Making Holiday Wishes Come True: Help still needed!

I wanted to update everyone on the Making Wishes Come True contest! As you may recall, Fred Meyer graciously gifted (2) deserving families with $250 gift cards, and (3) additional families with $50 gift cards! And after that, they were able to give an additional (10) $25 gift cards!

Some of you were so inspired by Fred Meyer’s generosity and the stories I shared from readers that you’ve offered to step in and help. I’ve been continuously working behind the scenes to ensure as many families are helped as possible.

As of this posting, 28 families have either received help, or have been matched with someone who has offered to help them! And, approximately $1,500 in gift cards and/or gifts have gone to help these families ($900 of which was from Fred Meyer)! Each of these families has received a gift of at least $20 in value. From the bottom of my heart, THANK YOU to everyone who has generously helped a family or two. I also want to add that a portion of the credits and proceeds earned through this site have gone on to help families. So thank you to everyone who’s taken advantage of the Vitacost deal (please consider it if you haven’t yet!), purchased a Groupon, or even printed off a few coupons – whether knowingly or not, your support of this site has funneled into supporting deserving families!

I’ve also reached out to every family who initially wrote in for the Making Holiday Wishes Come True Contest to confirm if help was still truly needed or not. I still have 36 families who could really use some help, and 10 I’ve not heard from (so please, check your email if you haven’t in awhile).

I Would Like to Help!

If you can help a fellow Coupon Project family in need, the best way would be to send your monetary gift or Fred Meyer gift card donation to my post office box. I am now checking it daily in hopes of turning these gifts right around to the families who need them most. If you’d like to help, I’m asking you make a donation of at least $25 per family.

Angela Russell
PO Box 23242
Federal Way, WA 98003

Of course, if you’d prefer to email me ahead of time or if you have any questions – just email me at angela @ thecouponproject dot com.

My wish this Christmas is to see as many of these families helped as possible. Thank you for helping that happen!


  1. Morgan Holmes says

    Hi Angela! I responded to your email but never received a response from you. I just wanted to make sure you got it.

  2. Stephanie Vargas says

    Hi Angela!

    Gift cards are in the mail. I will tweet about this tomorrow and link to this post–maybe my kind followers will be moved to pitch in. Are you open to gift cards from other stores? I was thinking about writing store managers to see if they would kick in a card.

  3. Holly says

    It’s incredible that so many are wanting to help. What’s more incredible are the number of families needing help. We have two giving trees at my work, another at my church, and the elementry school across the street from the church has 13 families living in their cars. Needless to say where our help will be going. My point is, that if someone doesn’t or can help you with the blessings that are being bestowed through this blog, look around your community. I guarrantee that any help someone recieves is extremely appreciated.
    Angela, I would love to see a series sometime on different ways people could help in their own communities. I know that in these economic times not everyone has money that can be given, but it would be great to hear some thirfty but helpful things being done to make a difference. Just a thought. Your blog is very helpful and I know that I’m not the only one who appreciates all of the work you put into it. Have a Merry Christmas

    • arussell says

      Hi Holly – of course, wherever people help – it’s wonderful! I recently wrote this post that suggested specific places people could offer or receive help in my community – and there were many helpful comments left: Some of the ideas in that post would apply no matter where someone was located.

      As I started running this contest, I had people email me specifically want to help some of the families featured or those who were in still need of help, and I wanted to formalize a way to make that happen. Thanks.

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