*HOT*! Organic Grapes just $0.99 at Whole Foods: July 28th


WOW! I rarely bust out the *HOT*, so you know when I do, it’s for realz.

This Friday (June 28th), Whole Foods Market will be having a one-day sale on organic grapes. Get them for just $0.99/lb! This includes both green & red grapes. This is a crazy price – we rarely see conventionally-grown grapes dip that low, and I don’t think I’ve ever seen organic grapes hit $0.99/lb.

Here are a few recipe ideas from the Whole Foods Market site:

You can freeze grapes for smoothies, but I’d love to hear additional thoughts for using grapes up (besides just eating them raw, of course!).


  1. Janet says

    Frozen grapes are a great snack by themselves too. A cool and sweet treat! Amazing how it seems to concentrate the sugars!

  2. Anne says

    Thanks for the tip. We have errands to run near Whole Food this week so I might just check it out for the first time for this sweet deal!


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