Osmocote Plant Food *Better* Than Free after Rebate

Scotts Smart-Release 2 lb. Indoor and Outdoor Plant Food

If you haven’t already picked up your free-after-rebate Osmocote Plant Food from Target or another retailer, consider making the deal a small moneymaker at Home Depot instead. Right now you can order the Scotts Smart-Release 2 lb. Indoor and Outdoor Plant Food for $7.98 at, then choose free store pickup.

Once you’ve picked up your order at Home Depot, submit for this $10 mail-in rebate and it’s like you just made two bucks to buy plant food.

Now, I personally wouldn’t make the special trip to Home Depot just to do this, but if you’re already planning to go to Home Depot at some point soon, why not grab some better-than-free plant food while you’re there? I don’t know if it’s the same price in stores, so your best bet is to order online to a) get this lower price and b) be sure it’s not sold out.

Have you tried this product yet?


  1. sara says

    awesome deal! since I’m going there to buy some flowers on sale too 😀 thank you! (though I’m usually very hesitant to do rebates since only about half of them ever come through!)

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