More changes coming to Albertsons Twice the Value coupon policy

Yesterday, I had the opportunity to speak with the folks from Albertsons/SuperValu over the phone about the current direction of their Twice the Value (aka “double”) coupons. I want to let you know what I learned, and then would love to have you weigh in.

I also have a couple bits of happy news to share with you. We’ll start there, shall we?

First a bit of good news

Recently I shared how Albertsons customers in Wyoming and Montana would no longer be a part of the Twice the Value coupon program.

After fielding many comments, Albertsons has decided to reinstate them. These customers truly are passionate about this offering. So Wyoming and Montana readers, congrats, you can look for two double coupons in your Sunday paper this week. You can expect to find them in the following papers:

  • Klamath Falls Herald
  • Casper Star-Tribune
  • Bozeman Daily Chronicle
  • Gillette News Record
  •  Sheridan Press
  • Cheyenne WY Tribune/Eagle
  • Billings Gazette
  • Great Falls Tribune
  • Laramie Boomerang
  • Missoula Missoulian

Additionally, I’ve learned that a few of the grand prizes have yet to be discovered in the Sizzlin’ Summertime Giveaway, so next week July 31 – August 2 will be double bonus coupons days in an attempt to give those prizes away! So watch for your chance to win next week.

The Changes that are coming

When Albertsons set the Twice the Value program in place, the coupons were intended to be treated as special promotions, in addition to the savings they already offer. However, they have become an expected promotion. Additionally, Albertsons has seen a spike in recent months in customers using the double coupons in ways they never intended. 

In an effort to mitigate the abuse of the coupons and also reinstate the coupons to the Montana and Wyoming customers, Albertsons has decided to give two double coupons to all regions now. Therefore, this week you can look to receive two double coupons in your newspaper. This way instead of one area getting three coupons and another getting none, Albertsons will distribute the same amount of coupons – two – across both areas.

The number and frequency of the double coupons will now be in flux- remember, these are a nicety and not a promise. Bottom line, don’t count on three double coupons every other week anymore.

My Response

If you’ve been following my blog for any length of time, you can probably guess exactly what I think about all this.

  • Your actions matter. If you ever wonder why I take such pains to make sure deals here adhere to coupon guidelines and why I stick my neck out for common sense couponing – this is why. I would encourage you to consider this and do your part to ensure that the Twice the Value coupons stick around.
  • I’m glad they aren’t gone forever. I told Albertsons that I think I speak for my readers here when I say I’d rather see them change the program up than do away with them altogether. But even then, who knows? If people continue to use these not as intended, yes, I do think it’s possible we’ll see the end of this program (this is my own hunch ONLY, not based on my conversation with Albertsons yesterday). (Refer to bullet #1).
  • Albertsons has to protect their interests. At the end of the day, Albertsons is a business and they have to take measures that will protect their interests and keep them profitable, too. But I have been impressed with how much Albertsons does care about wanting to hear from their shoppers, and yes, couponers, about how they can work together for a pleasant shopping experience.
  • Remember, doublers are one piece of the pie. Remember my post awhile ago on What if there was a coupon apocalypse? This is the sort of thing I was talking about. Don’t get so hung up on one way of saving that you miss other pieces of the savings pie. If you follow my blog, you know that I try to portray a wide range of savings options including freezer cooking, gardening, and online shopping. I choose to see the glass as half full and this site will continue to remain ever committed to being an upbeat, optimistic site to get your deals.

Albertsons is listening, and they are continuing to develop this program in ways that will incent their customers but still make sense for them as a business. However, before you start blasting their Facebook with negative “I’m never shopping there again!” messages, I would encourage you to consider things from their end, too. Remember, we are not entitled to double coupons, they have been a special offering to us these past couple years.

I would love to have you weigh in now. What do you think of these changes? Do you have any suggestions for Albertsons might keep this program, mitigate abuse, and still make it worthwhile for customers?


  1. says

    Excellent post. I’ll admit, I rarely shop at Albertsons unless it’s utilizing the Twice the Value coupons, however, I realize they need to ensure they stay in the black. Losing money means stores close & that means people lose jobs.

    Honesly, the TTV coupons are a nice bonus. No one is entitled to any coupon, something we should all remember in our quest for savings.

  2. suzie davey says

    well the reason this is all happening is because of the people that abuse these twice the value coupons, ones that steal papers to get those coupons even from the store stealing them, at least at the 1 I shop at, I on the other hand buy my papers to use…the checker told me where I go that the store doesn’t actually get compensated for the twice the value coupons, unlike a manufacterer coupon. It stinks but at least they aren’t taking them away altogether!

    • Beth says

      For most of us, that’s true… seems people were using them as a lot more than $2 off… when they steal or expect multiple copies of TTV to be given to them at customer service… they are saving a lot more than $2, but the stores aren’t making that money, either! I feel for Albertsons since they’ll look like the “bad guy” to the couponers and shoppers who live like they are entitled to more savings.

      • arussell says

        Beth, that’s exactly what bums me out over this. If you head to their Facebook page, you’ll see they are certainly taking a hit for this. It’s sad really. These were never a promise, only a nice incentive.

