Bread

Starbucks Cinnamon Scone Hack

Blueberry Muffins

Freezer Potato Recipes (guest post)

Roast Chicken

Homemade Tomato Bisque

Garlic Scape Pesto

Homemade Elephant Ears

For more, see my Recipes Category


Gardening for Small Spaces

Why I Garden

 For more, see my Gardening Category

Just for a Laugh

Coupon Project Runway

Celebrity Couponers Apprentice

The Traveling Leftovers

Crafting hour: making homemade menus 

Cleaning my fridge like Martha Stewart never would

The Coupon Games Trailer

For more like this, see my humor category

Guest Posts

I’ve been honored to have written for  number of prominent deal and coupon blogs. Check it out:

Freezer Batch “Swap” Cooking (for Hip2Save)
Rekindling your Romance with Coupons (for Hip2Save)
Five Steps to Building a Better Stockpile (for Thrifty NW Mom)
Five Mistakes I Made as a Newbie Couponer (for Common Sense with Money)
Four Steps to Creating your Grocery Saving Goals (for Deal Seeking Mom)
Ways to Save Time & Money (for Hip2Save)
Understanding Walgreens Register Rewards, Part I (for Steals & Deals)
Understanding Walgreens Register Rewards, Part II (for Steals & Deals)
Handling Criticism and Unwanted Comments (for Savvy Blogging – blog-related post)
Extreme Couponing and the Condition of my Heart (for Pop Parables)
Going Vegan on a Budget (for Money Saving Mom)
Involving Young Children in your Homemaking Activities (for Common Sense Homesteading)

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