HOT! News Tribune (Tacoma) or Olympian subscription offer!

When I made my special coupon class announcement last week, I hinted there was also a pretty terrific subscription offer I’d be sharing too.

Before I tell you the details, I want you to know that I personally contacted The News Tribune about this a couple months ago now. I wanted to see if they could work with me to help put together an awesome offer for couponers. And they were quick to oblige! Ready for the deal?

Sunday Paper Deal

This offer is good for the Sunday paper ONLY for either the News Tribune or Olympian. The cost includes delivery to your door each Sunday for 26 weeks (6 months).

Prepayment Pricing

Prepayment is required for this offer.  Check, debit or credit card are accepted. Each Sunday paper will work out to just $1, which is 50% off what you’d pay in the store!

3 Copies               ($1.00 x 3 copies x 26 weeks) = $78.00
4 Copies               ($1.00 x 4 copies x 26 weeks) = $104.00
5 Copies               ($1.00 x 5 copies x26 weeks) = $130.00
6 copies                ($1.00 x 6 copies x 26 weeks) = $156.00

EZ-Pay Pricing

EZ-pay payments are deducted from your checking, debit, or credit card account each month.  You’ll just need to designate to have the deduction made on 5th, 15th, or 25th of each month. This option will work out slightly less than prepay because you’re paying based on the month, not the number of papers (some months are 4 weeks, others are 5 based on their financial calendar).

3 Copies               ($4.33 per month  x 3 copies x 6 months) = $77.94
4 Copies               ($4.33 per month  x 4 copies x 6 months) = $103.92
5 Copies               ($4.33 per month x 5 copies x 6 months) = $129.90
6 copies                ($4.33 per month  x 6 copies x 6 months) = $155.88

So…why do I think this is a good deal? Here are a few reasons.

  1. You’re paying half of what you’d pay in the stores. That’s the most obvious one, isn’t it?
  2. You’ll save on gas and time. No more driving to the store – save your gas, save your time.
  3. Guarantee your coupons will actually be there! Have you ever found Sunday papers rifled through and maybe even discovered coupon inserts or Albertsons doublers have been ripped out? Having your paper delivered is a way to prevent coupon theft!
  4. These puppies pay for themselves. If you follow my blog on a regular basis, you know that inserts provide are a staple coupon source for the avid couponer! Use just ONE $1 off coupon per paper and you’ve broken even.
  5. This ain’t like past $26 deals. Remember the deals you’ll sometimes see where you can get 1 paper for 26 weeks for $26? Well, I’ve tried calling in the past to see if I could get that same deal on multiple Sunday papers and was given a no-go. Finally, a deal for couponers!

Ready to get started with this deal? Here’s what to do.

You’ll need to call Customer Service. Please ask for the deal that you saw on The Coupon Project. Then, let them know which option you’d like and how many subscriptions. Ready for your digits? The News Tribune  1-800-289-8711 or The Olympian 1-800-905-0296.

Please note: The News Tribune contains the three major coupon inserts: the SmartSource, Red Plum, and P&G. This is my favorite paper for getting coupons. The Olympian is a “sister” paper to the Tribune, and because I don’t live in the Olympia area, I can’t speak to the selection of coupons it may have available.


  1. Kristy J. says

    I live in Yakima and I am currently receiving 5 isses of “The Yakima Herald” for $15 per month. My issue is that I can go the the dollar store and pick up “Seattle Times” at a dollar each however, on the days when the Albertsons double coupons are in them they disappear very quickly. Do you think that TNT would delive to Yakima?

  2. kimarie graham says

    I am not real happy with the TNT right now. I had a vacation hold for labor day and ever since then they have delivered only 1 paper on Sunday instead of the 3 that I am paying for. Each time I called and they said I would get the other two copies but I never did!
    And, last week I only got a Smart Source in my one paper and not a Red Plum, coupon preview said that we should have gotten both:(

  3. Laurie says

    If you know anyone who is willing to receive the papers on my behalf and then send the coupon inserts to my PO Box in Blaine, WA at my cost of course, please send them my way. I’d be willing to throw in a $15 gas card every month as well for the trouble of mailing them. Thanks

    • Alice says


      My Daughter lives in Jacksonville, Fl and she mails the inserts to me because here in NC where I live we do not get all the good coupons.
      She usually mails them out in sets of 4 but some times when I know there are really good coupons I will get 6-8 copies. she mails them in full sets so if the paper has 2 Smart Source & 1 Redplum and the P&G you would get 4 copies or how ever many you want, you will get all the inserts in the paper. Due to there being different amounts of inserts each week the shipping is different.
      If you would like to contact her send me an email and I will give her your info or send you her cell #


      • connie says

        How much does your daughter charge to mail 6 – 8 copies of the inserts. I live in Tampa, Fl and they are not going to have redplum inserts anymore due to the volume of coupons being printedo on but i dont have a computer at home so i need my papers. This is so fustrating. please have her email me at I get my emails straight to my phone.

      • corrina henschen says

        I live in pensacola fl and would like to see how much your daughter would charge me for some inserts to be mailed to me

  4. says

    BOOOOOO! I missed out on this price :( As of 10/30/2011 the price went up to $1.25 a paper. While this is still a good deal I was sad I called 10/31

  5. JENNISE says


    I noticed that Laura wanted someone to send the Sunday paper adds to her PO Box in Blaine WA. I am just starting this coupon thing and am willing to help her out. Can you please give her my email address and we can work out how we can make it happen? Thx Jennise

  6. Dora says

    I would not do business with the Tacoma News Tribune and would tell others to do the same. I ordered 4 Sunday newspapers. I never receive any so called still no paper. Called 3 times on Monday and each time they promised I would have my papers within hour. Tue still no paper talked to a supervisor as of today and many more phone calls they delivered 1 sunday newspaper and tuesday paper. No Thrusday or friday so called to cancel and told them to give me my money back. They will refund my money less the week of papers I never received. Why should I not get a full refund. Anyone else have so much trouble with them.

  7. jay says

    i am a subscriber. My paper from the TNT did not come 3-31, 3 30,
    and 3-29. Is the carrier alive and well, or was my subscription stopped.

    • Angela Russell says

      I would have no idea of knowing – I don’t work for the TNT. I would call them. 😉

  8. Mercedes Heep says

    Just called TNT about the deal they said no ez pay pricing option available and no on the 6 month pre-pay option, but they could do a 1 year for a $1.00 a copy I started to sign up then they told me because the area I am in, they called it a Seattle route (actually Enumclaw), I would have to buy a T.V. guide which is 75 cents per copy more. I reconfirmed what he was saying, was correct it was according to him, then I hung up. Any other ideas on how to get a good deal on the paper I have no dollar stores near by and would prefer the TNT because it has more coupons?

  9. SugarFemme23 says

    I called today and this is no longer offered. The price is the normal price. Boo