  3. gina pittman says

    I do agree that we have to be positive with Albertsons, but on the other side alot of us buy our reg stuff there while we do our coupon stocking up. And driving to my local Albies takes me 25 min one way.
    It was just covering the gas.
    I do understand and I am starting to really think people that are rude and nasty to their Albertsons employees because they want ” Extreme Savings” without all the knowledge it takes to do it and the 40+ hrs it takes. I am not willing to put that much effort in this and am happy with just regular couponing. I just hope they don’t take it away. And to those that say the paper is 2 bucks and the savings is 2 bucks, do they just buy it for doublers or for the coupons which more than make up the 2 bucks for a paper?( I only pay $1 per paper due to the subscription so to me they are just a added bonus:)

  4. Dsperin says

    My immediate reaction is one of apathy. I haven’t shopped at Albertsons since the influx of new couponers started clearing shelves in the wee hours each Sunday, so I don’t particularly care. In fact, I’m kind of glad that Albertsons is cracking down on their doublers–I’m just wondering if the new limit is going to be 2 per transaction…. ?

  5. Sadie says

    I agree that people shouldn’t expect them. I went to their facebook page and am floored by all the negative comments they’ve received. People are so petty, it’s amazing.

    Thank you for keeping us informed on the changes and for your above board postings and practices. I really trust the deals I see on your site.

  6. Tammy says

    Angela, thank you for your mature and level headed commentary regarding this change! I am new to couponing and have greatly enjoyed the savings I have seen from the TTV coupons. However, I have had my fill of the complaining and negative commentary when companies seek to protect their profit margins and restore sanity in their stores. Since the stores have made changes, I rarely find empty shelves when I wish to partake in advertised weekly savings (well, except from my local Walgreens).

    I am grateful to all of you who helped me realize the coupons are an amazing way to save. I have worked multiple jobs for years to pay for my scuba diving passion. My health really can no longer take the long hours and stress. I started this year with a goal of finding a way to shave $3,000 from our family budget so I would not need to work the 2nd or 3rd job. Coupons have been my answer! Our entire family is more frugal as a result. To that end, I say we have achieved success regardless of the changes that may occur with coupon policies. We will never spend the same again!

  7. Annie says

    Ok.. I say and re act this way – 90% of my savings comes from shopping sale cycles.. NOT coupons. (yes adding coupons in helps but in reality – how much.. $100 of the $1000 savings?) Couponing has taught me to be patient and then stock up (3 months at a time) on the items when they go on sale. If all coupons stopped I’d still go to albertsons.. who else offers 79 cent split fryer breasts? OR creamer for $1 without coupons? Sales cycles are more critical then TTV or even regular coupons – so lets breathe.. just a minute.. or 50 :)

    • arussell says

      BINGO!! We have a winner!!

      This is exactly why I spend so much time harping on what goes on sale, and when. 😉

    • Jenna says

      Amen. Well said. This too is what I am learning about couponing. I love figuring out the sale cycles.

  8. Susan says

    I’m not surprised at all of the change and have been expecting it. As a long time couponer and friend of checkers, I’ve been hearing complaints of too many that abuse the system.

    I’m thankful they have offered us doublers as many stores don’t. If you have a price point for products, the deals are still out there to get, you just have to research and look.

  9. Amanda says

    All the people who would dare complain about the 2 vs. 3 ttv coupons should remember, us here in NM and west TX don’t even get TTV coupons at our Albertson’s. Yes we have an Albertson’s store just like yours up north, but we only get a random promotion which doubles our .50 or less coupons and triples our .33 or less coupons. We never even get the chance to double a $1 coupon, that would be AMAZING!!!! So just remember that the TTV you all get are a privilege, not a right.

  10. cwest says

    The area I live in has never received TVCs in Albertson’s ads. It sounds like they are trying to be fair to everyone — giving to some and taking from others. At least this sounds more equitable.

  11. Amber H says

    First let me say I love, love, love your blog. I have commented several times on how I like your level-headed, helpful and fair approach to ANY topic you cover (coupons included). Now, as for my take on the doubles, etc., etc….
    I have been coupon-ing and following these blogs (yours & a couple others) for about a year now. I get one Sunday paper delivered and that is it. I do not buy additional papers (I can’t afford it) and I don’t ask my neighbors/family for inserts (most of them do not get or buy the paper). I live 30 min. away from the closest Albertsons (as well as Winco, Walmart & Rite-Aid). I have a 2 year old that is ALWAYS with me & a husband who works graveyard, so any trip I take is with her in tow & around his schedule. We have an extremely limited income so I cannot often stock up on deals unless they are VERY cheap (like under a dollar or so). ALL OF THIS BEING SAID:
    I STILL have managed to get a stockpile going. I have 19 bottles of laundry detergent, a few months worth of feminine hygiene products, 4 toothbrushes, about 8 tubes of toothpaste, about 200 Finish dishwasher tabs, 20 boxes of pasta, 10 or so boxes of cereal and a few other random things (spices, fruit snacks, condiments, etc.). My stockpile is not huge. But there is enough there that I do not have to buy many staples on our regular shopping trips (toothpaste, dishwashing soap, etc.) and ALL of that helps to keep our food budget low. We will use everything that we have. I have only once ever had 3 sets of doubles (when customer service used to have them available), have never cleared a shelf, have never made a special trip specifically to go to the grocery store (it’s too far) but I have still managed to get a stockpile going (and keep it relatively stocked), and cut our family’s grocery bill almost in half. It may have taken me awhile, but I STILL DID IT.
    Like you say, it will still be possible to get great deals, it will still be possible to keep a stockpile & keep your family’s grocery budget low. You do not have to be an EXTREME couponer to be an EFFECTIVE couponer.
    I’m not downplaying the frustration at the changes going on, etc., at all. It IS frustrating. I’m simply saying that there’s still hope, even with all the changes! 😛

