Now at Tacoma Boys: $1/lb Honeycrisp Apples!

While running an errand across town today, something caught my eye…

Um…you bet I stopped! This was the first time I’d been to H&L Produce in Lakewood, but I have been to the sister store, Tacoma Boys before.

Let me just say this place was all geared up for fall, too. This is exactly the sort of store I could lose myself in for the better part of an afternoon.

Unfortunately, I didn’t have time to linger today, but I was able to grab some of the honeycrisp apples! I just finished one while working on this post, and let me say, it’s one of those apples you eat clear down to the stem! So good, people.

This deal is good at both Tacoma Boys Stores (6th Avenue and Puyallup) as well as the H&L Produce store I was at today in Lakewood.

If you’re planning a trip? Take a peak at their online ad for the week. There are a few other notable deals, including:

Fuji Apples

Royal Gala Apples

All Plants
50% off
(Excludes kale plants)

Hass Avocados
$0.50 each

I must say – these stores have just about THE most beautiful produce displays you’ll find anywhere locally. Check it out!

PS here’s a tip: “like” Tacoma Boys on Facebook. They share deals just for Facebook followers and give you the word on new store arrivals!


  1. Tomina says

    Honeycrisp apples will be only $.59/lb if you buy 10lbs or more at Summit tomorrow (Wednesday) only. If you buy less than 10lbs they are only $.79/lb which is still a better deal than Tacoma Boys.

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