In stores only: Old Navy Clearance sale!

I’ve gotten several emails lately about Old Navy, so here’s what I found out.

Old Navy is having a clearance sale with prices of up to 80% off in-stores only. This sale runs from today (the 14th) through Monday (the 17th).

Additionally, you may be able to score a coupon for your purchase over at the Old Navy Facebook page. When I tried I got a $5-off-$50 value. Happy shopping!

Thanks, Money Saving Mom!


  1. Misty says

    I got $15 off $75, I tried it twice: one time with my fiance’s account and one time with my FB account.

  2. Jen says

    I just returned from the Burlington Old Navy where they are offering an additional 40% on clearance merchandise.

    I spent 110.00 (after tax and 10% coupon-online survey).
    Regularly priced (full tag price) 414.50.

    This is roughly 75% off! And they had a decent selection, not to picked over.

    I got lots of back to school shopping done for my daughter, holiday sweaters for next year for my husband and teen son, a few pair of jeans and a sweater for myself and a few Christmas tees for my niece. (25 items total).

  3. says

    O.K….I feel like a weird TCP stalker commenting again today, but here’s my report:
    First, I saw quite a few good deals for littler kids. I thought there was less for bigger ones, but I’m sure that’s ymmv.
    Second, ON tags are often wrong. Some of the stuff I found was actually a better deal when I got to the register.
    Third, This is the weekend that ON has historically done an extra half off clearance. I don’t know whether they will eventually do that or not. Some of the stuff I got was as cheap as I’ve gotten in the past; other stuff was a little more. One final thing….I’m so cheap that I’ve got stuff in my closet from Old Navy sales two years ago, and I can tell you for sure that their sizes have gotten smaller-my oldest has some 5/6 pants that are longer than the 6/7 I got today. If you’re interested, here’s what I picked up: weird, orange color flip flops for swim lessons .50 each
    canvas “camo,” pattern pants 5.00
    water bottle 3.00
    sweat pants 2.50
    fleece pajama bottoms 2.50
    cute fuzzy slippers in “Monster,” and “Soccer Ball” 2.50 each
    I tried to find enough to use the 10/50 coupon I got, but there just wasn’t enough in my sizes. Hth someone!

  4. Heidi says

    I didn’t find anything at my ON here in Kennewick. I did, however, find amazing deals at Walking Company (Ariat clog on clearance plus 25% off – saved 77% overall), Gymboree (clearance + Gymbucks saved me 67% overall) and Coldwater Creek (80% off overall). At Coldwater, they are having an amazing clearance sale with EVERYTHING on sale or clearance is an additional 30% off. I got jeans for $13 and shells for under work jackets for $3.50 (knit) and $10 (sleaveless sweaters). Their jackets were also as low as $20 after everything. It was a really good trip!

  5. Amy Cathey says

    I went to the Old navy fan page and got a $10 of $50 purchase coupon. I’m going to use that with the $55 merchandise credit I have and spend next to nothing on hopefully a lot of great stuff.