    • Jill says

      A-freakin-men, Amber. I feel like I am in similar shoes – I simply do not have the time or money available to me in which to do some of the massive couponing trips that others do. I have a set grocery budget every week and I generally stick to one store that I know very well and have gotten used to their sale cycles. I don’t have the space in my home to stockpile, so I take advantage of the sales and match up coupons to make the best use of the money I will spend. On average, I save about $30-50 per bi-weekly shopping trip, with that total sometimes heading into the $70-range when it’s Rewards coupons time. :)

      I’d be lying if I said that I didn’t take advantage of some of the best deals (like a good freebie that I know I have a use for), when I have the time available to me. In the meantime, though, I’ll continue my EFFECTIVE couponing and keep knocking my grocery bill down. :)

  12. says

    My only negative thought is that I wish they’d enforced some common sense rules from the beginning. I think that would have made life (and shopping) easier for everyone.

    Thanks for getting the scoop on this and keeping it all in perspective.

  13. sue says

    Do you know if the policy of 3 transactions is still in place? I get 2 Sunday papers which will means 4 TTV coupons. I will only make a special trip to use them if I can do 2 transactions ( the checkers are pleasantly surprised when I only do 2 transactions) otherwise Albertsons doesn’t have very good prices, especially on produce so I prefer to go to Fred Meyers , produce stands or Costco although Winco sounds good

    • Reidun craig says

      I spoke with corporate today and they said you can do 4 per transaction/per family/per shopping trip. I spoke with a gentleman named John who put me on hold to find out from someone in charge.

      • Anon says

        That’s incorrect. It’s only 3 transactions in a row. And, it’s usually 3 ttv’s per transaction. You may want to call again

  14. Nathalie says

    I don’t think this is about people “abusing” the TTV, I think Albertsons just wants to make more money….which is fine. But the fact is if they print 1000 coupons and 1000 people use 1, or they print 1000 coupons and 1 person uses all 1000, Albertsons is still out the same amount.

    • arussell says

      I have to disagree with you on that based on the phone conversation I had with them yesterday.

      The word “abuse” most certainly WAS used.

      • Nathalie says

        I guess I just don’t understand how people are abusing them. Perhaps I’m Just not clever enough..LOL..
        I will continue to go to Albertsons when the deals are good, but it is the most expensive store in my neighbourhood.

        • Suzanne says

          I agree with Nathalie that Albertsons knows what their liability is when they print a finite number of coupons.
          However, when people abuse the program by stealing papers, hoarding TTV flyers, and making multiple trips through the check-out lane they are not hurting Albertsons, they are hurting the rest of us who are just trying to be considerate while saving money on our groceries!

          • Holly Reed says

            Well, actually, they are hurting Albertsons. Think about your average Jane shopper that buys a paper. She doesnt coupon, so she doesnt know to look for the TTV coupons(that have been stolen), so she just goes to her local grocery store wherever and goes about her day. Had the coupons been there, she might have browsed through that weeks Smartsource and seen a coupon for her favorite shampoo for a dollar, then seen the TTV coupons and though, , “WOW 2 dollars off” Ill go grocery shopping there this weekend. Where she will buy all her other groceriest too. These coupons are an advertisement, The idea is to get them out to as many people as possible and get them through the doors. Thats how they make money. When 1 person steals, and uses 1000 inserts, thats 1000 potential customers that advertisment doesnt reach. Extreme couponers do not make stores money, average consumers do. Its those average consumers out there paying full price that keep the stores in the black.

            • Jayme Logan says

              That is absolutly true. At the end of the day the amount of hours your cashier gets and whether or not your local store hires anyone comes down to sales. If a store grocery or retail does not hit their sales goal (which is the total you pay at check out) people start to get laid off and stores close. There are people out there abusing the system and abusing your cashiers when ever they are questioned and they are ruining it for the rest of us. Bottom line if you like the store and the people that work there buy your staples there and help your cashier keep their hours and job.

  15. tia says

    i have to say i’m confused…what was the “abuse” the albertsons rep was referring to? (worried i may have abused the system!)

    i’ve never been rude (duh!) with my alb’s cashiers–know my faves by name–have never expected doublers—have always asked before shopping if they still have some at check-out. (i would use my own doubles first—if someone got in line, i’d pull my cart around and go back through.) if there were still deals to be had when i ran out of doublers, i would come back on monday and tuesday and use those that they gave out. what nathalie had to say makes sense to me—i used some of what they had available—i wasn’t a hog about it–SOMEONE would be using them.

    did other areas have a fantastic candy/Coke deal at the beginning of summer? if you bought 2 single bottle Cokes and 2 Mars candy bars, they ended up being free–after doublers (except tax)? people went CRAZY for this deal at my Alb’s, and they ran out of doublers late Monday night. the last time we had doublers, they also ran out—those are the only two times, to my knowledge, that they ran out.

    i’m really curious about what TTV abuse looks like.

    • arussell says

      Oh trust me, I asked that. 😉

      That was information that they could not share, and I completely respect that and would not wish to get anyone in trouble over.

      My best guess though? 😉 Doublers have been used to excessive levels by a certain segment of the shoppers. There may well be other factors that I wouldn’t reasonably be able to guess at. Clearly, it’s not been as rosy for Albertsons as it has been for couponers.

      I’m just impressed they haven’t said – this is more trouble than it’s worth, forget it.

