How to host a coupon party

Balloon Yesterday, I met a new friend at Toys R' Us.  We were both in the Thomas section of the store picking out free trains for our sons.  One of the things we got to chatting about was coupon parties.  While I've never hosted or attended any "formal" coupon party, my friends and I will occasionally get together and swap coupons so I thought I'd share with you today what we do in case you'd like to do something similar.

  1. Keep it simple.  Don't spend a lot of money for this type of get together – that defeats the purpose of learning to be frugal!  We usually just have a potluck where everyone brings a dish or appetizer to share.  You could also be creative and request that guests bring something made from their stockpile – no extra shopping allowed.   
  2. Bring your coupons to swap.  In my opinion, swapping coupons on the spot is a MUCH better way to build up a stash of coupons as opposed to purchasing them on Ebay or involving yourself with complicated trades online.  At the last get together I attended, some of us pulled coupons out that were up for grabs and others just passed around our binders or inserts.  I ended up with lots of coupons for stuff we use and was able to give away many I'm sure my friends could put to better use than me.  

  3. Bring your best deals to share.  Ask everyone to bring a couple of their best receipts and/or items to encourage the group.  Have each person explain their shopping scenario.   I often learn so much by hearing how someone else came up with a great deal! 

  4. Bring goodies from your stockpile to swap.  Have too much salad dressing on hand?  Picked up free cat food recently even though you don't have a cat?  Swapping and sharing items is a great way to build a community of friends that looks out for one another's needs.  I highly recommend it.

  5. Sift out expired coupons.  As you go, create a pile for expired coupons.  Then designate one or two people to donate them to overseas military families which can use them for up to 6 months past the expiration dates.  Share the coupon love!

  6. Report back on store deals and tips.  My friends and I have talked about this, but haven't done it yet.  Assign a store to each person in the group and have them "report back" at the party with everything that can learn about shopping there.  This might include: coupon policies, rewards deals, when the store restocks, when the store marks down meat & produce, best times to shop, etc.

  7. Gather 'round a computer or laptop.  If you're able, this is a great time to share favorite blogs, coupon forums, and other Internet resources with one another.  Some of the sites are fun to discover as a group.

Gold Balloon If you have friends that are interested in learning about how to coupon, this is a great way to share with them and walk them through the process.  In fact, it was at a similar party that a good friend of mine showed me what she was doing and inspired me to start couponing.  Saving money is great, but sharing it with a friend (or two) makes it all the more enjoyable.     

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  1. Lani says

    I live in Federal Way and we (my kids and myself) enjoy cutting coupons out of the sunday newspaper, although I am having troubles making a difference at all in my bills. do u have ne tips or groups that get together and maybe do some meal prep too. between working, taking care of the house and kids with school/after school activities is quite a chore and very costly.

  2. says

    Lani, my first question would be: are you using your coupons on store sales? Most of my savings come from watching store coupons. If you just use coupons, you will likely not see a significant dent in your budget.

    Have you read the coupon lessons I wrote? I just finished them and worked really hard to explain how to save a lot on groceries – not just coupon. You can find them in the October Coupon Lessons category of my blog. I hope you will read them. I put a lot of time and thought into explaining how to really make a difference in your bill.

    Finally, I need to be very careful about opening up a coupon party/freezer meal for all my readers. While it would be fun, logistically (time/money/space) this isn’t something I can do. However, I encourage you to gather a few friends or coworkers together, and find some time to meet and discuss how you might help one another out in learning how to coupon shop and make some freezer meals.

  3. Jill says

    I am definitely going to do this…I just found your site tonight and LUV LUV LUV the tracker…THANKS SOOO MUCH!! I was trying to plan a coupon party for moms in my community and love all your ideas…I’ll let ya know how it goes…THANKS AGAIN for all of your HARD work!!

  4. Paula Gardner says

    I just decided this am to have a coupon party in my community. I don’t know anybody else that coupons. I loved your ideas. Sent out 700 facebook invites to get feed back about when and where. Hope it comes to fruition.

  5. says

    Hey! This is my first visit to your blog! We are a group of volunteers and starting a new initiative
    in a community in the same niche. Your blog provided us valuable information to work
    on. You have done a marvellous job!

  6. Jo says

    This is the third time I have run across your blog while couponing. I also live in the Federal Way area and our community is having a coupon party next week. If anyone is interested in going it will be hosted in our ipper office cabana. If anyone is interested in coming, please email me at for details. I have beem hoping to start a coupon exchange, train or community circle and this would be a great way to meet others in the area with the same hobby! :)

    P.S. Love the blog :)

    I will be there with tons of coupons :)


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