New Keurig Rebate Offer – get up to $50 back on a brewer

UPDATE 1/28/13: Please, PLEASE note that the site you are reading is not It is a personal blog. I do not receive, process, or make payments on rebate offers. If you are having problems getting your rebate fulfilled, DO NOT contact me as I cannot help you. You can track your rebate online at their website or call them at (855) 843-1447 for help. Again, do NOT contact me and definitely DO NOT leave personally identifying information about yourself here in the comment section.


Woah – wait! Don’t throw those Sunday papers in the recycle or compost bin just yet!

You might want to go back and pull this puppy out:

Keurig Rebate Details

Here are the eligible brewer models for the rebate. There is a list of (2) brewer rebates per household. Where possible, I’ve included an Amazon link to the product.

  1. Purchase a Keurig Vue V700 Brewer, get a $50 rebate. (Currently: $224 on Amazon.)
  2. Purchase a Keurig Vue Professional V1255 Brewer, get a $50 rebate.
  3. Purchase a Vue V600 Brewer, get a $40 rebate.
  4. Purchase a Keurig K-Cup OfficePro B155 Brewer, get a $50 rebate. (Currently: $224 on Amazon.)
  5. Purchase a Keurig K-Cup Platinum Plus B70 Brewer, get a $35 rebate.
  6. Purchase a Keurig K-Cup Platinum B70 Brewer, get a $35 rebate. (Currently: $174 on Amazon*)
  7. Purchase a Keurig K-Cup Special Edition B60 Brewer, get a $30 rebate. (Currently: $143 on Amazon.)
  8. Purchase a Keurig K-Cup Signature B60 Brewer, get a $30 rebate. (Currently: $163 on Amazon**)
  9. Purchase a Keurig K-Cup OfficePro B145 Brewer, get a $25 rebate. (Currently: $144.99 on Amazon.)
  10. Purchase a Keurig K-Cup Elite B40 Brewer, receive a $25 rebate. (Currently: $119 on Amazon.)
  11. Purchase a Keurig K-Cup Classic B40 Brewer, receive a $25 rebate.
  12. Purchase a Keurig K-Cup MINI Plus B31 Brewer, receive a $20 rebate. (Currently: $85 on Amazon + $10 shipping.)

There are a couple additional rebate offers you can use in conjunction with the above. Just note you would need to buy any of these items in the same transaction you buy the brewer.

  1. Purchase any Keurig Brewed Accessory with any of the brewers listed above and receive $5 per accessory (limit 2 per household).
  2. Purchase any Keurig Brewed K-Cup or Vue Packs (10 ct or larger) with any of the Keurig brewers listed above and receive $1 per pack (limit 4 per household).
* The B70 is a package deal that comes with a reusable filter and 60 K-Cups. So you could submit for an additional $6 in rebates, getting $41 total back.
* The Signature B60 includes a reusable filter. So you could submit for an additional $5 in rebates, getting $35 total back. 

In order to take advantage of this offer, you will need the original rebate form (I found mine in my Sunday paper), plus your 0riginal dated receipt (or online purchase invoice) dated between Sept 25 – Oct 28th, plus your original UPC codes. Submissions must be postmarked by 11/28/12.

Find a great way to use the rebate? Share away!


  1. JT says

    Thanks for your post by the way on the Keurig House Party. Because of your post we applied to host a part and were chosen. We are hosting one this weekend on Saturday. My wife is doing a girls night. We got our Keurig delivered last week and absolutely love the convenience of it. Makes making coffee so simple.

    Thanks again.

    • Dee says

      Be cautious of what is considered a Keurig “Accessory”. Keurig has yet to honor my rebate of the pod drawers and yet I have found no where on the form or otherwise that it is excluded.

  2. Tara says

    I purchased our Keurig from Sam’s Club. It came with the water filters, 36 kcups, & the reuseable coffee filters. I’m wondering if they’ll accept these as additional “accessories” since the rebate form looks like they had to be sepaarte purchases. Anyone know? Wondering how to mark the rebate form…thanks!

  3. Jane Dubson says

    I mailed rebate information(I followed the mailing instructions listed on the rebate form) on 11/8/12 & you emailed a rebate tracking #. The information indicated that it was invalid because you did not receive everything necessary for the rebate to be honored. I have no idea what I did not send you since I included everything mentioned on the rebate form.

  4. Nancy Knox says

    Bought a Keurig on 10/29 and was given the rebate info by the store clerk; but apparently the deal expired on 10/28. harrumph. And now it’s 11:30 pm on 11/28 so I guess I just missed this deal 2 ways.

    • arussell says

      Nope! Not me – I’m not Keurig, just a blogger over here! I would def. reach out to Keurig’s customer service department. Good luck!

  5. Maxine M. Elbon says

    I purchased a Keurig Coffeemaker at Kohls on Oct 23, 2012 and mailed in my receipt along with the rebate form which showed in print the UPS number on the coffeemaker box. This was mailed to you on Oct 26, 2012 and I received an email notice that I would not get the rebate due to lack of complete requested material. This is not correct I sent all material requested for the rebate. I expect you to honor my request. I only have copy of the original items which were sent to you, but if you like I can send a copy of the copy. Based on the above emails your company is not to be trusted to stand behind their rebate offers. I expect a prompt reply. Thank you,
    Maxine M. Elbon

    • arussell says

      Goodness, I’m not sure how many more times I can say this, but I am not affiliated or associated with Keurig in any way, shape or form. I’m just a gal that runs a blog finding deals and I found this rebate and shared it.

      Please contact Keurig directly at Good luck.

  6. Donna Gomes says

    Just reading this. Am looking to see IF there is a rebate form available current now. Just purchased 12/6/12 Model B140
    Thanks for any response

  7. Nancy Kratochvil says

    I just purchased a Keurig K cup with Christmas money and wondered if there are any rebates for it. Thanks for any help. I love the coffee.

  8. Cathryn Nast says

    I purchased your Elite-model B40 single cup home brewing system from Kohl’s in Wilkesboro,N.C on 10/19/2012. I filled out the rebate form completely and included all forms including the original receipt with the item circled expecting a rebate by return mail. As of this date I hve received nothing from you including no notification. Please be kind enough to advise me of my next step as by mailing you the original paperwork I now only have copies. Am very satisfied with your product and am enjoying it fully however, I am not satisfied with the handling of your rebate with this promotion. Please advise .

    • Angela Russell says


      You need to contact Keurig directly. This is a personal blog run by me. I do not receive or process rebates. I am a blogger. Please contact them directly. I’ve removed your personally identifying information as anyone could see it that visits my site. Good luck.

  9. HeatherNOhio says

    People listen your all idiots. This blogger stated she’s not keurig! Hello. Duh.
    But keurig did scam us all! I never got my rebate back from oct 2012!
    Kohls sale! What’s going on here. Hmmmmm.


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