      • says

        I have a few Albertsons close enough to shop depending on what other errands/rehearsals/meetings I have to go to. One of them used to leave stacks of extra doubles on top of the self-serve checkout. Coupon abuse is the person who grabbed EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM!!! That behavior is what gives couponers a bad name! Picture her going through the line 100 times to use all her doubles. Or traveling to another Albies to use some of them…the gas alone makes this a fruitless endeavor. Even if they had 3 TTV every week, the most I would save over another store is $3, and it costs me that much in gas unless I’m stopping on the way to or from somewhere. Certainly not worth a special trip!

        • Lissa says

          While I never grabbed stacks of doublers from customer service, I would ask for or take 3 sets at the beginning of my shopping trip if available. I did also shop at multiple stores but that was because there are about 5 stores within a couple miles of my normal route from work-home-other errands depending on the route I would take. I almost never shopped on Sundays, if it was a week with a lot of deals I would usually start on Monday, but otherwise I would often be shopping on Tuesday evening and at that point I felt like the customer service doublers were pretty much fair game. Often times they were gone or only one sheet left at a cash register at that point. I never used more than 9 at any store, didn’t take things out to the car and come back in, etc. But there were definitely weeks that I hit 3 stores a day a couple days in a row. But I was very lucky that there were generally lots of coupons available at customer service and I live in an area saturated with Albertsons. I’ve managed to stock up a lot on certain deals with doublers, but all these new restrictions mean is that I can still get the deals, I just won’t be getting as much of them. And hopefully there will be more in stock!!

  16. Holly says

    I honestly don’t understand why they don’t just double every coupon up to a dollar. At least just one day a week. So many stores all over the country do and keep their doors open. I only buy what is on sale at albertsons, and only if it is a really good deal. Otherwise I think most of their prices are the highest in town. I go to each store in my town for the super sale items, and only buy what is on sale or if I have a good coupon for an item. If ONE store would start doubling every coupon I would shop there exclusively. They instead would get all my business including non sale items. I would think they would rather sell me all their products rather than just the lose leaders. This is the only way I can afford to shop for a family of 5 on a single income. I fall into the don’t qualify for food stamps, but struggling along. Also, I don’t understand why they don’t order extra of products they know they will run out of? On my trip last week, more than half the items I was there for were sold out. On another note when I use ttv I typically buy items I wouldn’t normally buy because with out a coupon & a ttv I couldn’t afford it. So I use them for specal treats or items be can’t normally buy.

    • Heather says

      I agree with you completely. I would do ALL my shopping at one store if they had 1 or 2 days a week they doubled all coupons up to 1$. The one way we can make it on one income is to go from store to store or pick and choose what stores have the best deals. I am just starting out and still trying to understanding this couponing thing. For my family it has been great!!! I don’t know how I ever lived without using coupons. I have always searched clearance racks but rarely used coupons until Albertson’s. Thanks everyone for shedding light on couponing!

  17. jolene says

    I really haven’t used my TTV’s in awhile. I’ve been giving mine to a friend who will actually use them. I really hate breaking up transactions. I prefer the Mega Sales when there is $5 off 10 participating items. I also shop the sales cycles. Thanks for the heads up in January for Quaker Oatmeal. I haven’t had to buy oatmeal in 6 months. I wish people would realize that roughly every 3 months products go back on sale. Right now people are acting like the TTV’s are the only way to say money. Everything can’t be free. If Alberton’s gives everything away they won’t be able to stay in business. Remember TTV’s are store coupons. They just lose that money. The idea is to get you in the door so you will also buy your milk and produce. I think there will always be a way to save money because they will always be trying to get you through the door.

    • arussell says

      I agree – I am LOVING the mega sales! I always prefer them to Catalina transactions because they 1) involve less transactions and 2) are easier to correct at checkout if there is an error. 😉

      Glad you were able to catch the oatmeal sale! I’ve noticed oatmeal goes on sale in the fall, too – though usually not as hot as January. I’ll be waiting for it though!

  18. Erica says

    Thankyou so much for the follow up! I was a little sad when I spoke to my favorite cashier and he told me about some of the changes but as soon as he told me my response was positive. As a company they have been offering some amazing deals without coupons like Cat’s and instant savings. :)

  19. Michele says

    Just started couponing. Ive been liking the ttv coupons. My issue is that without the ttv coupons, albys is over priced. I buy my meat there but just about everything else is cheaper elsewhere. I can respect where they r coming from w regard to the ttv and eliminating abuse and restoring order. However, I think they need to look at their prices in comparison to other gritty stores. This will cost them customers.

  20. Claudia says

    I think there are a number of supermarkets in other parts of the country that simply have a double coupon day each week. In fact you can google those stores. So I’m not really buying the abuse part.

    For example, Rainbow stores have this posted at their site:

    Double Daze

    “Every Wednesday and Saturday now through October 1, 2011, you can save 100% more on manufacturers’ coupons. The manufacturer gives you a deal, and we double it. Redeem up to 5 manufacturers’ coupons worth up to $1 each and spend a minimum $25 in a single transaction, and we make those 5 coupons worth $10. Shop with us twice each week and save $20. That’s 100% more savings.”

    • arussell says

      Yes, I get that other stores double.

      Did you also know that in other parts of the country prices are different as are coupon values? There are a number of factors that play into this.

      I have to ask you this: if abuse is not a factor, why is Albertsons making this change? Because they like disappointing customers with random changes? Do you really and truly think it’s not the tiniest bit possible folks were misusing these coupons? Really?

