Have you won anything from Albertsons Sizzlin’ Summertime game yet?

Last night, reader Meladee shared with me something pretty fun. Turns out a Federal Way Albertsons shopper was a big winner at the Sizzlin’ Summertime giveaway!

He won a boat! (But he actually opted for the cash – $25,000. Smart man, I would’ve done the same!) Throw the confetti, everyone!

As for me, I haven’t even won a $2 cash prize yet! I hope some of this man’s good luck rubs off on me. I’ve always wanted one of those giant checks.

Thanks, Meladee for the picture, and also Darryl, store manager at Pacific Highway Albertsons, for permission to post.


  1. Cally says

    That’s awesome!! My mom and I teamed up so I hope we can win something. We just sent off 10 cards for the drawing (crossing fingers).

  2. crystal says

    Oh How neat! Thank u for posting! I have a ton of the same game pieces lol. But I sent away for the shopping spree. Keeping fingers crossed! Good luck to all of the coupon buddies!!!

  3. says

    I am one away from the $40,000 cash prize….here’s to hopin! All I have gotten so far is tickets for free doughnuts and tickets for extra tickets.

    Congrats to that guy though yippee! Wonder how much he gets to keep and how much goes to the IRS?

  4. Sarah says

    I love hearing stories like this, it makes these contests more real….I have not won anything yet I am one away on a few though! Good luck to everybody else that is playing also!

  5. Sarah says

    How exciting to know this is happening in our area! Congrats to the winner too!!..gives me more hope that I could actually win somethin’! :)) Thanks for posting!

  6. Pam Dekoning says

    Let’s see….I won a can of peas, then some free donuts, then more tickets and this morning…(drumroll please)….I won a can of corn! I am grateful for these small victories but would love a “big win”. :-)

  7. Sheila M. says

    I like hearing about people who win these types of promotions…like Sarah said, it makes it seem real. I have won one free donut. Yippee! However, I did win a $25 gift card during the ‘It’s a Spring Thing’ online promotion. Every little bit helps the budget.

  8. Nicole says

    Well sure is nice to see a winner in the Pac NW!! Nope not yet .. however I have won a whole slew of the Instant Winner for 2 more game pieces!

  9. says

    My 10 year old son is obsessed with this game. We were talking just last night about it and he was wondering if he could opt for cash if he won the boat! :). I’ve won additional tickets and a donut, and I am so close to winning other prizes. Congrats to that guy, lucky dude.

  10. dropofrain says

    I too, have bunch of same game pieces and short like 1 on many prizes. So far I won a can of peas, 2 free donuts, 6 more tickets and free 4 pk AA batteries.

  11. Sarah B says

    I won $2, but I haven’t cashed it in…dougnuts and tickets. I ran into a fellow couponer on Monday and she said she won a camera! There were about six of us at 9:30 at night doing our three deals in a row!

  12. Jana says

    Are the free peas, corn, doughnuts on the inside of the coupon with the game pieces. I think all I’ve gotten so far is 25 cent off coupons. I am one game piece away on several things.

  13. Heather says

    I haven’t won much (a donut?) in the Albertsons game, but I have won tons of instant winners (even a free bottle of olive oil!) in the Top Foods game, and $5…..My gameboard is almost full with them! My mom gives me all of her pieces…

  14. says

    Wow! That’s awesome! It’s wonderful to see people winning. I wonder if he’s the same person that I was told about my local Albies (Bonney Lake) that won a boat.

  15. Meladee Smith says

    What an electric moment, to see the presentation! Talk about a shot-in-the-arm to see somebody win big in our neighborhood! It warmed the heart to see the winner, who was in a wheelchair. I couldn’t help but think of the generosity of Albertsons’ program, and what an investment to just shop there. A checker said, they are some of her regular customers. We chatted a minute on how it could not have happened to a better candidate, and the checker commented about the “goosebumps” on her arms. What a blessing!

    Personally, I’ve won a can of peas, six free Q’s for 2 more game pieces, 3 free donuts and one 4-pk of batteries. I am very thankful!

  16. Kelsey says

    I’ve won some donuts,1 roll of papertowels,and more game tickets. I need 1-2 more for pretty much every prize :)

  17. Amy Marble says

    So cool! Glad he opted for the cash! I did see tonight someone trying to “sell” their “rare” game pieces for thousands of dollars on E-bay..can’t be legal!

  18. krystal says

    Free applesauce, many donuts, tickets and a bunch of 25 cent coupons.
    I’m seriously one away from almost every single prize…its driving me nuts! πŸ˜›
    fingers and toes crossed for the shopping spree…sent off 10 so far..

    • krystal says

      I did however recently score in the recycle bin at Albertsons and found (3) 20 dollar Catalinas!! God is Good and we were very blessed by the extra 60 dollars in groceries πŸ˜‰ I find So many great Catalinas..crazy people just toss..
      Free, 24 pack water, shredded cheese, $2 off produce and bread.

      And all that was just from looking at the top of the recycle bin when I walk by or left in carts.. I don’t stand there digging through the bin( though maybe I should!)..lol

  19. anique e. says

    I did win last years Albertsons sizzling summer giveaway
    I won a $100 Albertsons giftcard at the last minute of the game and I still have it til this day


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