Getting the best deal on your holiday Turkey

I’m getting quite a few emails and comments asking where to find the best deal for turkeys. Today, I’m going to share some general thoughts on how to save on turkey, along with listing the best deals of-the-moment as well as offer my predictions.

Let’s Talk Turkey

The first place I headed? My archives! I wanted to check out the kind of deals I was reporting on turkeys this time last year. Here are a few notables:

In this week’s round of ads, I didn’t see many turkey deals. (With the exception of WinCo, who apparently has their turkey deal running now.) Which leads me to the next section of this post…

Turkeys in 2011: My Predictions

My favorite deal was at QFC last year, and since the ad this week didn’t mention turkeys. I decided to call my local store. Here’s the quick recap for you.

Me: Hi there, are you having any turkey deals this year?

Guy in Meat Department: We will be, and I think the ad is going to be released on Sunday.

Me: So you will be having a deal then.

Guy in Meat Department: Yes.

Folks, I think we’ve not seen the best turkey deals yet. I think they will be on next week’s round of ads. I would make a decision early next week, once all the ads have been released. I would not wait much more than that, however, as a frozen turkey takes some serious time to defrost.

“I want a turkey. And I want it now, Daddy!”

But what if you can’t wait. You need a turkey, and you need it now, darn it.

Here are my thoughts.

The best deals at the moment are WinCo’s cheap turkey with $50 grocery purchase and this great Summit/Tukwila Trading deal (for locals):

I shared the Summit/Tukwila Trading deal last week, and it’s on this week’s ad, too, which runs through 11/15. Note that the free turkey is a Butterball boneless, 3-lb turkey breast though.

Of course, you could also leverage any other store credit you have too. This baby arrived in my mailbox last week:

If you also received your Fred Meyer Rewards, you probably received this or a similar coupon. Plus, you could use your Rewards rebate on top of this discount.

Or maybe you have some of these guys laying around from last week’s Albertsons sale?

To make the most of them, you could use them on top of the turkey sale they have running this week:

However, a word on this deal and Butterball turkeys in general. I think they are overpriced. For instance, this week at Albertsons, a Butterball turkey is $1.69/lb. So even though there have been coupons for Butterball and promotions, do compare the price to buying a store brand turkey. You might find even with the coupons and promotions, that other brands are priced better.

What would Angela Do?

To recap? I would wait one more week, and one more week ONLY. While I cannot promise you anything with absolute certainty, I do know from past trends and this year’s ads that turkey deals have been light so far. I truly think the best deals are on their way next week.

To end this post, I will leave you with my daughter’s preschool turkey art, and a song she sings now several times a day:

(Sung to the tune of Frère Jacques)

Mr. Turkey,
Mr. Turkey

Big and fat,
Big and fat,
I am going to eat you,
I am going to eat you,
just like that,
just like that. 


  1. Erica says

    Cuuuute! Love the song! And this post! So much help, especially when you’re broke and trying to do Thanksgiving on a budget 😉

  2. Chrissy says

    the best I’ve found is Top foods. they have a Norbest Turkey (over 16 lbs) for 29 Cents a pound with a $25.00 purchase. They also have some other good sales this week (Queen Bee Coupons has their match-ups).

  3. ana-maria luminare says

    i thought the best deal i found was at Safeway. the Butterballs are 9.99 this week for a turkey up to 16lbs and subtracting the $3 off coupon it comes down to 6.99 for a 16lb turkey. that makes is $0.44 / lb (a $25 purchase required!).plus, if you had a chance to print the mail in rebate from butterball, you get $5 worth of coupons for other butterball products :)

  4. Sandra says

    Love the song. My daughter’s class has read about kids rescuing the turkeys so now she’s saying she won’t eat turkey. I’ll have to start singing this.

  5. CG says

    I’m a better sale shopper than couponer, but Honeysuckle White turkey is .99 lb. with an additional $50 purchase at Safeway. I had the $1 off printable, and bought the turkey during their $10 OYNO when you spend $75 Friday-only offer last week, so it worked out to be a 16.5 lb bird for .32/lb (after Catalina). That seemed pretty similar to last year’s low prices, so I went ahead and did it… I’m glad my memory wasn’t too far off! Since I needed to spend $65 more to get the Catalina, most of it went went towards stocking up on some of their other holiday specials, mostly baking supplies. We keep the actual meals pretty simple in our house, so I got a pie-pumpkin for $1 the day before Halloween and a ton of in-season produce during Saars’ 5+ lb sale last week (potatoes, butternut squash, sweet onions and granny smith apples). It’s a lot of food, but it keeps well on the shelf (and it all freezes if I can’t use it all by it’s expiration date).


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