      • Claudia says

        As someone who has seen the shelves cleared at say Walgreens, I definitely think some people abuse the coupon system.

        There are some awesome comments on this thread tonight!

        I think it says a lot for their PR & marketing dept. that they’ve decided to continue the program. I admire a company that admits it made a mistake (by removing the coupons). They spend a lot of money on research, etc… and if the double coupons were really costing them $$$, they wouldn’t have them.

        However, I’d think there are steps they could put in place such as require a minimum purchase or load a certain amount of double coupons on the Albertson’s cards per week/month, etc… to prevent the misuse.

      • Shannon says

        Having 2 doublers instead of 3 will not prevent abuse. If anything it will cause people to do more transactions which will just be more annoying for everyone involved. Also, having people do more transactions costs them money for every debit / credit card swipe they pay a fee. A lot of times with 3 sets of doublers I end up with a $1.xx transaction, a $2.xx transaction and a $6.xx transaction. 3 swipes of my debit card is what, a dollar for them in fees? Doesn’t make sense. Having 2 per transaction also really doesn’t allow you to take advantage of the “buy 10 mix and match” or “buy 4 get a free _____” promotions either. It affects the way we will purchase things at the store.

        As other people have stated, better ways to prevent abuse are A) removing their availability at customer service which they’ve supposedly done, or B) having a minimum purchase amount to use doublers.

        This is a bit frustrating for me, because getting my separate transactions ready and making sure they’re correct, as well as the actual checkout process is time consuming. It just makes me think this is the temporary solution until they remove them completely.

    • Meg says

      It’s that thing about spending $25 that makes it possible to do routine doublers. Even if you get your $10 off for your 5 doubled coupons, you are still spending $15 at Rainbow. Albertsons has no such policy, so you could do hundreds of free or almost free transactions, and all that Albertsons gets out of it is the value of the manufacturer coupon. That’s not great business sense, and too much of that could lead to stores closing. Then it’s a loss for everyone.

  21. Meg says

    Albertsons is one of the closer stores to my house, so they are my default “Oops, I ran out” store. When we get TTV, I love to use the 2 sets I get from my newspaper subscription to get the freebies (pasta!) and to cut the price on items I’ll be buying anyway. If I can get CoffeeMate for a dollar less than Fred Meyer, it’s a win! I’m not at all sad to see them change the policy. I’d rather have a couple to use once a month than for them to cut the promotion entirely.
    As for abuse… I’m not sure what Albertsons counts as abuse, but I’ve seen some examples that I would count as such. Back when they used to leave a stack of TTV by the carts, I watched a father and his two kids walk in, grab the WHOLE stack and run back to their idling minivan. I don’t know what that family planned on doing with over 300 TTV coupons, but I was dumbfounded. And also a little miffed that I now had to change my shopping plans, as there were no more coupons for me to use…
    Give me a mega sale, a catalina or two and some good manufacturer coupons and I’ll be happy.

  22. says

    The way I look at it is they will 2 coupons up to $1 each, so they are out $2 per customer. They lose way more than that on their regular sale items. Even if people do use more than that, look at the savings they advertise on meat, for example. “Save up to $3 per pound!” So for each pound of meat they sell they are losing that much. The couponers are not ripping Albertsons off with the double coupons. Many stores routinely double all your coupons up to $1. What’s the big deal, Albertsons? They need to reinstate the doublers available in the store, IMO.
    Also, people who come in to use the doublers are probably buying other things, including non-sales items. I don’t think they’re losing money on it.

    • Erica says

      I may be a rarity, but I can say that I never buy non-sale items at Albertsons when I am doing doublers shopping. I just can’t afford it. If it’s not on sale, I don’t buy it, and if it is a staple, I go to some place like Winco where I know I’m getting the lowest price. I would hazard a guess that I am not alone in this. I think there are a lot of coupon shoppers who ONLY buy the deals at Albertsons. So really, Albertsons is losing money if they have large amounts of coupon shoppers on a tight budget.

      I get what they are doing and I think it makes sense. I would love to see them give further incentives for me to buy more groceries at their stores. Reading through some of the responses Albertsons has made on their Facebook, I noticed this: “We are working on other programs that will allow our most loyal customers to participate in extra savings opportunities. ” I’m really excited to see what they come up with as I would love to be able to afford giving them more of my business!

      • arussell says

        Erica, yes I am with you and I think most of the hard core couponers are NOT buying non-sale items either.

  23. Chrissy says

    I’m confused in this matter. Thank you Angela for keeping your followers well informed; however, I’m not understanding your statement on how “Albertsons has seen a spike in recent months in customers using the double coupons in ways they never intended” If not for doubling coupons then for what? Do they not get reimbursed by the manufacturer for the face value of the Q? and then if they couldn’t afford to double the coupons, why have the program at all? I understand it’s not an entitlement, it’s an incentive, but when you take that away, honestly, there isn’t much left. I’ll admit if it weren’t for the TTV’s I would never have stepped foot in the Albies in my area. It’s run down and doesn’t have an appealing atmosphere to begin with, not to mention there’s only one left in my area and it’s way out of my way. Maybe the TTV abuse could have been eliminated if it’s employees had followed it’s policies by limiting the number of transactions per customer. I have seen people checking out with a ridiculous number of transactions. I understand good customer service, but where does the line get drawn, now everyone else suffers. As for those folks who run around stealing the TTV’s out of the paper and from the ad stands, it’s sick and pathetic.. If you’re that desperate for groceries… go apply for Foodstamps. Now I’ll get off my soapbox.

