Mega Brands Toy Outlet Holiday Sale (Fife) = this Wednesday!

Several of you have tipped me off that the Mega Brands Outlet in Fife is having their holiday sale starting this Wed (11/16) and running through Sat (11/19).

(Thanks, Redonna for the image!)

Mega Brands Toy Outlet is located at 2511 70th Avenue East; Fife, WA 98424. The last time I heard, they accept CASH ONLY. (Can anyone confirm?)

For more information, check out the Mega Brands Toy Outlet Facebook page.

I know that many of you are fans of this sale – but I’ve never shopped it. Can any of you share any tips about this sale? 


  1. Jen says

    Yes it is cash only. I plan on going but not sure which day yet. They do have an ATM available but I recommend coming with cash already in hand.

  2. Mae says

    Cash only. Lots of fun stuff. Crafts, school/office supplies, fun magnet sets, felt posters, mega bloks (lego type pieces), etc.

    Always have a Toys for Tots drive too. It’s always nice to give back and they make it so convenient!

  3. says

    The big news is they’re now on Facebook! They have it set up as a person, so you have to, “Friend,” them, but it’s definitely progress!

    My advice is to wear a sweater because it’s in a warehouse, and it’s going to be COLD!

    There is also a sale coming up Saturday at Toysmith in Sumner. I kept meaning to send you a heads-up. Does this count? lol…..I haven’t been to this one. It’s also cash only, and only on Saturday.

    • arussell says

      Maegen, feel free to post a link to my Facebook page to your blog post when it’s up as I will be away this week and may not have time to post about it. 😉 You’ve got my OK to do that.

      • says

        Sure thing, Angela.

        I should say I couldn’t pry a bit of advice from the gal there, so if someone knows anything about this one, I do hope they’ll share!
        I forgot you had your trip coming up. Hope it’s a relaxing one!

        • arussell says

          Well we’re taking the kids to Disney, so as relaxing as that can be! 😉

          In all seriousness, I’m giddy to leave tomorrow. I have a funny feeling I could tear up when we hit Main Street. I’ve become such a sap in my old age… 😉

  4. says

    I have been to the Toysmith one once. It was VERY crowded but there were some deals to find. Mainly they were little stocking stuffer kinds of items. Think goodie bag fillers for birthday parties. Be ready to stand in line for a while (so my advice don’t bring the kids) and possibly bring your own box or reusable bag as they don’t provide any

  5. Sarah B says

    I went this afternoon. It wasn’t very exciting. Prices were only a few dollars cheaper than Amazon. Plus I had to drive there from Renton. Bought a few mega bloks things. If you need art supplies or like fuzzy posters or had a 1 year old…there’s lots of stuff, but I was buying for a 3 year old boy. I’d be interested to hear about the Toysmith event when you know more information.

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