    • Carmen says

      “It’s run down and doesn’t have an appealing atmosphere to begin with”

      We must be referring to the same Albies :) I stopped shopping there all together. The cashiers are very rude. I stock up on mega sales from any store BUT Albertsons nowadays.

    • Amy says

      Employees tried to follow the policy BUT then A customer would complain all hell broke out for the employee tyring to follow policy and now managments view on this is give the customer
      WHATEVER they want right or wrong just make them happy because we do not want to lose out on that $1.00 sale

  24. Michele says

    I do not have a problem with there only being 2 double per paper, but I would appreciate it if our local paper carried the doubles.

  25. Twin Mom says

    Our local paper doesn’t carry doubles, though we have Albertson’s. I wish they’d send an e-mail letting us know when we have 2 (or 3 or whatever) TTV coupons and attach them to our Albertson’s card. Then, people can use only the permitted number, it’s not dependent on buying a physical paper (online is OK, for those of us who prefer that- good for the environment), and it’s hard for people to abuse the system.

    Albertson’s, please consider this!

  26. Jess says

    I have decided to not get too upset about it. It is a 25 minute drive for me to get there and it won’t be worth it. I’ve actually found a lot of the same deals at QFC without doublers.

  27. kelly says

    I think that we all need to remember that in this economy everyone is struggling including businesses. Albertson’s gets reimbursed for the manufacture coupons not their TTV coupons. I will admit it I never started couponing until I watched Extreme Couponing, I never used coupons and I never went to Albertsons either. I think with the populatirty of Extreme Couponing more and more people are starting to use coupons and this is where their spike came from. Until I started reading the blogs I had no idea what a TTV coupon was, and while they are nice and I would use them I almost always find better deals on sale at Albertsons just using normal coupons. I would rather get the catalina’s from the checkout than the doubler coupons, for me they are easier to use.
    My suggestion though is this instead of wasting all of that paper which most cost in the hundreds of thousands of dollars they should somehow link these coupons to your Albertsons Card. This way they would save money on printing cost, people would not be stealing them out of the newspapers, and they can ensure that this two policy is being followed. When people start taking advatage of the system then everyone unfortunatly loses out, which is why it is important for everyone to play by stores policies.

    • arussell says

      Just so you know, Albertsons has gotten that comment many times over.

      Based on the convo I had with them, they are definitely considering further improvements to the program. They couldn’t give any specifics, but suffice it to say they are listening. But of course, things take time. 😉

  28. rebecca says

    My husband works at the local Albertsons warehouse. So I guess I really hope they watch their profit margins. I like the cereal deals and use the “twice the value” coupons only about 4 times a year. For the really great deals.
    One tip… did you know that “save a lot” is owned by the company that bought Albertsons a few years ago? I find MANY deal prices at Save-a-lot, and I also shop winco.
    I guess my point is that it doesn’t take fifteen trips for free products to make couponing a money maker for both consumer (moms) and store. Coupons are merely a way to get the customer in the store. It shouldn’t mean that both store and product maker make no money on the sale.
    Please keep in mind, that we are all looking to keep the spending totals lower than the budget often allow to total. Spend wisely, but keep both sides in mind when shopping a “deal”.

  29. Melinda says

    Well I guess I’ll be the bad guy and say I disagree with Albertsons changing their policy. First, let me just say that the closet Albertsons to me is 25 minutes away and I was literally driving away from local Fred Meyer, Safeway and Thriftway that are within 5 miles of my house. Why was I willing to drive that far for Albertsons? Because of their TTV’s! I can guarantee you that I ended up spending more than Albertsons was losing on the TTV an I would be really interested to see their financial books and find out “IF” couponing has really hurt them. I know they are a business but I think other solutions would be to offer “paperless coupons” through their rewards cards. Imagine how much money would be saved in printing! Plus, you could limit the coupons that would be used and give customers the chance to perhaps “opt-in” (for a fee) for more TTV’s or coupons. I honestly don’t think they’ve thought this through. Albertsons prices are too high and definitely not worth it. I would rather go to Costco and buy their produce which is 10x more fresh.
    I have already made my opinion known to Albertsons but felt it necessary to be the “devil’s advocate” on here.
    Btw, I am not a hoarder, or someone that will empty a shelf. I won’t even buy more than I use, just to turn around and “give to charity”. That’s a load of crap. You’re taking away the deals of those people that are paying for their groceries (coupon or not) and giving it to charities to make yourself feel better and give something to someone who most likely abuses the system and takes the free food without hesitation.
    I am not a cynic, I am someone who is a single parent barely paying bills, but pays them non the less and gets tee’d off when the shelves are empty during a good deal because someone decided to hoard and give to charity.
    Ok, I’m done. I’m stepping off my soapbox. :-)

    • arussell says

      Hi Melinda. Um. I share the same soapbox on your last point.

      As far as the rest of your comment goes? I don’t feel you’re “the bad guy.” You expressed your opinion which is something I always encourage here – whether or not everyone sees eye to eye. In fact, if we all agree – where is the dialogue and interest? Thanks for taking the time to add your opinion. (And now – do go back and read my post – I think it will make you smile.) 😉

  30. Heather says

    First off, thanks for the information that you provide on your blog…not just on deals, but stuff like this. You are a wealth of information, more then you will ever know.

    Since I am still new at couponing I am wondering your take on the notion that Albertsons must have known that TTVs every other week were creating traffic for them, right? Kinda like a frenzy with the Extreme show and all…Getting people in the door, freebies and alike, but not every TTV was used that was printed so how much abuse could there have been to counter the cost? Just wondering…

    Furthermore, couponing continues at give me way more freedom (both financially & physically—from worrying about money) then I could have ever imagined. This is spite of the lady yesterday (in front of me-in line) stating to the cashier at Albs as I was putting my coupon pile up in front of my items for her to ring up next “you know I watched that Extreme Couponing show and I am not sure how they do it, but those poor people just need to quit clipping those coupons and get a job already!” As she finished her statement she glanced over at me and I just smiled back and hugged my 2 yo daughter a little tighter knowing two things: my whole order was going to be less then her $5 box of overpriced cereal & two we see my job as couponing and saving money so I can continue to stay at home with my daughter & enjoy the freedom that allows me to do!

    Thank you again…whether its none, two or three TTVs from Albs…you have taught me how to coupon & save. We have saved so much this last 6.5 months that we paid off our van (now we own outright all our vehicles!), paid off all outstanding medical and dental bills, paid off three credit cards, amped up our emergency fund, maxed our ROTHs, put away money in daughters 529B, took a mini vacation with another planned in August, cheap date nights out, eating more organics (I have a black thumb, so none from a garden-not yet)…and even made $70 so far on Swagbucks! I like to think positive, so I am hopeful that this change won’t really make a bit of difference to me…plus I am thrilled for WY & MT…kuddos to Albs for putting them back in!

    Whew…thanks for the forum to chat. 😉

  31. says

    Angela –

    Thank you so much for tracking this information down, I’m sharing it with my readers! By the way – you’re awesome – DOUBLED.


  32. Jessica says

    I know it seems like a small change to many, but a change that is big enough to make me no longer shop there. I rarely shop there when it isn’t TTV, but I always end up buying the majority of our groceries there when it is. It is not that I expect things for free (which is rare for the things I buy & use), but I need enough to cover my gas and have savings to make it worth it. I also shop with a 6 month old, so it makes the trip even longer.

    I guess I’m not sure about the abuse factor, either. I know my Albies stopped offering TTV Qs from the store about 4-5 months ago, because of one offender. I’m fine with getting them from the paper, since that ishow I’ve always been able to get multiples. I think Albies should have waited a few more weeks after the corporate policy change on TTV distrubution.

  33. Holly says

    I completely understand that stores have to make sure they aren’t losing money, however, Albertsons is one the highest priced store around. Even using the TTV coupons, sometimes it’s still less expensive to just take my regular coupons to WinCo. Ex: a box of crackers at albies is $2.99, $1 off coupon then doubled, total $.99. Not bad. But the same box at WinCo, regular price $1.66, $1 off, total $.66. Better. I have been couponing for 20 + yrs and haven’t seen a store yet to go bankrupt from couponers. I’m ok with modifiying them, but, even with those extreme shoppers Albertsons isn’t going out of buisness anytime soon. BTW, I can get just as good of deals matching up my regular coupons with yourbucks and sales, as well as additional frugal living. COMMON SENSE AND MODERATION people.

  34. Molly says

    I’ve been at this for a couple years and I always do my best to make sure Im always honest at check out. But, what do you consider abusing the doubler coupons? I’ve always been OK using 3 doublers for 3 trans as Alb has a 3 trans limit. I have 3 Sun papers delivered to my house. So that’s a total of 9 doublers used per promotion. Would you agree, or is this abusing the policy? If it is, I would be fast to self correct it.

    • arussell says

      That would not be abuse as that is clearly acceptable per the TTV policy.

      What I would consider abuse? Using the coupons not as intended. So trying to do 12 transactions in a shopping trip, trying to use the doubler on top of a store and manufacturer coupon, or how about nabbing the entire lot and then selling them?

      I don’t want folks getting so hung up on what “bad things” they could do with the coupons. Instead, focus on following the guidelines and the fine print. If you do that – like you clearly have – you will not go wrong!!

  35. Jennifer says

    I feel that Albertson’s caused most of this problem themselves. If anyone watched that awful show Extreme couponing they would have seen Albertson’s on national TV ringing up several different customers using 100’s of double coupons in one transaction, therefore promoting the use of all the doubles you want at one time. This has got to be false advertising. This seems to be when the problem started. They are blaming all customers who utilize their promtion for a few people who want to extreme coupon instead of most of us who practice practical couponing.

    • arussell says

      I agree that Albertsons should’ve more carefully considered the possible risks of being featured on that show. Heck – that goes for all stores!

  36. toni says

    The way I figure it is this, Albertson’s has to make money so they have to do what they have to do. With so many people out there being dishonest, maybe moves like this that seem to upset people will make them think it is not worth it anymore and then we can get back to saving like it was before all the craziness!

  37. says

    Seriously!? Albertson’s stores are going out of business, across the U.S. Hasn’t anyone noticed? Offering double coupons is the only way they get some of us to even walk in their front doors! Their prices are astronomical! If you know your prices, like I do, you would feel sorry for anyone that walks into an Albertson’s store without coupons and double coupons.
    We don’t DEPEND on doublers!! They do!!

  38. Krystal says

    In my opinion, having to buy the Sunday Paper to get the double coupons is an inappropriate and ridiculous promotion by Albertsons. To participate in a store’s promotion you have to buy a product from a different vendor??? And now to further the problem, they are limiting the number of TTV coupons per paper… so I have to buy a Seattle times for $1.50-2.65 to get two coupons worth up to $2 dollars! To be more effective and still achieve their purposes… I think they should have made it so that at Customer Service 1-3 TTV sheets are “sold” for zero cost to Preferred Card holders, at which point the card has a limit as to how many can be “Sold” to each card number. However, I would hope that they wouldn’t limit the number of doublers allowed per card since a cardholder could collect addition doublers from friends/family or in fact purchase the newpapers if they wanted more; and really what difference is it if I use my mother’s coupons or if she does because they are used regardless? That’s my opinion, not that I expect it to reach Albertsons corporate and affect change.

  39. Amy says

    I as a albertsons cashier am fine with only two (or even three) ttv
    coupons.BUT in Washington they have become OUT OF CONTROL!!!
    Before the limiting of ttv people were coming up with 20 ttv and
    it takes A LONG TIME to check them out (say around 30-40 min) and with very limited staff our customer service suffers and our normal customers do not get the customer service that deserve.

    Thanks for letting me vent

    • arussell says

      I appreciate you sharing your perspective and illuminating the other side of the coin.

      Hope it gets better. 😉

  40. Mary S says

    glad to hear they aren’t taking the ttv’s away completely! It’s sad that some people can ruin a great promotion for all of us. Question, though, if they do two coupons per ad, will we still be able to do three transactions of two, like we’ve been able to do 3 transactions of three? I just found out this last round of ttv’s that I could do that, it’s so much better than dragging my son & hubby to the store with me (especially when we get there & they’re out of stuff). Thanks!

  41. Rachel Nisco says

    Thanks for the new info, Angela. I’m fine with the change. Any changes to make the world of couponing less “extreme” are good in my opinion. There are too many couponers taking advantage of the “system” and it makes things less than enjoyable for those of us trying to be more reasonable in our approach.

    I love all of your money saving ideas aside from using coupons. Thanks for helping us to save money from all angles. I have a family of 8 and have always been frugal, but any new tip or idea is always welcome and fun to try!

    I made some yummy bruschetta today and thought of you and your garlic harvest! I didn’t have home-grown garlic to use, but I did use my “live” basil.

  42. katy savolskis says

    it’s amazing what differing opinions everyone has. when my neighbor introduced me to doublers (that I now get in my sunday paper- never even knew about the customer service ones)…I was so excited to give it try. But after months of trying them, I’m said to say that very often the items I am looking for have been completely cleared out and the shelves empty. Maybe by reducing it to 2, this will be less likely to happen. Probably not, but here’s to hoping. For me (and the 11-month-old I tote along), it’s the other customers (that take advantage) that make it not worth the while….not the reduction in coupons.

      • amanda says

        I did notice once they were limiting to only giving out 1 set of doubles in the stores here (Boise) that the number of people in the store using them dropped drastically. I think that maybe it will be even more now. I do think that Walmart in our area is going to be the crazy place to shop instead because they still will accept doublers and you can use up to 15 in one transaction. Plus many of the Walmart’s here have become very coupon friendly in order to get our business.

        I also think it’s funny in a way that Albertson’s is complaining about too many people abusing doublers when the stores in my area are always complaining about people taking the doublers to Walmart. A bit ironic I think.

        • arussell says

          Well if I were Albertsons, I wouldn’t be any too happy with the doublers being taken to Walmart!

          Perhaps this is some of the reason Albertsons is reigning the TTVs in, too. Think about it. If you were a business, how would you feel if your coupons (printed and distributed on your dime) were being redeemed at a competitor? Hmmmm. And Walmart no less….nuff said.

  43. Naomi says

    I hear both sides on this topic and I can appreciate both. I personally feel like if Albertson’s is printing the ads then they have to expect people to use them. The Albertson’s near me told my mom and me that their TTV weekends are their most successful weekends and highest dollar grossing. The weekend they were no longer available at customer service they said it was like a ghost town and the checkers were hoping they’d bring back the TTV’s at cust serv. Plenty of people don’t use the ads in their paper, so I don’t see the harm in me using a few extra. Now I don’t even have that option.
    My girlfriend in Texas has a couple stores she can go to all the time that double anything up to .50, all the time.
    Using the coupons that Albertson’s has printed and fully following their coupon policy hardly seems like ‘abuse’ to me. My .02.

  44. Nikki says

    Hi I had to comment on this! I’m 18 years old, married, and have a 16 month old little girl, also raising my husbands 7 year old nephew, you can’t tell me to go apply for food stamps, I think so many people with the way the economy is is trying to save money, I shopped at albertsons today right after church with my doublers, “by the way we get three” and yes i did do more than 12 transactions in one shoopping trip, matter of fact I did 25 transactions. This is how I get my family by, I do not agree with the stealing of the coupons but I do not think using so many is abuse of the system, if you’d like to know where I get all my doublers, HERE YOU GO, are you aware of how many people are throwing thier sunday paper in recycling bens right after that read them?? I get most all my doublers at recycling bens in our area. If thier not being used by the original paper owner then why can’t I use them? If I don’t have as many as I’d like or need I buy them? please tell me the abuse in that???

  45. Nicole says

    I know this is late, but I was wondering if you had been in contact with Alberstons corporate recently? We haven’t seen doublers in our papers for over a year here in Wyoming. In fact, in the Sheridan Press there have never been doublers, but the Billings Gazette and the Casper Star Tribune don’t have them anymore either. Do you know any more about whether they cancelled them again in our area? Thanks!

    • Angela Russell says

      My contact has left and I’m anxiously waiting to make contact with a new one. I will see what I can find out as soon as I make contact.


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